Precious Cargo

Hungry and on the run
With holes in her jacket
With danger on the prowl,
Throughout her haunted mind

A calling never wavers
Its pulse never wanes
It remains
At the bottom
Of her ragged knapsack

It is folded and yellowed,
Awaiting sunrise
When the earth is most fertile,
When the all-clear is rung


Scaling the Tower

I miss the white locks of her hair
How they fell around me
As a welcoming shroud

How the hours took off into a fearsome abyss
The higher she rose,
Blotting out the sun
With her steeple of smoke

I miss the seclusion,
The breathless ascent,
The encircling fog,
And the bittersweet decline

Buried in the Woods

I once defied the pull of the earth
Now I fight from its womb
As I claw for the sun

I once reached the clearing in a forest
Of bereaved and barren trees;
Plucked clean
By a deathly breeze

And now they rise above
My buried crusade;
Flourishing in the rays
That hunt for my frame

My Solitude

Solitude, is always sweet to me
When it charms me in
To its thoughtful embrace

But my solitude,
Isn’t what it seems
At its merciful curtain,
In its siren song

My solitude lets loose,
Its foaming hounds of hell
To chase me throughout
The dark chambers of my skull

Ashes by Noon

Relaxation, had latched itself
To his turbulent frame;
Spun around him
Thrice over,
Til he offered up a sigh

Had ground his bones into dust
And he crumbled with a smile,
On his hazy descent

In the Prime of Ideals by William Wright Jr.

Creative Talents Unleashed

Ideals have seized the day
How they churn our minds
To mulch
So the youth, will surpass us all

Through the ruins
Through our troubles long past
May they climb
From the tremor and grime
Of these fear-ridden times

May they nourish their words
To the full bloom of brilliance
So their own may prosper
Into cosmic glory

From the tragedy of our wants
From our lineage of quarrel
They’ll climb and extinguish
All the unworthy chatter

© William Wright, Jr.

Rhythms of The Eternal Uprising

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William Wright, Jr. is a student from San Diego, California who wields a great passion for language and poetry. He was sixteen years old when he first fell in love with the art form and ever since, he has not deferred from its path. Writing…

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