A Valorous Gift

I bear the hero’s name
With a courageous smile
And the same bright eyes
Of his smoke-filled youth


When the Veils Have Fallen

When will I reel back the curtains
To reveal, this lost and dismal glare
Trailing off into the noon’s
Tender, yet chiding embrace?

I only bear my stripes as a flash in the void
A phenomena journeying
Beyond all view

Living on the charity of dusk
I’m at my bravest,
When the veils have fallen
Over those who inquire

The Isle of Marshes

If only I would budge from the marshes
From the haze of this region
For the rest of my days

I curse the hour I was swept astray
On the tide of my enemies
Babbling and slurring
All their innermost battles

Many worried vessels
Have taken to the deep
And I’ve turned them away
At every draft of betrayal

I’m encircled by grief
For an eternity of seeking
My one true passage
Into clarity again

The Infamy of Her Ghost

I’ve witnessed her silhouette
On the far edge of a dream
Cloaked in her infamy
As my coveted ghost

She’s near in the light of day
With her kindred schemes
Hovering in wait
For me to speak her name

Which vessel bears the honor
Of her restless mind?
Her radiant songs
That yearn on repeat?

Tunnel Vision

Survival, will overcome my tranquil ways
When the herd has scattered
At the ramble of a gun

Through a narrow line of sight
I will stumble enthused,
By the reddened hands
Of untimely death

I’ll be wielded by instinct
Until I’m brought low by grief
Cursing, the prey
That shivers from within

A Traveler Through Bedlam

I have to lose my bearings
Every once in a while
Underneath, the fatherly scowl of the moon

To burn from the inside out
As anarchy defiles my blood
And I dance with elation
Again and again

Tonight, I will join the afflicted
In their final, jubilant voyage
Listing in the tide

Before we upchuck
The dizzying sprawl of a paradise lost
In the motherly rays
Of clarity and shame