Rebirth on Sacred Ground

I’m awaiting rebirth
On a swathe of sacred ground,
Within the vines of a tireless companion

For she’s called me to verse
Consigned me to her love and care
As a scribbling brute,
Always aiming to please

But her wild screams
Often fall from my grasp

Whenever, her brave new world
Is awash
In the envious night


She Will be Avenged

She is right to bury the knife
To bleed every truth I guard
Out of twisted affection

For all the wicked lullabies
I sang for her alone
Or so I once swore

Her loyalty raves and leaves me choked
To eternally heave
In a purge of desire

Our screams harmonize
Until my eyes shoot open
And I’m stranded in the dark
To contend with myself

A Grain of Dust Among Many

A dreary planet turns in the abyss
Having lost everything that breathes
And tussles with life

A shroud has ascended
Obscuring, the singed away lives
That pulsed and gleamed with fervor,
To their lonely refrains

Until a lost band of steadfast souls
Comes crashing through the dust

To sift through the sands
Seeking shreds of themselves

On a Curious Wind

We learned of each other’s faults
When the shadows grew wide
Beyond the fires of dusk

We stood no chance
In the gathering smoke,
It left us in ashes,
To scatter, at the curious whim of affection

We are forever stranded,
Eons apart
To dream of that current,
How it carried us too soon

The Midnight Sound

A solitary note calls out
To a barren black shore
When the day is lost

Crooning, over the waves
This melody seeks for me
Where the nightmares lurk

They are swift to vanish
At the harbor’s faint cries
That urge me to wade
From the reddened glow
Of endless reeling

They Also Shy Away

I was never the beginning or the end
To passersby
They too recoil
From the beacon I shed

They bark and they scoff
With fearful hearts,
Mirroring what dwindles
In this nightmarish soul

They too must retreat
From the endless rivers that ramble
With anguish, with indifference, with joy