2,000 Miles

Skylines were received in the waves
By a thundering ascent
And an eon of lumbering black

The miles were cruel and aquiver
As the wrathful seas, below
Trudged on in murderous pursuit

Till nightfall divulged
The great spires afar
In the awaited and merciful decline


The Aftermath

It is only a dream
That thrashes around
In a hellfire arc
Each day

The illusion consumes
With a sickly greed
For our fragile yearnings
Our failings and fears

Perhaps we’ll awaken
To luxuries unknown
Or in a vessel restored
At the ready, for a world re-spawned

Who knows
Without a sliver of doubt?

The Rescuer’s Journey

Selfishly marooned
To the peaks of his mind
In a rolling, alpine mist

A friendship slaves
For the murderous white void
Inching higher and higher
Toward an unworthy glow

True friends are amassed
To retrieve the accursed
The engulfed prey of gloom
Of blizzard, of slope and shroud

They will find their remorse
In a tiresome climb

They will find his spent tatters
In some high
And sorrowful place

A Fateful Day for Some

What right do I have to bask?
On this fateful day
Where tragedy unfolds
For most

As I wade
In their timeless squalor
My world runs warm
Prosperous, jubilant and full

What right do I have to despair?
On this rose-colored plain
So young and forgiving

For liveliness chimes on end
From each towering peak
From each beautiful
Juvenile low I meet

A Host of Unnamed Regrets

I’m ashamed
Reeling in the marshes
Of unclaimed remains
The treachery left strewn

Tottering sickly
Boiling to the brim
In the fumes of remorse
Defused, defamed

Trudge for your life
Your crimes lie in wait
All souring displaced
And frozen in rage

Trudge and be skewered
And pour the same way
In a torrent of lost passion
Into rivers lead astray

Affectionate Lies

Short on affectionate lies
I grow fond of peace
Of being lowered
In silence

The truth erodes
My wholesome
And finer half

The truth erodes
As I strive
To be tame

So much
For the kindhearted words
I rushed to dispense
As a fretful
And fear-ridden child

My tact grows thin
And rancid

Faint in its call
Cold and firm

Stray Panicked Lines

Pondering leads the way
To fallen dams
And stray panicked lines

Yet sure is the desperate call
Of our rational half
The scouring
And sly quiet reaper

Then sudden
Is the full view of the world
The conqueror
Of devious dreams

And so we must relent
Or die awash
Left cold
On the outer
Fringes of worth


Beneath steep Victorian walls
I am jailed by favor
Yet quietly despised

For I’ll do them no harm
From these sun-kissed snares
With crazed locks shaven
Gelled and kempt

For I’m far better off
Than the devious lot
Devoid of their rage
So pleasantly shackled

As the daily chorus
Ascends from the fields
Steadily, driven
To an armed and bloodied revolt

Where I’ll meet
The coils of kin
And their sorrowful task
So merciful, so swift