Warning (Reading)

This poem is dedicated to anyone who has ever been bullied and ridiculed on a constant basis in school. I went through it too. Every day in junior high and high school was pure torment. People made fun of me because i talked different, they beat me up and called me names for absolutely no reason, and all of this took a devastating toll on my self-esteem. I still have problems with my confidence at age 22. Don’t let your life pass you by because of the actions of a few insecure idiots! You’ll find your own voice and your own way in this world somehow. And everyone who doubted you will be just a fleeting memory. If you truly enjoyed this reading, you can read this poem for yourself in my latest anthology titled “From Turmoil and Tribulation” I put together this collection of poetry as a testament of everything ive gone through in my adolescence and as a young adult. It is available for free on the website linked here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/william-l-wright-jr/from-turmoil-and-tribulation/ebook/product-21167515.html


Motionless Tranquility (Recited by a beloved amirer of my work)

Read along if you wish.

Time is to be savored
Accented, with sparse pinches of joy
And served,
Upon the gilded platter of your choosing

I became, a stranger among the elements
Serenaded by a host of wailing goslings
With rosebud fragrances, wafting around and above

How I crave to remain motionless
As a prisoner, exiled to natural comforts
To be held, by the ruggedness we have long forgotten
Far gone and taken by the pillars of our time

Every mile I journey lives!
Every cherished inch,
Beats with the same longing to remain

Through the trails I carve
That aimlessly wander and stray
I crumble, assured
Unshackled for the moment
I let this age slip away

This poem is also featured in my second self published anthology. I greatly appreciate the support i have received so far. Follow the link to download the ebook for free. http://www.lulu.com/shop/william-l-wright-jr/from-turmoil-and-tribulation/ebook/product-21167515.html product_thumbnail.php