Twelve Years Old

Sunday nights
Breed a fire of anticipation
And Monday’s flowering
My stomach boils uncertain

The mind tussles
At the agonizing promise
Of a schoolyard panic
Its eternal simmering contempt

My tongue retreats
In the falling buckets of sweat
As I trudge the mist-shroud stairs
Propelled toward a sure unraveling

The prodding begins
As scores fall in
Prying away
At their offbeat Other

Taunting refrains
Taunting refrains
My flesh rolls away
Unveiling my distress

Like ravenous jackals
They tear through my innards
In a ritual defiling
Before the watchful daybreak

I remain in scraps
In a mangled heap of gore
My day’s spent crawling
Out of sight and out of mind

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What Fear Demands of Me

Confidence flees
From my quivering limbs
While fear demands
I avert my eyes

And travel
Sullen, battered, and unseen

Thundering voices
Trek proudly beyond
With solid ground beneath them
The day, they’ll surely reap

And all its fine treasures
Hastily, fastened to their cloth

With ailing resolve
I lumber along
In a slow unraveling
As onlookers depart

In the Fragments of Reason


Uncorked and riled
I rave into exhaustion
Depleting all words
And forgoing the luxury of breath

On and on
Is the maddening drag
The uprooting of silence
The flooding of solitude

Rattled thoughts
Leave coherence bloodied
Mangled, ragged
And swallowed by disarray

Until mountainous veins
Rise proudly from my skin
A showcasing of contempt
The distress that tussles within

This living scourge festers
A thriving menace
In the heaps
Of fragmented reason

From the shards
They conquer and command
Siphoning off
The remedy I retain

It is all for not
In this crude unraveling
The undoing I’ve earned
With the carelessness I’ve spun

To reign forever more

Honestly Sown


Slashed away
By the frigid gust
Brought forth in the thunder’s
Flare and fury

Fright endeavors
To paralyze and conquer
To deplete and drain
The solace I keep

Panic coils
My honest young
The truth-bearing seeds
I’ve thoughtfully sown

Pried with ease
By a trying wisp
A savage marauding
Native only to my flesh

All Retreating Paths


With limbs butchered
By endless fleeing
At the cruel lash of panic
The shadow of my desires

All retreating paths
Must fray, unfulfilled
Before desolation
The great chasm of silence

Where the toll of courage
Is but a falling whimper
To be lost in the frenzy
Of boundless tribulation

The life of me drains
Down each rugged precipice
With no dream to cross
With no urge to turn away

The Ashes of Sunlight


A slow burn
Sets time adrift
In a free falling wither
To ashes that stain the earth

I stir at the peak
At the cruel height of inferno
Upon the ailing matchstick
I’ve christened daylight

The haunting refrain
Of high shrieking notions
Boils my mind
In this slow, unsparing erosion

Until the final flare
Consigns my bones
To the embers of rest

It’s Been a While


Destined to evade
Each troubling glance
I’ll weave through this earth
Unhinged for all time

I’ll plot every word
Each wavering step i take
As the cries of fellowship
Smother me with remorse

They call out sternly
To a silent unknown
Where I tussle with fear
Overrun by searing regret

For the misty struggle
They faithfully bellow
To pry out my form
My minced and butchered conscience

Tried and true friends
Dare to heave
Implore and reach
My frail and faulty mind

Yet a wall of treachery
Of frightened deceit
Hastily ascends
To bar my impassioned escape

Another Heart’s Dismay


Reveling in the shadows
Of chased away thrills
My startled kin
My long expelled resolve

So viciously uprooted
I embark for their rush
Far from the beckoning
The growing quake of vendetta

Smoke trails climb
Yet I defer from their cries
The daily shrillness
That floods my nervous frame

Sporadic fire
Fuels my desperate flying
Along treacherous bends
That scatter these feral thoughts

I fly with unrest
Tumbling madly
Over my own fearful footsteps

As a boyish fool
Ahead the waning plumes
Fully cleansed
Of another heart’s dismay

Blended Desires


Hollow desires
Cascading and cave
In the billowing swarm
Of introspect

From each way
Madness hails
Blended with solace
In its vast array

Desire screams
Her deafening chorus
Rippling through the ears
To nest among the inner tremors

I converse with melancholy
Whilst coiling rage
Teetering confusion
Between affection and dismay

Torrential romance
Comes and goes
Enrobed in fellowship
Pristine and docile

Unraveled lusts
Spark a savage flame
A harrowing inferno
Extinguished with passing time

The agonizing scream
Peeks in elation
Billowing from hardship
To its hopeful zenith

Madness lurks
From the depths of night
The constant wanderer
Of comfort and torment

I languish
Never fully knowing
When or where
Must i truly embark

Acidic Waves


Like the night’s frigid scream
As it crawls beneath my skin
Burrowing into my frontal lobe
To preach its eerie refrain

She is the arachnid
Lurking the dark caverns
Of a mind set adrift
Far too long ago

I am washed away
In her acidic waves
As ragged bones
Naked, frail and obscene

I am the hopeless wreck
The wretched frame I’ve chose
From the bold, luminous years
Stretched so far ago

Lucid dreams
Can no longer console
They’ve withdrawn their bliss
From my lungs failing clutches

(I’m sorry, I’ve been a little depressed as of late)