Out of the Fearful Mist

Stockpiled emotions
Are ablaze
For teary-eyed kin

For love prevails
Above doubtful snares
Every fearful
And hesitant bind

True affections may sail
With long-awaited ease
From each full
And ever-longing heart

Beyond the sprawl
Of a bygone mist
All may thrive
And endlessly dream


Stand Where You May


Who am I to say?
What is to unfold
What’s kept at bay
And deemed too bold

I’ve no place to speak
For the vast and wrecked
And the solid ground they seek

Solace belongs
In its honest form
Certain and full
As prosperity storms

Who am I to chide?
The cloth of their chosen roles
For the shallow veil guarding
The honesty in their souls

I’ve no right
No truthful cause to judge
For we all lumber and sink
Into the very ground we trudge

Who am I to say?

The Romantic Uprising


Romance seizes the unexpected
Drawing silhouettes to its curvy whim
We all concede to its glimmering inferno
In high spirits
Powerless yet certain

We all crumble
In sweet saturation
In blind satisfaction
Devoid of a stern morrow

Take up your brides
Husbands, companions
Obedient submissives
Or still platonic lovers

Savor the contours
That sustain your peace
Undeterred by skeptics
And long spoiled decrees

May the “obscene” collapse
Preserved by their primal triumph
Nestled with the company
Their urges silently crave

The subdued
Now defiantly blare
Brazen and unashamed
In their shrill overture
Of open revolt
Profane and magnificent

Beautifully Defiant


Brandish solely yourself
Whole within the graces of truth
Seek not one fabric or strand
To mask the virtue
Clutched by your faultless being

Stand true
Wonderfully lonesome
Deferring cold
And taken in warm

Voyage within
And tame all simmering doubts
Brazen and unfazed
Beautifully reckless
Ever stoic, in tides of fear and disdain

Who are you?
Lofty and unafraid
Garbed in yourself
Set above cowering masses

Who we are
Wobbles before your treads
Our past weighed thoughtfully
And folded into the future’s flair

Gone are the hours of mystery and despair
With stranded luxuries that teamed on high
Farewell to days of coldly barred wonder
Where roving eyes were cruelly sent adrift

Here’s to all
Loving fabrics
No matter stemmed afar or closely knit
The indwelling niche that burns within
The ceaseless yearning, that shall swell and ascend

Embrace the contours
Your own mind lovingly bestows

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Around this time last year i was overcome with a sense of hopelessness. Every single day i had major panic attacks, loss of appetite, and an eroding will to live. The only thing that seemed to give me any peace of mind was poetry. So for the entire summer of 2012 i wrote and by October i had a stack of papers in my bedroom the size of an oxford dictionary. I decided to piece together what i saw as my best work (some old and some new) into an anthology. I titled it “Guardian of the Inkwell: A Collection of Ramblings of the Poetic Persuasion”. Its a free ebook that i originally published in October, and republished as an epub file on the 1st of December. My book is still available for free on Itunes, Barnes & Noble, and Lulu. Currently i’m working on another anthology which will include short stories and monologues as well as poetry. If you are interested in reading my first book, please follow one of the links below. Did i mention its free?

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Our Home Renewed


Shredded banners of all stripes
Loom over the quivering dark
How torment kneels
Buckles and fades
As the hearts of many swell
No longer, burdened by fear

Rattles this new earth
Our home renewed, and proudly displayed
With shock riddled tears
That stream through the day
As tranquility spawns
From the eyes of those callously hushed

There is no danger
Locked in our forward stride
Gathered for the final push
Amassed in boiling pride

Still we fume for the lost
With vigor in our footsteps
An infernal courage within
Bred in silent ages past

We shall not falter

Shattered Peace


Father, I must speak
As the peace I’ve held, has reached its peak
The boy I was, is thought to have strayed
But in your blood he has always stayed

I cannot hold
For this heart of mine, grows certain and bold
Shackled to manhood I must confess
The façade I’ve grown, was far from a success

I am
The youth you’ve battered with heavy disdain
The life I was, told to fear and abstain
But fate was dealt so long ago
When the faith we held made it so

I am
Young prosperity, empowered and free
Towering in confidence so all may see
But humbled by sacrifice, and hosts who may disagree

Father, do not turn away
These words I spill are here to stay
Shed your resentment as I’ve always dreamed
And restore the calm, as its always seemed

Am i?
Still the seed you’ve showcased with vigor
Amidst these chasms, that sprawl even bigger

Am i?
Still the child, you shielded from anguish
Christened a soldier, taught which enemies to vanquish

Father, you shall not despair
For this heart of mine, does not need any repair

Was it Worth it?

“Guardian of the Inkwell: A Collection of Ramblings of the Poetic Persuasion” I wrote this book in the summer of 2012. This was a time when I felt I was at my lowest point,and i was overcome with this sense of hopelessness. I had to do something to pull me out of this depression, and keep me from destroying myself. The book exists mostly as a way of boosting my self-esteem. I slaved away from June until October piecing together this anthology and I finished. For the first time in my life, I started something and saw it all the way through.. I’ll probably never marry nor have children of my own. But, at least I will have left something behind when I pass on. Even its meaningless and silly to most people at least I’ll feel like I served some purpose. I’m not charging anyone a dime just to peer into my twisted world view. It wouldn’t be right.

Lulu: http://www.lulu.com/shop/william-l-wright-jr/guardian-of-the-inkwell-a-collection-of-ramblings-of-the-poetic-persuasion/ebook/product-20548322.html

Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/guardian-of-the-inkwell-jr-willi-wright-william-l/1113985910

Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/guardian-of-the-inkwell/id584542847?mt=11


No More Hiding


Where is the flare,
In trafficking among the squalid mundane?
To recover, inside of our boxes
Confined, and prisoner to hideaway

The soul does not flourish
Strangled by the flumes of black smoke
Birthing, her own flumes of green
Subservient to the golden and reckless embers

Loves is bound
Defiled by the ghosts of oppression
The feeble advocates of archaic suppression
For how long shall they reign?

Fixed infatuation
Kidnaps our inherent desires
Violating our tranquil soil of creativity
Their vile roots, sprawling and cancerous

Long deferred dreams
Shall return massing in strength
Rank after rank
Ravaging one soul after the next
To consume, the norm we perceive
And its foul aging stench
Trailing not far behind

The perished light of dreamers
Will hum and buzz back to life
Scream from the depths of anguish ridden hearts
And carry them onward to paradise

This resurrected light
Will place whomever you desire
Wrapped, inside the confines of your affection
With your honest form, placed within theirs

Stay vigilant
Stay lively
And relish, when the looming call echoes
Rattling every inch,
Of your precious and sheltered earth