Creative Talents Unleashed

Meet me at the

Of borrowed time,

I’ll tell you
about freedom,

About illusion,

The bane of

A life where

Stereotypes run

Your skin makes
you a target

Religion purges
the evident…

If a heart were

My arsenal would
set you free

But you see,

They’ve been
planting seeds

Of self

We convince
ourselves we need a light on

That the dark is a
no fly zone

That the monsters
don’t look like you and I…

That we’re unique

If love’s inside

But when we wake

Tuesday’s gone,

Another line we’ve

When we let time
run the clock.

Time is always borrowed

But I’ll meet you anywhere you choose

The crossing is the perfect place

For us to slip our comic blues

Illusion is delusional

When it’s freedom that we seek

It blinds us from reality

Makes us soft and weak


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