Creative Talents Unleashed

Whooshing and

It’s the clouds
dripping onto my feathers,

Seeping into my

Warning its
hypnotized bliss;

Waxing into
creases of a new dawn.

And no more do I
need feathers

Or a crown of

Only my wings

You frolic like a

At the notion of
infusing iridescence

Into my bones,

When all I ask for
is the candescence

Of embers

Yet, it took not a
blink for you

To brim ebony into
my hollow bones.

You take flight

A glowing bird of the night

engulfed by

magnificent wings

Soul souring

Drowning is the sky in majestic hues of sapphire

Wings dropping feathers as you dance through the hours

Whooshing and whirring


Take flight

© Sharada Sivaraman, Kelly Klein

Excerpt from the book Fire and Ice

Also Available at

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