A Midnight Uproar

A farewell to these mournful times
As they burn to our triumphant cries
May their embers,
Fade softly with the night


Stranded at Daybreak

I am but a vacant ship
Being swept along,
By a mortal breeze

Howling into the dark
To stall beneath silver skies
Silent and bereaved

Her Throne in the Abyss

The omen
Who shined upon the pristine past
Is confined, to her silvery prison

I was driven under by this cosmic affair,
From her bygone rays
Now the plentiful silence is cursed

Stripped of all mercy
And filled with reveries
Of her celestial ghost

Still she stirs full hearts
Bidding them to sail
From the quaint ports abroad
To her throne in the abyss

Rebirth on Sacred Ground

I’m awaiting rebirth
On a swathe of sacred ground,
Within the vines of a tireless companion

For she’s called me to verse
Consigned me to her love and care
As a scribbling brute,
Always aiming to please

But her wild screams
Often fall from my grasp

Whenever, her brave new world
Is awash
In the envious night