Desolate Rooms

Silence now ravages a temple;
Its once giving hearth
For the shivering world
Has tolled farewell


Spotlight Poet: Demitri Tyler

Creative Talents Unleashed

spot-3 Photo Credit: Donna J. Sanders

~How to Dine-at a Five-star Restaurant~

Quite your roar
as you approach
remove your caps
before you enter
give the welcome mat
your hoofs dirt
bend your hind legs
at the joint
as those who are
be seated
position yourself
at the table
paws in your lap
assume the posture
of a person who is
accustomed to consuming
smile show them
your pearly whites and
the service will be
consistently favorable
you will never be mistaken
nor refused
for what heredity writes
you will be allowed to feel
comfortable in your
if not your skin

© Demitri Tyler

Featured Writer from “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”

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The Strength of Past Storms

I crave the cadences
Of a song rushed by
In a feverish leap for glory

I crave the cadences
Of that zero hour
The bygone storm
That once seared through me

Can I live through those hallowed rhythms
Again, in that spell of ignorance
Just to feast on its wrath?

A Cruel Burden

She steams away
On an eastern-bound express
With tremors in her heart
And bloodshot eyes

The earth rambles forth
And I spin in reverse
Having outpoured the truth
In its obscene glory

Quite a distance from our youth
From our innocent games of fondness traded
In a few shy glances

The weight of the words I bear
Ring true and ambitious
But cruel, for they’ve smothered her own

The Catacombs ~ Author William Wright, Jr.

Creative Talents Unleashed

There are beasts in the marrow
Awaiting, black banners
Their signal
To ravage and burn

Until life perseveres
In its day breaking toll
As the ever-gilded guard
So watchful and immense

There are beasts in the marrow
For the spoils of dawn

Engulfed in their plots
In the catacombs of night

© William Wright, Jr.

Rhythms of The Eternal Uprising

Excerpt from the book Rhythms of the Eternal Uprising

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WilliamAbout the Author

William Wright, Jr. is a student from San Diego, California who wields a great passion for language and poetry. He was sixteen years old when he first fell in love with the art form and ever since, he has not deferred from its path. Writing has helped him when he was uncertain of his role in life. The craft brought him comfort when his fears were so immense and they…

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New Release: “Rhythms of the Eternal Uprising” William Wright, Jr.

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Rhythms of The Eternal UprisingForeword . . .

He was supposed to be here before his birth in April 1991. He doesn’t know this. In the waiting area of life and death his flight was diverted to allow take off for another plane. Our grandfather. Then he arrived. He couldn’t know this, but after my grandfather’s departure, we were waiting for him. We needed him. We awaited his arrival like a promised gift, full of wonder and expectations. All our hopes for him to some degree must have made him feel uncomfortable, but we meant no harm. We just loved the guy. We watched him with over cautious eyes. Laughed often at his unexpected phrases. He was unique that way. He never tried to be funny. But when he was it caught you off guard, made you laugh, and it felt intimate. He was always catching us off guard. He didn’t converse much, but…

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