For the Few Listening

A few may know what I mean
When I spark to the depths of a page
Shouting, till my arteries scald
And burst enraged.
A few may know
And I quietly prosper
With warmth and light


Shape-Shifting Paths

Gone, is the boy of age twelve
Who strode too far
Into the glowering mist

Present, is his fateful journey
That has veered into mayhem,
And forever out of tune
With the chorus of his time

Now I must depart from today
In the mask of a stranger
By a new-found
Blood-red horizon

Sunbathed Illusions

A chorus of sunlight pours
And I soar on the fragile wings
Of a tattered and ghostly dream

It slips
Further, into gravity’s reign each day
Then the night levels me
And sends passion astray

Still I cling to its labor
While braced for the earth
For the seas of ink,
Our hurried demise shall birth

Mind’s Prey – Author Markus Fleischmann

Creative Talents Unleashed

I can feel it

Crawling in my head

Like a spider in a can

Weaving a web

A trap

Capturing the light

I once had

I can sense it

In my veins

Like Vernon

Slowly driving me insane




My thoughts are no longer

The same

It sneaks in my dreams

Silently screams

My thoughts turned

Into delusions

Emotions become illusions

I can feel it

Slithering inside

My sanity has no place

Left to hide

It gnaws

Scratches and bites

Day and night

I’m afraid to speak

For in my words it creeps

Tortures me as I sleep

It won’t stop until

I bleed

Cut deep meaning to

Set it free

I can feel it

Inside of me

My soul cries

It pleads

I can feel it

See it….

©  Markus Fleischmann

Excerpt form the book “I Have A Name”

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A Glorious Fall

I aspired to scream from the heavens
In a meteoric death
Cast off,
With the scraps I had gathered in life

I craved a demise fit for kings
And the rippling mantras of praise
From admirers past

I once dreamt of falling
And the humbling crash
Beneath the full weight of hubris

Now I only wish to live
Within modesty’s
Firm and assuring embrace

The Greatest

Poesy plus Polemics

ali “Ali Over Liston” by Igor Semekol

you wore the big belt and carried your medals
through the vigorous years of my life
so I made you my champion
adopted you for my own smart-ass demigod
colliding with culture and crashing convention
and I hung up your face on those troubling times

there you stood in all of your prizefighting finery
taunting us
rampant with arrogance and handsome conceit
your dark chestnut body chiseled
peak conditioned and pluperfect capable
dealing its deadly art
brutally, beautifully
intricate footwork no heavyweight ring
has before or since seen
your long lightning reach
taking painfully accurate measure
of man after powerhouse man
with jab after knifepoint-sharp jab
splitting eyebrows and rattling chins
before loosing fast hammering flourishes
raining down real red-gloved ruin
delighting your grin and buckling their knees
until coup de grace blows send them crashing
like mighty felled trees to the canvas

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Home – Author Kristina Neal Mosley

Creative Talents Unleashed

When nights collide

Wedged frames skate over,

I feel hard and small

My knees are nickels

Filled with the lord’s song,

Travelling eastward,

Never mind their laughter

Never mind their eyes

I’d seen maddening meteors

Fiercely roam,

Her spirit restless

Bitten by fanatics

Suicidal proclivity

Never mind their things

Never mind their gaze

Colliding night,

Her east wind in mine

I’m compelled

I rummage, I thirst for her disposition

Never mind “Olbers Paradox”

Never mind their infinite sight

Tonight’s full of splendid-darkness

She is a world of spiraling galaxies,

When night collides

© Kristina Neal Mosley

Cover Saltwater on My Knees

Excerpt from the book Saltwater on My Knees

kristina-mosley About the Author

Kristina Mosley: An Advocate for Women’s rights. Mother of three children, Holding an B.A in Mental Health, from Wilberforce University and Master of Jurisprudence from Widener University School of law, Health law M.J.

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