A Letter to the Harshest Critic

Is it envy that burns you alive?
Does it sweep through your nights
Choking the life, out of ill-fated dreams?

Does it move you to hatred?
To curse the uprisings
In troubled young hearts?

Does it mother your outbursts?
Drawing the reigns, of your every breakdown
Then searing you shut?

Let the mob sweep through you
Then join their crusade
Their immortal outcry
For love and despair


Reign of Relaxation

Dulls the pangs of unborn ills
As silence reigns supreme

Time is abundant
Dashing and weaving out of reach
Again and again
Till the crash of tomorrow

At its marvelous peak
Throw your perils off the edge
Let them scream
From below in their broken shards

Take to this moment
This respite of wind
Amid the scornful glare of the desert

A Home for Twisted Rogues

The wilderness stalls
Giving way to a theater of madness
Thundering to the brim
With the ramblings of poets

Ensnared by their rhythms
The years fade softly
Draining, every twinge of fright

The lights beam far and wide
Inviting all dissidents
To carve their sorrows into silence

Just over the hills
There, fellowship rings
For every rogue song

To the Last Passage

Until the last passages snake from my mind
In a tearful frenzy
The quest rolls on

Through the farewells of friends
I will slave for every last syllable
As nightfall
Trembles for blood

To the clatter of the pen on the marble floor
And that lifeless stare
The quest rages on

Kissing the Rain – Author Raja Williams

Creative Talents Unleashed

woman-641528_960_720 Photo Credit: Pixabay.com

Kissing the Rain

They sky suddenly became dark;

the devils soul present

Dark heavy clouds pregnant with malice,

suddenly unleash hypnotic sonic booms

His deep hidden anger;

sets tornado’s loose to roam free

Tension releases jagged bolts of lightning,

aiming specifically for me

Reality collapsing down

on my imprisoned soul

I refuse to be the victim

The devil; will not collect his toll

My tongue captures salted tears;

as I kiss the rain

© Raja Williams


Excerpt from the book “Imprints In The Sand”

Simply Me About the Author

Ms. Raja Williams, also known as Raja’s Insight, fiercely arrived on the writer’s scene in 2012 after being awakened by a prolific poet, lyricist, songwriter, and music producer whom encouraged her to write daily. After nearly twenty years of pent up words only floating in her own head she began to allow the words to spill out onto empty pages…

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Triumph of the Accused

There is no sigh of relief as the gun smoke fades
A man slumps forward
Tethered to his stake

Their accusing ropes
Claw deep into his wrists
For his passionate crimes
Uttered only in darkness

Though he’s fastened to death
The rage of the masses
Will quake unafraid

Given over to a plague

The Scarcity of Silence – Author William Wright, Jr.

Creative Talents Unleashed

His time

Was better spent languishing

In the bittersweet foam

And bone-white silence


The full-heart chorus of kin


With their myths

Of unfettered pride

His time

Was better spent

Drowsing in peace


His fellow man’s lash

Their verse

Ever-lively, yet stale

His time

Was ensnared


And loyal to all

To the restless hordes

Who dared

To lend

Their hollow words

© William Wright, Jr.

William Wright

Excerpt from the book “The Slums of Nightfall”

William Wright About the Author

 My name is William Lorenzo Wright, Jr. I am the youngest of three children, as well as the only son to two loving and hard-working parents. I am a college student from San Diego California and I hold a deep passion for reading and writing poetry. I was sixteen years old when I first fell in love with poetry and I have been faithful to the craft ever since.

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Zero Hour

A deep and deliberate breath
Before the gates burst open
With the gushing turmoil of dawn

A prayer
For the swathes of the desperate
Who will moan and lament from their ashes
Night after night

And a welcoming heart
Steeled for eternity’s rage
With the chorus of “march”

Refuge at Sea

There was a lone boat
In the seam of the earth and the sky
And a full life silently drowsing

Torched by noon
A sailor swayed to the ocean’s rhythms
Nudging him along, into a well-earned rest

A line was cast
As he basked in his refuge of oak
Savoring, the shades of summer

No words came to pass
Just passive skies
For miles and miles