There is a disastrous awakening
When you’re far away at peace
Engulfed, in your predawn darkness

A day begins, with eyes drawn open
Scouring the world
For just a morsel of silence

Then a crazed voice is lifted
In laughter, that maniacally burns
Bringing skull-splitting madness
To a quivering, wreck of a man

He writhes on his bedroom floor
Sent thrashing and cackling
His thoughts all searing,
Like an ammo crate afire

His laughter
It grows
It darkens
It is endless
And soon it transforms
Into blood-curdling screams

The screams of a wild-eyed butcher
Ax-wielding and savagely swinging

Then the screams collapse
Behind buckshot and smoke
Into red rivers streaming
For a new day’s embrace

While you silently turn
In your fragile peace


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