Strange Rivers

Atop a pyre of incense
I am passive and drowsing away
Willingly, scorched and devoid
Of my limbs

On a late afternoon
Engulfed, by a nurturing blaze
Till the ills of a dull day are ghosts

Until I’m afloat
Down a strange array of rivers
Flowing, into parts unknown

As I pulse
With a life anew


CTU Author Sue Lobo Featured in The Weekly Buzz Newspaper

Creative Talents Unleashed

Sue Lobo


A British writer Susan Greta Read-Lobo (Sue Lobo), a member of the Pensioners Association of ‘Raco de l’Albir’ has become one of the winners of the international literary contest ‘Creative Talent Unleashed’, which was held in California at the beginning of March. Her prize book of poems called ‘The last dance’ speaks about the transition from life to death. “Life and death are two factors which join us together as living beings, regardless of what we will pass during our journey on earth” explained the writer. “This is a book written with the aim of giving hope to people”, she added. In May 2011 Susan wrote a book of memories about her childhood in Africa called ‘Lollipops of Dust. Memories of an African childhood’ explaining how she left England in 1955 with her family when she was two years old to live in the heart…

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Scorned Phrases

“Son, you must find your own way”
Is the menacing phrase
I fear, from the coils of my bed

Innocence is forced upon me
As I tremble in the darkness
For soon, I’ll depart from my youth

Down the trails, my forebearers strode
And extinguished themselves
In the ever- grieving mist

“Son, we won’t last forever”
Is the lingering refrain I scorn
With each year that dissolves

I’ve been still for too long
Now a new fray is calling,
Drawing me away
From the swirling white sheets

Where I selfishly wane
In the haze of a volatile hush

The Reformed Hunter

The rush of hunting season
Was now separate from him
It was spent,
In a haul across oceans afire

Now the weight of his rifle
Only drags him along through the horror
Of boneyards, and screaming old friends

Never again, will the hot muzzle flash
Never again
Will he reload the breach

Boxcar Chatter

We’re on a freight train
Speeding through the wilderness
By a wavering moon
Clung to the rails, for dear life

We can hardly breathe
In our cramped boxcars
That lurch and rattle through the night

The unknown
Is a breeder of false notions,
Spread softly in a hush
Until the hour the machine
Breaks free from the rails

Author Sarah Lamar King: Quest

Creative Talents Unleashed

Forged from oppression,

A revenant,

Credence on wings,

An alchemist.

Quest for lucidity,

In obscurities’ reign,

My reflection,

This Cage only frees me.

© Sarah Lamar King


Excerpt from the book “Melancholy’s Autograph”


About the Author

Sarah began writing poetry in the 3rd grade, her first collection of poetry being called ‘Poems Galore’. There were several times throughout life when she had to stop writing, times when she was silenced by life, was void of feeling, or felt too much to put anything on paper.

She finds solace in the elegiac poetry that she writes today. She began sharing some of her pieces on social media and realized how much feeling her poetry brought about in others, her ultimate goal. Sarah has always wanted to be an author and thanks to Creative Talents Unleashed and their publishing contract it was brought to fruition.

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Hysteria Erupts

There is a disastrous awakening
When you’re far away at peace
Engulfed, in your predawn darkness

A day begins, with eyes drawn open
Scouring the world
For just a morsel of silence

Then a crazed voice is lifted
In laughter, that maniacally burns
Bringing skull-splitting madness
To a quivering, wreck of a man

He writhes on his bedroom floor
Sent thrashing and cackling
His thoughts all searing,
Like an ammo crate afire

His laughter
It grows
It darkens
It is endless
And soon it transforms
Into blood-curdling screams

The screams of a wild-eyed butcher
Ax-wielding and savagely swinging

Then the screams collapse
Behind buckshot and smoke
Into red rivers streaming
For a new day’s embrace

While you silently turn
In your fragile peace

Author Tracy Seiden: Windmills

Creative Talents Unleashed

Try as she might she cannot help but think of him. Once so close she could touch his soul with a sigh, now he is light years away tilting at windmills his troubled mind puts in his path. She calms him somehow he had once said, bringing flashes of happier times through the darkness that holds his memories captive like prisoners of war.

She tears off pieces of herself to heal the wounds time and battle have left him. She calms the winds to keep those windmills from turning, reminding him he is connected to something bigger.

But, sometimes the windmills win.

Sometimes he is so broken that even though they are made of the same star she cannot reach him. In the far away distance she can hear the wind starting to rise and the sound of those windmills turning.

She knows she will always be tearing off pieces.

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Beyond a Charitable Madness

He was always grateful for losing himself
In the flourish of a crowd
When the skin-splitting eyes of the sun
Had descended upon him

But long past the noise
The crowd would swell into an army
Of blood-lusting hounds
Baying serenades
Through the bleak heart of his slumber

Now, he only adheres
To his most childish whims
To his calling of flight

How often
He flutters away
With such cowardly ease