At Anger’s Whim

This morning, I was swept up in anger
And I sailed through the world
Screaming the whole way
Toward the open arms of hate

Today was spent trashing,
Free of its embrace

Battling in vain against the vise
Of homegrown rage

With no lessons learned
With no bounties earned
Today, was but a sinful waste


Cosmic Rift

In my own sliver of the universe
There is ceaseless crumbling
Senseless rumbling
Left and right

Where others, so peacefully reside
There are wonders unknown
To these starved
And truth-seeking eyes

I was born on this side of the rift
No fault of my own
Staggering, in the muck
Of all that I know

How soon
Until I pull back the veil?

The Coward’s Way Out

“But I hardly know her”
Is that cowardly refrain that grows
Like impassioned weeds
And it begs me: “retreat”

“But fear is all I’ve ever known”
Is that tiresome way out
To the cold and solitary night,

Forevermore, will hang to my form
Through the eras that roll
Into, the open grave of the past

With one regret
Pursuing another
Falling, in their millions
For a romance, uttered only in brief

Some Forgotten Noise

Scattered by a doubtful wind
From a mother’s embrace,
There’s the jumbled outpouring of myself

I’m the crackle of fallen leaves
For miles and miles
Strewn and diminished by a frozen gust

I litter every path
With the same pained songs of dying
I’m but noise
On the heels of passersby

Do I Have the Time?

Do I have the time
To recline
In this warm state of mind
At this hour of world-wide panic and decline?

Am I free to unwind
As someone, divine
Beneath swirling grape vines?
Do I have the spare time?

Or is my time, owed to mankind
Mending, a once hopeless divide?

Is this the time, that will surely define
Our escape from this nightmarish bind?

Or is this my time
To blissfully and quietly
Fold and resign?

The Death of a Romantic (So Much Land Untraveled)

It was meant to be something like soaring
Through the countrysides of Spain
Through to Rome, by neon-light

Too often, reveries reoccur
Of the train-yards hustling,
The rain -swept streets of the world,
Of a cafe’s steam
Calling out, to the shroud of a city

In that young frame of mind
I am always
Alive and in love

There, I am bright and naive
Unaware of the life and the labor
Of this bountiful craft

There is and there will always be
So much more

The World’s Oldest Poems

Creative Talents Unleashed

papyrus-63004_960_720.jpgPoetry is the language we use to express ourselves. It has been a part of us throughout time. There is probably so much more to be discovered, sitting preserved under buried grounds. There have been many writings found that pre-date even the Bible, and historians continue to search for these lost treasures to find out more about humanity. Some share similarities to events in the Bible, some are heroic tales in a quest to fight evil, while others shed light onto rituals of love.

Here are a few excerpts from the world’s oldest poems:

Known as the oldest surviving work of literature from ancient Mesopotamia, The Epic of Gilgamesh follows the story of a mythical hero undertaking a few quests and adventures.


 The Epic of Gilgamesh (c. 20th-10th Century BC)

From Tablet XI…

Utanapishtim spoke to Gilgamesh, saying:

“I will reveal to you, Gilgamesh, a…

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CTU Press Release: Contributors Announcement – Poetic Shadows: Ink and the Sword 2017 Anthology

Creative Talents Unleashed

Congratulations to the following contributors whom have been chosen for the literary publication of Poetic Shadows – Ink and the Sword Anthology.

Poetic Shadows – Ink and the Sword Contributors:

Amrita Valan – Poem: Witch’s Cry

Anusha VR – Poem: Ashes

Ariana R. Cherry – Poems: Fallen and Risen Warrior, The Lonely Lady in the Red-Hooded Cape, The Lady at the Round Rustic Table

Brenda-Lee Ranta – Poems: Apollon, Truth Stone

Christa Frazee – Poems: XII, Redress

Christopher Allen Breidinger – Poem: The Joust

D.B. Hall – Poems: Stones Echo, The Weaver and His Quilt, The Beast of Dead Wood –part I

Debasish Mishra – Poems: Monster of the Night, The Witch of the Woods

Don Beukes – Poems: Battle for Vygieskraal, Diary of an Oracle, Fluweeltjie

Elizabeth Daniel – Poem: Midnight Firefly

Janny Bennett – Poems: Home Sickness, Star Child, Fire Within

Justin R. Hart – Poems: Muriel’s Moonlit…

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As Shorelines Melt Away

All while the earth wearily turns
As shorelines melt away
And sisters, march far and wide
For their piece

I rest
In the swollen mire of hazy thoughts
While the earth, softly turns

All while these times
Slide helpless and hellfire bound
I drowse and glare, from below its descent

All while the earth
Demands and cries
For the tried and true strength of “all hands”