Creative Talents Unleashed


“Together let’s Unleash our Creative Talents and share them with the world” – Raja Williams

Creative Talents Unleashed is an independent publishing group that offers writers an opportunity to share their writing talents with the world. We are committed to fostering and honoring the work of writers from every culture.

We are a community of poets promising to treat each other with honesty, respect, and creative encouragement. We will handle your poetry manuscript with the respect and care it deserves and together we will create a beautiful representation of your words for the literary world to read.

Our Authors and Books

AdamAuthor: Adam Levon Brown

Poetry Book: Musings of a Madman

Poetry Book: Cadence of Cupid

Review: Reader’s Favorite Review – Musings Of A Madman

About  Author: Interview with Adam Levon Brown “Musings of a Madman”

Allison Grayhurst

Author: Allison Grayhurst

Poetry Book: Trial and Witness – Selected Poems

About Author: Meet…

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