The Hem of Old Ways

I’ll be the same as always
When midnight rolls around
As a semi-auto burst,
And a hail of shell-casings

When this city foams mad
At a New Year’s toast
Of good health and great fortune

I will cling to the hem of old ways
The frayed sense of comfort
Which will leave me, rotting in these streets

I will be the same
As the curtains of the past are drawn
And have lulled our demons to sleep,
Or so it will seem

I’m the same as before this year’s cursed toll
I will be, for many more:

The uninvolved
The untouched
The unfazed
The unashamed


Procession of Ghosts

Memories, moan and cry
In the dead of night,
A procession of the lost

The Commanding Pulse of Mankind

A city overruns these hills
Where I’ve sheltered my grief
My long walks with sorrow

Soon the anthems of myself are lost
In the rhythmic pulse of mankind
Yearning, to resurface

The city engulfs an old world
Where thoughts once flowed and flourished
Never knowing, the wrath of the drain

The city unfolds all around
And suddenly,
I am far from myself


How am I so short on well-being?
My paths are endless
Full of wonder and coursing with life

But how can I be so smug?
I’ve beheld so little
As my time, overflows into the dirt

How can I think to withdraw?
The very best and the worst of this world
Remains unknown

The Villainous Cloud of Joys

The holidays mope around
Like large villainous clouds
Voyaging, to snuff out the sun

The pressing deeds of the mind
Become slothful worms
Being ushered along, by their minuscule needs

There is hardly movement
In the drawn out moments
Of faultless ease

When no hour is too late
And dreams, grow bold and broad
By the empty, wavering seconds

It’s the slow ruination of time
Where iron-will is crushed
By the stampede of bliss


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The Search for a Spark

Some are battling shadows at this hour
When the world is still
No matter, the scale of its horrors

The past, it rumbles and shouts
In the most sacred moments
When kin, are all woven together

Some are taken
With their scurrying transgressions
When the soul must be tranquil,
Joyous and light

But something, somewhere within
Has failed to spark
There’s a light in their eyes
But still, they quarrel with dusk

The Ragged Sunrise

The course has changed
A wind drags our fears along
Beneath snarling heavens
In the howl of the deep

But we will not be helpless
In that ragged tomorrow
When our fight is all around

In the ireful sea
That would gladly consume
Our flesh and bones

The course has changed
But we are not shaken
And we will not recede
With the driftwood of the past

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