Drums labor all through the night
As the acid-drenched slide of guitar’s
Take flight

To dissolve the great droves
Of fawning hearts below

Lift off, lift off
Is their triumphant call

Urging movement
They are helplessly strung along
To wail as passionate stewards of song

The music contains and contorts all forms
To provide for its sensual beck and call


If you enjoyed this poem, you can find more like it in my latest book, The Slums of Nightfall. It is available for purchase on Createspace and Amazon.

William Wright

“The night sweeps herself over us, as she paints the world black. She joins us, hand in hand, with the wrath of anxiety. She shrouds us with deep despair and in her wake comes the onslaught of depression. At this point we are all in need of a little comfort, perhaps companionship, a guide to trudge through the long nights with, to bring home the glory of a fresh sunrise. We cannot see the bountiful stars amidst the burning rays of the sun, they are invisible to desperately seeking eyes. But we do not forget they are there. We cannot witness a rainbow’s majestic arc during a midnight downpour, yet our eyes will never forget the fleeting beauty of prisms hanging in the air. I challenge you to step off your trusted track, leave the sunshine behind and walk the slums of nightfall. I dare you to offer up all your secrets to the effervescent moon, to find a safe haven in sunlight’s demise. Let this book be your hope amongst the hopeless. Allow the stanzas to fill you to the brim with possibility – you can and you will overcome your obstacles, you can and you will know peace and prosperity. You will be inspired, nourished and sustained by each and every verse you find within these pages.” – L. J. Diaz, Author


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