Night Crawlers (Strange Worms)

All manner of strange worms
Weave through this night
In a maddening, tussle and thrash

To the surface
With their various, schemes and scars
As the infamous passersby

All manner of wreckage
Declines in this muck
In a self-induced haze
Chattering, babbling, downward

And surely they are to blame
From the heave of our engines
In each warm and comforting escape


The Joys of Embarking

Tail-lights, beam through the night
In a bright crimson blaze
Nourishing the lost

To simply embark
Is the sweetest of joys
As the woodlands unfurl
Into still golden plains

Too soon loom the sands
And the plentiful waves
The well of lost youth
Overflowing, with the past

Sparing the Day

The dawn is slow to depart
From its thick veil of sloth
And just barely I stir
With desire and meaning

The impossible chore
The unbearable trek and loop
Of the mad

It makes no difference, if I arise to its call
Or if I tragically decline
From the weight
Of my quieted crimes

This day shall saunter on
Never knowing my words
Nor the flaws in my stride

Stolen from Idle Time

So much for this nurturing silence
Where the full view of the world
Performs, in my thoughts

For a gust of new words
Has come my way
To conquer and command
This shell-shocked form

Restored to my height
I take to the roads of others
To appease, the hearth of the norm

To be recovered in silence, once more
Far off
In the refuge of myself

The Wind Sings and Wails

Down, in the blaze I have earned
In a meteor’s demise
The winds all sing and wail
In our decline

I am owed to the soil
To the ember and earth
Set carelessly aflame by youth

Sailing down
From a brief spell of pride
To be splintered and fried
For my high-hoping crimes

The Envy of Dead Winter

Will I miss the withered brown blades
Succumbed to sun rays
In the scourge of July?

What will I recall
With fondness
From the cool autumn gray?
Nothing more
Than a few timid nights

What arms would I bear
In a dead winter’s vice?
But the hell-fire sun
Of this summer
The marauder of blue skies

Wasteful Serenades

I serenade these empty halls
When I’m stumbling,far-gone
All alone in the fumes

The affliction lives on
In this warm state of mind

The affliction lives on
In these slothful limbs
At the day’s final hush

When I’m drawn to a halt
And I freely dissolve
In a solitary swig
A low mewl of distress

Euphoria Quest

Time is on our side
In the kind-hearted sun
In this basket of joys
On an ocean of trials

On this isle of peace
We may grow to wield
And unfold our affections

And surely they’ll roam
For aimless miles
In their quest of euphoria
To ensnare every soul


A new glory is followed
By a rolling abyss
The untiring, brag of death

An apocalypse revels
From behind the sliver
Of a gracious dream

The triumph
The plunder and rapture
That lives at a dirt road’s end

The horror looms larger
Proclaiming revenge
For each crater in the road
That abhors my name