The Struggle of the Worthy

Reduced, to a pool of hysteria
As sunlight glares
And wanes in its doubts

Not a second for breath
Remains in clockwork’s rage
Sent around and around
In a spiral

You must plunder it all
And race
For your jagged decline
As all worthwhile hunters have done

You must give your all
And thieve
And devour without pause
Till all love is lost
For the endless, riches of the world


The Enemy

Too often
Falls from the lips
In the heat of new panic
True hustler’s dispense

We are prone to dash
From the rustling trees
From their call to cause
From the other
From the evil’s abroad

So terror remains
A beast unslain
Sustained on our fears
As it gorges and maims

And the toll of our steeples
Become endless
Empty, tiresome and dull

The Red Colossus

It vaulted across the waves
In a crimson arc
Through the shadows
To a far away shroud and rest

Our awaiting and noble colossus
Our charitable stranger
Who would surely yield
Hearth and home

An impregnable silence remained
How it thickened the whole way
As the embers of dawn free-fell

How we strained for words
In our drifting affection
As the travelers
We once abhorred at home

Parting Grief

It builds
And it builds
In resolve

Until helplessness blares
From deep within

Then a wail
Then a gasp

Sorrow empties so sudden
From the vise of the day

There is only exhaustion
Left to writhe in the ash
When the tremors are spent

And the mind overcomes
Its smoldering

The Catacombs

There are beasts in the marrow
Awaiting, black banners
Their signal
To ravage and burn

Until life perseveres
In its day breaking toll
As the ever-gilded guard
So watchful and immense

There are beasts in the marrow
For the spoils of dawn

Engulfed in their plots
In the catacombs of night

The Shallows of Afternoon

The voiceless hours consume
And I’m swollen with peace
So shamelessly, splayed and mute

All that remains of me
Is a mindless pulse
The daily, heave and drag

In its far and wide plunder
Wondrous and bare
It has leveled, my stride to a crawl

Praise the day
And its landfall of peace
A faceless marauder
Who has left me
Derailed in wealth

The Unsightly Dreamer

I am the pudge
On an otherwise
Faultless form

An unwavering bulge
For the world
To dissect

I’m a labyrinth of stockpiled verbs
Composed, of lost yearnings
An invisible thrash
An impossible scream

I have grown obscene
A glossy-eyed drooler
Who lumbers chest-deep
In decay and disorder