Blood Mountain Range

Around and around
In feverish cycles
When the pleasure
Grows hopeless and stale

Till the merciless tracks
Run along all your flesh
As a blood mountain range
In a stride to relief

So full on young thrills
And dulled to a whimper
Distress never stalls
Never slows
To a death-ridden crawl

To indulge
Means to live on in full
In the bends of this cycle
Till tragedy must fall
And rage


Dreams of Recovery

Never mind the wilting frame
His bottomdweller stride into mayhem
Time after time

What he wields has yet to take form
To be revealed and revered
By the light of our day

He’ll flourish from the flask
Emblazed with new hope
As a truth to behold
In all
Its thundering glory

Never mind
All low scouring eyes
Some sorrowful, some scorned
By a fog of disdain

For he’ll scale to his strength
From battered knee
Consumed in hellfire
Tragic, yet stern and mobile

Pride and Joy

If I wasn’t their own
I’d languish forgotten
In the bowels of this seething world

If I wasn’t their pride and joy
Immune to true verse
I’d surely drift and grieve

If I wasn’t their morrow
The bright beaming scourge
Of their waking eyes
I’d live among fools

I’d plot and I’d prowl
In need
In the long lost scraps
Befouled beneath
Proud passersby


I fade in a terrible scream
Once feeble and far
Now forceful and present

It prevails all around
Ensnaring these years
In a whirlwind of blood
Of lunacy and death

Farewell to the meek
Succumbed to soon
To its murdering lows
In the path of its scorn

I’ll surely receive
Their despairing eyes
From beyond the fray
In a fog of remorse

A Drawn Farewell to Ourselves

We are deadweight
In the hate-ridden mire
Overthrown by our ills
Beneath banners of rage

We were given our chance
Our day of days
To quell the inferno
The scourge of our time

How could we give in?
To a swindler’s creed
For a jackbooted morrow
And a drawn, farewell to ourselves

A Call to Wander

A lark
And the trove sprung open
With offerings of spring
Song and exuberance

I was given fair roads
To be cleaved and claimed
Proud hillside to scale
And shorelines
Frothing in wait

A lark
Set fire to my mind
Flooding out all caverns
Of honest despair

A lark
Was my call to wander
To ponder and fall
To triumph and falter

Refrain of Forgotten Majesty

All I hear are the screams
Of the unresolved
Baying helpless
From the beneath
My extinguished form

I am fated to reap only them
Their harrowing words
Dust storms
Of the mind

In the hold of spring
Are the ever-present sirens
Their continuous haze
That buries
And blurs all paths

And this spring
Is all for naught
For am I fully stocked
Blinded and sullen

Forgive Me

Forgive me
For I am crazed
Dazed and dangerous
Enraged and ensnared

A fear addled mess
Rattling bones
Splintering, piercing
Each fast-falling year

Forgive my disorder
For I trail in rot
A bundle of fears
In bustling strife

Eroding, dwindling
Till the madness
Prevails over all