Where the Roads Unravel


She resides in my every whim
Where reality frays
To a kindhearted mist

The full days spill
Into a joyous trek
To her clouded domain
All encompassing and sweet

She defiantly dwells
In my passing wants
Not yet fully known
And treasured by dawn

I faintly thrive
On the morsels of hope
For these hollow roads
To surrender her name


Seethe with Dignified Silence


In quiet agony I rise
Among the unfazed
Who scale with ease

As the weight of envy
Sprawls, unchallenged
In each spite-wielding glance
Toward their passionate climb

I sail away
With loathsome hopes
Carted to rage
To quarrel within

To rave on end
Toward the efforts of kin
Ravaged by worry
By the endless evils of scorn

No Comfort for Cowardice


I’ll prevail over winded prayers
The heartfelt thunder
That trails each worry

I’ll bid farewell
To these sudden hills
Their endless sway
The bane of my nerves

There’ll be no time
To dwell amid rags
In the squalor of fret
That coddles my fearful half

For the war
Shall soon erupt
In spite of my stance
Either pitiful or poised

Ghostly Verses


Nocturnes warm
My planted roots
The deeper I dare to sprawl

As the notes contain
The whole of my mind
With angelic ease
Their shades of black

In the hollow depths of myself
I coil with fear
By looming quiet

On the edge
Of their ghostly words
Carried by all
Yet tragically
Cherished by few

A Drab Grey Suit


Through and through
In fine-tailored shades
I am fully engulfed
By their treacherous folds

I seethe on end
So razor-sharp
In the cloak of all men
Of the fine and unfazed

To be wedded and withered
In these fine-tailored bars
To thrive and dine
To my certain demise

Through and through
I reside
In the shades of all men

So shamefully
And dull

A Cool and Awaited Embrace


Her champagne
Is a charming brook
A home for my ills
For their silent demise

How she courses so cold
In each sun-ravaged spell
Racing, unhinged
My heaven-sent escape

Within I dissolve
And chatter into dusk
Inwoven in lust
By her blistering delight

Yet it all unfolds
So sudden and shrill
A transient peace
A climb and frantic decline

Few May Fall with Grace


No one passes on
At home in their glories
Cherished, embolden and brave

Few can stomach the fall
From the splintering world
They’ve combed by youth

There is no pulse
That can fade with ease
And readily shrink
From their bountiful ground