The Pale Slate of Dawn


I tread in brief
Through extinguished days
Till time wheels forth
And I’m doomed to comply

Peacefully I stroll
Through triumphs long- lost
In the nightfall’s pull
For the pale slate of dawn

Press on, press on
Is the cherished refrain
The unwavering ghoul
In pursuit of my steps

Press on, press on
For your ivory shores
All simmer in wait
With courage and calm


The Unchallenged Fear


The terror
In my loss for words
Is forever untouched
Unmatched in fury

Its murderous limbs
Take root in my own
Simmering my thoughts
To a charred and useless broth

The terror
It moves through my frame
Never short of its scorn
The unconquerable fright

I desperately dream
To convey my piece
My full range of joy
My cavernous despair

Yet it loops on with vigor
Through the span of my days
And I’m destined to thrive
In the lows
In the shadows of kin

The Immortal Cliffs


At the close of my winded trail
Were the shorelines of home
And the hills
Of jagged green splendor

From the coils of war
From the will of my trials
I scaled into bliss

In an upward spiral
To peer, far and wide
At the glistening sprawl
Of turbulent blue

Where I lovingly scrawled
In perfect peace
Until fully undone
Thankful, sopping and fed

A War in Solitude


There is only myself
My embattled soul
With impossible words
And impassable dreams

There is only the chatter
Of a world unknown
The unwavering clash
I carelessly spawn

Farewell to friends
To the fine raging days
When our words were warm
And taken with lust

I offer myself
To these roads of ink
To the endless wail
Of their passionate song

The Castaway Year


Night falls
And solitude wavers
As fellowship sprawls
Bolden, by hearth and home

Set free
From the labor and lash
From the hours they’ve shed
In a wage’s name

Affection hails
True and brave
May it latch to their frames
Through the span
Of their jealous days

May they joyfully
Take to the dusk
Of a castaway year
Enhoused in new strength

The Impassable Need


A loyal vice
Will set fire to these words
And trouble my dreams
Unfurl my hopes

It is all I need
And all I’ll become
In the tried and true tussle
The horror of man

Null and void
Yet filled to the brink
I’ll spill in verse
And gather all dismay

It is all I need and nothing more
A savory death
To my cartwheeling thoughts

To the sequined world
I clutch so firm
In the ebb and flow
Of timeless despair

Clear Away the Cinders


Who will clear us away
From the smoldering hill
Where our triumph was brief?

Where the very last
Of our proud cinders fall
Into sorrowful heaps
Ever- boastful and vain

Never again
To breathe our disdain
For only the dark
Shall speak of our days



Brick by brick we scatter
Into the void
Driven from the daily stroll

To author
The plumes of dusk
The arc and flame
Of our treasured dismay

Our world recedes
Block by block
In primal shades
The spawn
Of diplomacy lost

Marooned I Aspire


To aspire forever-more
From this shameful den
Is my ruthless fate

From beneath
The down pouring eyes
That burn with grief
At their sorrowful
Child of means

By doubtful dreams
In the nightmares I forge
With unmerciful ease

Derailed by want
With eyes heaven-bound
I am sure to rot
In the arms
Of fearful neglect