Once Again in the Pale Unknown

The pale unknown curves
To appease
His starved
And reckless whims

In crumpled sheets
Molded and mangled
Lost, in the throes
Of lofty words

He lays claim
To every spire
Each ivory mountain
Of imperfection

Swallowed whole
In the vise
The maddening chorus

The will he bears
In the hold
Of lifelong distress


The Relentless Clasp

I am spoiled
In their infinite clasp
By the ruthless garbs
All singing
Of far-ago trials

No hour is spared
No road
Wanders free

For they wield my all
This roving
Human disarray

Tattered and heaving
By my chosen snares

These rags sustain me
Through the sprawl
Of daily despair

Yet the world
Pours through
In cold
And sorrowful

She Hails Through the Trees

Through bare
Overarching limbs
Jaggedly swerving
The pitiless dark

I ascend
To moonlight’s
Withering call
In her shadowy illusion

Winter prods
My still
And heedful form

To embark beyond
The weaving
Snarls of bedlam

Runaway Composure

I scale the walls
With pestering resolve
In ravenous

As the beehive drones
In mind
Fully shroud
By a heedless
Fog of rapture

The savagery
The primal
We stave each day
Burrows forceful and pure
Marrow deep

Runaway composure
Jets far
From this ruin

From this spoiled wreck
By infernal flesh

The Passing Torment

It was merely
A passing affair

In its veil
In the waves
Of unburdened sleep

In few
Towering moments
These hopes hold true
Lost beyond
Our tormented age

It was all
But a ghastly
And murderous

Then the world transpired
In gilded
Fiery splendor

Greater Despair

Daily I sway
In their scowling shadows
Far above
The earthbound womb

In slanderous words
I coil
Braving their might
The scorn
Of their fearful refrain

By daylight’s hand
I sway and turn
Wrung dry
Depleted and cold

Extinguished too soon
By each foul
And tormented gust
With a greater despair

Discarded Flesh

Swaying in rapture
With eyes ever-hollow
And true
To bountiful rest

Smoldering torrents
In plumes of red
And tarnished fervor

Chemically disposed
I’d drowse
In the drone
Of untimely bliss

Where none
May prevail
To savor
Their bygone triumphs


Crash and burn
Was the iron toll
High and proud

A shadow cast
Far and wide
The tyrant of tired eyes

Each fearful step
Each mishap spawned
Was a cause
To burrow within

To crash and burn
In lethargy’s hold
With timeless remorse

Joyfully Defiant

I was forged
In a cyclone of rage
Hastily drawn
In crude and jagged lines

Crafted in muck
I am prone
To unraveling

At the slightest jab
At the edge
Of a dull blade’s effort

And still
My treads adhere
To a kick-drum’s malady
To the fervent labor
Of my joyful defiance

Until Agony is Far Too Great

My insides are swollen
Bursting at the seams
With the world’s
Most fearsome song

Until I have my fill
Of trolley car anthems
With heartless passersby

Until my eardrums
Quake from the throes
Of bygone
Thundering ghosts

Until the agony
Prevails, over all
I’ll siphon the world
And its crude
And callous resolve