Collateral Damage

Blood ravages
The clear blue day
In unrepentant streaks
Warm, with the freshly defiled

The incessant scream
Pours into earshot
Of the staggering dead
Marooned, in eternal bliss

Blood ravages
Once clear
And hopeful panes

Depraved, and jetting
With fervor
And tragic haste

The innocent pulse
To their final red pints
As the weak-willed stroll
For their time
On shores of white


Serpentine Verses

This poetry meanders
In a northward crawl
From the callous roots
Ensnared, in swamp and twine

A steady hammering
Rattling curse
Never spares a moment
Of its crude
And primal song

Every inch is plagued
With its trembling woe
With the monstrous tune
Spawned in tears
And turmoil lost

Out of the Fearful Mist

Stockpiled emotions
Are ablaze
For teary-eyed kin

For love prevails
Above doubtful snares
Every fearful
And hesitant bind

True affections may sail
With long-awaited ease
From each full
And ever-longing heart

Beyond the sprawl
Of a bygone mist
All may thrive
And endlessly dream

Ivory Apocalypse

Apocalypse was sudden
In one short
And sultry gust

As my lungs grew full
And I dissolved
Beneath, the fumes of rapture

The earth was awash
In an ivory haze
At each slow
And heedful breath

I retained
The smoldering days of old
Threading, the new world
And all its neon splendor

The Frantic Pulse of Millennia

What a wondrous time to be
Sapped, by the luxury
Of our sweetened present

How easy it is to slide
Into solace
To burrow with content
In the daily roles we play

Blissfully mute
We deal in plastic
Dulled by the glow
Of the endless scroll

What a wondrous time to be
Fully clothed
In newsroom fury

In their heartless drone
And deathly verse
Cavalcades, casings and all

Cold and stagnant
We draw our fortunate breath
To the frantic
Pulse of millennia

What a wondrous time to be
Marooned to the failings
Of far-ago man

The Madman’s Eternal Chorus

I fell apart
In one sly
And devilish wisp
To the tune
Of their baying delight

In the heart of passersby
Their eyes
Brimmed, with blistering joy

In preyed upon flesh
Woven, from the off-color spool
I was battered
Yet stern in dissent

I’d fallen apart
To their gathering glares
At the toll
Of their envious whims

In the lifelong chorus
That scornfully wheels
From deep within
My guilt-ravaged dreams

The Wanderlusting Heart

All at once
I was overjoyed
As the giving roads
All swayed
With blissful ease

Atop these treads
Awash in their valor
Adrift from a full
And wanderlusting heart

Like fluid
I coursed
Cool and cradled
To a mothering wisp

To wither softly
In the silk seas of wonder
Of a drawn
And well-earned slumber

Slim Offerings

I am consumed
In yesterday’s
Slithering tonic

The foul
Serpentine ghoul
I hold in the swamps
Of my fear-laden gut

In this silent hull of flesh
Dormant, sour
And void
Of pitiful worth

How can I dream
So brazen and bold
While encaged in the sorrows
I’ve squandered
Solely in verse?

Growing Immune to Fear

Restless illusions
Of great green pastures
All wane through the riptides
We presently suffer

For as long as death rages
There is no cause to dream
To evade
Its lash
And blood-curdling scream

For as long as we purge
And bay our abuse
True to the constant
And wretched howl of beasts

We’ll never fully thrive
Nor tread immune to fear
Afar, from the strife
And seething sway
Of our curse-inspiring day