To Our Well-Earned Rest

We were gleefully diminished
As the uproar passed
And the beads of triumph
Poured, in streams of haste

Happily overrun
By the yearnings
That prowled
Beneath our timid flesh

We sprawled in exhaustion
Ever-gradually carted
To our  homes
In the fog
Of well-earned rest

Before desire
Could lasso
Our dwindling forms
Once more


Daybreak’s Bitter Welcome

Looms in the air
A thick
Unwavering menace

And daybreak yields
Few songs of comfort
Its bitter welcome
Seeping slow
Into my desperate form

In wait I writhe
Skewered from the inside
By the thorns
Of incessant worry

All hopeful winds
Are frail and few
In these fearful hours
Full, with agony
And fret

Rabid Denial

The warmth of former years
Dulls away
With each broad
And boastful stride

As I prowl the open fringes
Harbored by dreams
Enthralled by eras lost

I cannot belong
Denial foams within
A slow curse enveloping
The needs
Of here and now

And nothing more is conquered
All paths
Are left unclaimed

A Prowling Refrain of Death

Slipped away
From the shackles
Of their cold
And death-stricken lips

With frayed resolve
In the fading gusts
By the iron folds of sleep

Blood stained garbs
Lied singed and ragged
Blackened, by a fire-bred dusk

A tune that sailed along
Their fallen forms

With pitiless rage
For the flesh
Of docile prey to come

The Firm Snares of Night

It was
But a passive dream
To skin and bone

Beneath the mercy
Of scalding eyes
At the whim of brotherly scorn

It was
But a transient urge
A spark
In the firm snares of night

And I was
But a frail vessel
Swallowed in rust
To his isle of dirt

Ruthless Weeds

Discontent blossoms
Through these frail
Withering floorboards

Skewering the quiet
And haggard sliver of home

These roots never tire
They steamroll on
Laying claim
To the final few
Morsels of hope

My beleaguered
And former state

Is wrung
To its last
Each hour
I fall away from courage

Bloodshot Panes

A strange calamity
The fair world I retain

And little remains
For these starved
Ever-roving eyes

These truth-harboring panes
Are plagued
With jagged roads of crimson

For I’ve allowed
The steady drum of anguish
To distort once true and proud
Melodies of rapture

Offbeat and battered
And ground
To a withering heap

My peace trudges
Down tattered roads
Brought forth by these crude
And impatient hands

A Solitary Dream

I sailed
With free roots fluttering

Hoisted in pride
To peacefully bask
Of once precious kin

“No longer”
Was shed in joy
The chill of silence

The drone
Of a solitary dream
The lone and endless reply

A Fitting Noose

I bear the hard scowl
Of gradual

Born from the womb
Of these nihilist years
Frittered, in the aft
Of malnourished thoughts

A trying surf
Lays claim
To these turbulent limbs

And each artery thrives
With scalding concern

As the remedy trails
In steady pursuit
Gilded black
The silent noose
Each day, I shamefully don

Before the Impatient Dusk

I yearn
To slip blissfully
From this ragged maze of ruin

To drain away
Every gilded offering
From the fiery snares
Of our ravenous world

I dream to claim
Every thriving morsel
Of sheer satisfaction

Before the toll
Of my careful demise
And the cull
Of impatient dusk