Selective Slaughter

We could not stray
From our final paths
To convene
With our tearful mothers

Once bedlam paled
Along trenches of old
And carnage thrived
In each still-beating heart

We were true
To our silent misfortune
Full and smoldering
With infernal valor

Our ghoulish deeds
Were the bane of living chiefs
Who stirred
With ravenous guilt

For their thoughtless crime
The heinous cull
Of their curious
And wide-eyed young


The Hapless Fawn

Will someone pierce through
These menacing walls
That triumph proudly
Over ruin?

For I’ve grown too thin
In forging their strengths
In a juvenile fit of rage

They’ve climbed beyond
My pitiful reach
And loom with the angst
I’ve thoughtlessly spawned

I’ve hurled myself
Into a mire of weakness
Reborn, a hapless fawn
With frail knees
And a haunted, unwavering stare

A Timeless Affliction

It was a slow-fading anthem
At the forefront
Of my afflicted mind

In the brightest fuchsia
To the tune of my gradual
And sultry demise

Plundering romance
Consumed my days
With ease
Bereft of an honest struggle

And  I was
Blissfully undone
Alive and well
In this foolish
Yet treasured plight

Shall it last
Or shall I recede
Into the heart
Of unsparing dismay?

Scorched Earth

I am owed no rewards
No heartfelt words
On this somber, day of days

For I’ve fallen
Far from peril’s reach
Stripped bare, and in want
For the mangy tatters of courage

Loyalty is adrift
Dispatched at my hands
With the cold streams of fear

I am spared with each mile
I blaze with haste
On these fear-filled
Smoldering roads

In retreat
From the great burden of valor
I mindlessly trail
Into merciful despair

The World Drains Away

Brought about the melting hues
The slow bleeding
Of the truths I cradled

Apocalypse skewered
My docile flesh
Unaware of intrusion
Blissful, in the snares of sleep

Contorted limbs
Dove defiantly
Into my shadowy conscience

To which I turn
Fully engulfed
Entranced, by a turbulent dream

Where the shades coalesce
From their thick scalding streams
And ravage me
With awe and dismay

The Day’s Latest Prey

Morning intrudes
To pillage my insides
In a murderous, ghastly harvest

Through the cavernous wound
Daylight endeavors
And I am soon savored
In its warm and glutinous girth

I stream fervent
In sultry red
Overflowing with agony
Deprived, of the urge to speak

I mindlessly offer
My tarnished form
As the latest prey
Consigned, to its deathly vise

And meek

The Home of My Triumphs

Deflowered each ivory page
I cleaved
With diligence and care

Where I once vanquished
All villains far ago
Is now ripe
For the terrible abyss

No thought could be spared
No words were treasured
No path
Was free of death’s wrath

They all must pass
Too soon in my eyes
To meet
Their tried and true end

To bask
In the coils
Of obscurity

Though never straying far
From my ever-loyal

A Coward’s Path

I buried him
In the horizon I conjured
With each fleeting
Cowardly step

So that he may tussle
With his inner misfortunes
Helpless, disheartened and unkempt

The son
Of the same ragged cloth
Was left to sway
In the noose of his own design

To flounder unseen
And hopelessly dissolve
In the raging currents
Of my callous mind

My Unconscious Sinking

Pipe dreams of a reckless mind
Nurse my limbs
To their silent end

Far gone
I remain still
Full and rotten with apathy

Forevermore unwilling
Tried and loathsome
Wrung dry
By my turbulent dreams

How I soar with hope
As my body folds
Listing, in the clasp
Of my carelessly sown squalor

The Fog of Recollection

I become spacious
As memories clear away
At odds with my current form
Rife, with chaos and displeasure

So much
For the affectionate sea
And its crystal, glittering panes

They were once full
With childish endeavors
By the bristles of time

For now the world
Unfolds true and plain
By dreams or transient ghosts