Her Pursuing Concern

“Hang close, my dear”
Her motherly words chimed
Through the great span of evergreens
Obscuring, the surest paths home

They once remained
In devout pursuit
Skewering the branches
To lasso his ever-roving soul

“Never part ways, my son”
Her words sorrowfully rang
As they cleared uncharted earth
Scouring for a mind set adrift

There was only loss
Prevailing over the rolling hills
A morbid, sprawling silence
Declaring fearfully
“Mother, I have strayed too far”


The Bounty of Aimless Travels

With each step I am devoured
By the swerving treachery
Of concrete bedlam

She fumes the same
As I fondly recall
With the putrid scorn of survival

Her shrill songs
Prey upon youthful hearts
Stout, overflowing
With unwavering want

How I’ve long craved the cold
The pure exhilaration
Of my aimless travels

Where I may free-fall
With a grateful heart
Left to my whims
To cleave my own way
Through the pitiless dark

A Towering Desire

Is a lingering, proud, and defiant hope
A towering desire
My mind cannot evade

It is the foremost bell
That triumphs
Over quarreling cries of distress

Despite all havoc
Drawing, my fearful thoughts home

Rejuvenation calls
As a beacon
Composed for my tattered form

A Cheerful Silence

A cheerful silence
Finds rest among
These traveling reflections

The hearth still burns
Bereft of her mesmerized kin
And it soothes only me
In these placid and mournful hours

To breathe easily
With a full and thankful heart
To convene with memory
Shall remain my most treasured gift

And with warm bones
I’ll peacefully sink
Into the folds
Of a tranquil sleep

Trojan Words

My, how you’ve grown
Coasts away from uncaring lips
Fuming, with feigned interest
Brimming, with cheap affection

I rebuke their Trojan words
Yearning to probe
To pierce the armor
To mirror their safeguarded wounds

“My, how you’ve grown
Stout with delirium and sloth
Into the helpless oaf
I’ve dreamed to meet this day”

My conscience pours
Its long dammed remorse
Through my cracked plastic grin
Gushing forth, to draw their prying stares

They’ve triumphed once more
As they’ve always dreamed
In their ever-watchful and fear-burdened eyes

The Indwelling Plague

The arachnids
Take solace beneath my hide
I quiver in their commute
As they voyage along my contorted form

My thoughts dwell softly
In the binds of cobwebs
Unable to drift
Never daring to stray
From the fearful present

I’ve spent the last of my horror
In drawn, guttural cries
For a pitiful shred of mercy

I live on cautiously
Treading lightly each passing day
Ever-mindful of what lurks beneath
Of the plague
That thrives within

Coves of Decade’s Lost

These days are deprived
Of the timid joys he once knew
The bloom of gracious nights
Now grind his dreams to a pulp

Slip away
Is the undying solace
Stored in the aft of his mind

He bids farewell
To his young treasured coasts
To the coves of decade’s lost

Jagged shorelines
Shall chime eternally
With summer-lit triumphs
With an angler’s primal joy

These days are drained
Deprived of the blaring lights
Within his stagnant eyes
Forever brimmed, with bygone glory

The Arc of Shadows

The shadows arc playfully
In their amorphous dance
To the tune of inner distress

I recoil in fear
In cold streams of anguish
Coiling for refuge
As I tumble
Through the phantom perils of old

Roving black clouds
Overwhelm the skies
Of tranquil reveries

Unleashing their payload
The shrill ordinance of regret
All hopes set adrift
Each aimless and pitiful thought

All that I’ve done
Returns in faithful droves
In festering hordes
Engulfed in primal rage

It all transpires
Beneath the careless twirl of shadows
To the agonizing tune
Of the lost and unfulfilled

The Omen

The skies were torn apart
His wide and roving eyes

A young prey
Stood before the morrow
Overtaken by awe
Awaiting, the charitable hail

He found no shred of grief
In her promising eyes
Only the tranquil bliss
Of an unconquered void

Her words fell soft
Upon his youthful hopes
And the fool embarked
For the terror of nights to come

Shrill thoughts now dance
Uncouth and unwavering
Forever tethered
To his withering conscience

No regrets
Is his slow fading mantra
A feast for the haze
Of each cold and solitary dusk

We Once Dreamed In Unison

And faltering friends
Trade fire and affection
In a tongue I’ve long lost

They’ve towered beyond my reach
Watchful of the flames
Of kin who writhe below

How we once dreamed in unison
To cleave the heavens
As our lives grew lush and full

They’ll jet away
In time’s erosion
And what truly flounders
Shall elude my feeble grasp