The Greater Grim World

Through the bare branches
The morning cried
Cloaked, in fine tailored grey

Swaying to the song
Of crows and foghorns
The sparring melodies
Of grief

The sly mist
Crept inside my skull
With the first stream of wind
I joyfully reaped

My inner world turned
Engulfed, by shades of gloom
And I trembled fearful
As I cleaved, the greater grim world

A chill claimed my spine
And my nerves went dull
Frostbitten and uncaring
With each hour
I left forgotten


She Trusted You

Her peril still rings
Through those smoldering ruins
Where I’ll never tread
With a vast
Arsenal of strength

She lingers at the stern
Barely forgotten
As the terrible scream
I dream to evade

“Where have you gone?”
Is her piercing refrain
That drives my conscience
To savor, each morsel of regret

“How could I?”
Larks only from within
As a traveling ghoul
In pursuit
Of each step I take

A Compromised Young Mind

All I have
Are the white walls
That cradle my discontent

The dreary home
Of bliss and bedlam
Where I am cornered
By the raging seas of fear

Self- involved
The earth falls to shards
Through the hollow panes
Of a heart at bay

Fully engulfed
By disloyal thoughts
I shatter within
Undone,by harbored sorrow

The Iron Binds of Havoc

I surrender
In the restless deep of fear

As nightfall showers
All around
And I crumble
By the binds of panic

My thoughts are hollow
And left for the fog
To be preyed upon by voices
By daylight’s static mayhem

Few words
Can flee these lips
When the dark
Has laid its claim

When time drags
And drones without motive
And sleep
Is the lone road
To the warmth of honest relief



The world’s he kept
All tremored the same
In the scalding flash
Before, the sprawl of night

A wall of white
Set the soils ablaze
And gorged savagely 
Upon the lives, tenderly sown

How they dreamed
To draw in the morning wisp
To unfold masterfully 
Bold, beautiful and tragic 

They now stream
Beyond his battered flesh
In lockstep 
For the great drainage of time

Aimless Travelers


My dreams cartwheel
Through the haze 
Of a world in tatters

Where I dwell
Among the uncertain
The aimless travelers
Who thirst for placid streams 

I’ve clung tight
To the misery
Of unknown souls

I’ve clung tight
To drag their sorrows
Into the scalding light of day

The Cascading Youth


Cascade free
From the comfort
Of level ground

As a rolling silhouette
From the high perch
Of luxury

The mountainside
Bedlam bruises
And skewers savagely

Yet the mind
Drifts from panic
In a full embrace
Of grizzly fate

Go the vacant ones
Consigned to peril
In the mists below

Unmended Chasms


Pedaling in reverse
I speed through former years
Full with dismay
And the careless droning present

Across battered roads
The great chasms
I’ve left unmended 

Where rivers gush
With the turmoil of old
With the vigor I’ve lost

I backtrack
With the greatest haste
Through the sprawl of evergreens
The teaming refuge of youth 

How I once loved
And thrived heartily
Untethered, lost and hopeful

But I must defer
From the gathering fog
And trail on, brazen
For the tragedy nested afar

My Smoke-Filled Demise


I am
The powerless fawn
Wallowing in the tatters
Of his own bloodied flesh

I am damned
A withering shell
The fading shadow
Of a stouthearted buck

My smoke-filled demise
Was an unseen horror
For the reaper’s  beckon
Once lingered, far from here

My last stream of wind
Is a fable of caution
Risen, from the death rattles
As a gift
For all careless passersby

In Full Retreat


Wading chest deep
The wind
Is pressed from my lungs

In the vise 
Of daily squalor 
My ceaseless 
Masculine war

“Take the reins”
Is the mindless refrain
Instilled in all sons
In the blossoming hearts of kings

”Seize the helm”
Falls away from my ears
As a quiet reverie 
Cold and long forsaken 

Still I wade
Chest deep 
Armed with feign composure

Having mended
My train of thought
Striding from the blaze 
To the jeers of watchful kin