Until Struggling was Futile

The allure of silence
Was an anchor in secret
Drawing me ever closer
To the depths of many before

It was a tremendous weight
Laying claim to my weary figure
Lassoing my limbs
In the boundless haze
Of my day to day basking

Until the final gasp
I did not know
Until struggling was futile
I was not sure

Gleefully I sank
Until the surface
Was beyond
My desperate reach


Ragtime Anthems

I revel in the fond gusts
Of cherished refrains
Penned long ago

As the notes flare
And soar to their prime
Meeting the fervor
Of decades lost

My mind toils peacefully
Beneath the waterline
Of ragtime anthems

My mind trudges assured
And sparks a frenzy
Inside my quiet marrow

The Unheeded Whisper

I carry on
Like an unheeded whisper
Buried alive
By the bustle of conversation

Words gush away
Expunged without a care
As thought withdraws
From each cold lifeless grin

My world
Consigned to haze
Weaves flawlessly
Through this chattering labyrinth

As they all part
Adhering only
To the warmth I emit

They obey only
The shadow I cast
For a passing instant
When irritation befalls

True to Their Silence

Placid grey waters
Mimic the sullen clouds
By the unending chorus
Of mankind’s inner strife

They’ve grown cold
Dormant and silent
Never sparing an instant
Of pigment or sound

As young and old
Carry on
Hopeful for the rays
With eyes stern and vigilant

For just one strand
One glimmering
Shred of hope

Yet the seas remain
True to their silence
Sealed until the hour
Our anguish
Is torn asunder

Guiltless Sleep

My dreams were feather light
Safe and sound
In the refuge
Of eras past

Fluttering carelessly
Through nightfall’s hollow void
Never sparing a sound
Of agony or strife

From the brightest flare
Timid thoughts
Were cruelly swept aside

Grinding my reveries
To a useless pulp
To the falling embers
I greet as slumber nears

The Iron Gates of Havoc

At the hoisted day
Stomach’s churned
In the permeating oil
Salt air and salvos

The sputtering engines
Grew to their murderous drone
Wading steadily
For the iron gates of havoc

Below their toil
Hushed words prevailed
Clamoring for the skies
Through thick plumes of black

Beyond the raging tides
The iron gates sprung forth
And Neptune’s dark overture
Swallowed, young fortitude whole

Passing Terrors

It is all in my mind
These passing terrors
Nightfall’s tremors
Are but a transient phase

It is strife I must
Endure brazen
Drained of reluctance
Devoid of all fright

Quivering nerves
Are nothing at all
They do no true harm
For the heart
Toils in defiance

The blood shall course
As done in days prior
Charging without fear
To ensure
I ascend unfazed

Swan Dive

Scorched days pave
Slithering paths in the sand
As the mind falls victim
Preyed upon by delusion

It has become my fate
In the safety and solitude of home
Where I burden my psyche
With only myself

Where I spiral unhinged
Dismantled and out of touch

Where I spiral unhinged
Out of touch

Where I spiral
Out of touch

Ivory walls
And popcorn covered ceilings
Inch close by the hour
As the mind softly simmers

Out of mind
Out of touch

I am tired
I have given my all
I am fully wrung dry

In mind

Until thoughts boil over
And melt and mesh
All the same

Out of time
In distress

Weightless Thoughts

All I uncover
Is the nagging present
As it fastens to my garments
In sheer desperation

For now
All passing thoughts
Are but hollow clouds
Content with being

Time soars on
As my footsteps meander
In search of fertile ground
And the promise it harbors

As I scour for the words
That chime honestly
The world grows dim
And I must defer away

Unable to spare
A scrap of bounty
Or a single strand of truth

Evading Delirium

The noxious fumes
Waft about me
Each hour I stray and wander

A companion
I desperately strive to evade
With all of my harbored might

Yet delirium hangs close
To compromise my sight
And render my limbs
Feeble, drained and helpless

The dust storm revels
Having swallowed up
My writhing frame

Like live bait
Swaying in the current
Awaiting the full weight
Of total, unwavering dark