How I’ve Lost Potency


Frittered potency
Lurks beneath each page
Hollowing, every fallen verse
I’ve cruelly sent to wither

Flat notions wail
Yet their cries never carry
Unheeded and useless
Eternally, fragile and impotent

My greatest crime
Of wasted vigor
Lingers in full display

The glaring fable
Atop the pillar
For kindred eyes to reap

Within seclusion
I strive and strive
Yet lifeless yearnings

And so torment sprawls
Into maniacal wrath
A slow enveloping
Of the honest
Treasures I keep


Why Remain


Why remain
In this tiresome hold
Where sorrow spills
In its unwavering refrain

Where gilded roads
Defer away
For a ghostly plunder
The unknown, the uncertain

Bid farewell
To your withered days
To the daybreak’s lash
That erodes and defames

Take to the night
With a flare of courage
The unyielding glow
Of droves before

Stay true to your steps
And the skyline’s promise
Steaming ahead
For what may
And may not

For what reason
Do I choose to remain?

Treasured Simplicity


The lonesome cottage
Marooned, upon grains of white
In the uncaring glimmer
Before tides of piercing blue

Renewed day to day
In their faithful crash
The unyielding tussle
Beneath unblemished skies

A home sprawled open
Mute and hollow
Retains the earthly chorus
Cherishing, each season’s pass

The stern and silent haven
Ever-patient and quaint
Rests only within my clutches
Within the folds
Of my tireless reveries

A Routine’s Thievery


Routines soothe
And singe away at will
Frittering my urges
Withholding the unknown

Switch on the surge
That medicates
The pulse that numbs
The merciful drain

Let redemption boil
And permeate
A familiar steam
I’ll greet day to day

Let the screens flicker
Quake and drone
As sour words fall
And hastily dissolve

Let the slow burn
Of sunlight’s vigor
Thoughtlessly flare
Bereft of my gaze

Let the earth turn
As it should
With the awe-inspiring
Kept far from my treads

The Unheard Gush


One–track minded
Coasting the bends of home
The swerving confines
Where I rave unanswered

Loose limbs
Flail madly
As I conceive in seclusion
Mindlessly rambling

Peace at last
Swiftly dwindles
Fed to the fringes
To the feral longings
That jet away from my lips

Words meander
Staggering out of my head
Fuming of resent
Of guilt, grief, and despair

They drain unheard
In endless buckets
Until kin arise
To spin their own strife

My entirety quiets
And I’m quick to withdraw
For the jagged paramount
I cradle in thought

No Time to Waver


Currents pulsate
And swell through my being
As volts of insight
Fuel my notions
Swerving, from stanza to stanza

The daily flicker
Comes and goes
In a weaving frenzy
The bends through the mind

Risen, sure and primed
My nerves all dance
While coiling their bounty

Reveries quiver
In the thrash and flare
As thoughts set ablaze
Coast aimless and wither

I toil fast
Firm and focused
With no time to wavering
For these embers are restless

From fathering currents
My words began
Dashing mindlessly
Through labyrinthine flesh

Virulent Juvenile


Let contempt skewer me
From the inside out
Pepper my sullen nerves
With uncharted agony

Let heinous words simmer
And grow to boil
My timid thoughts

Futile and frail
I latch on, sternly
And align
With this ghostly scourge

To thrash on mindlessly
Among this mayhem of notions
The peril I’ve sheltered
This virulent juvenile
I am cursed to bear

To unleash feral thoughts
Is the true clarity I yearn for
Mothered by uncoiled rage
That easily flourishes
In my squalid state of mind

Honestly Sown


Slashed away
By the frigid gust
Brought forth in the thunder’s
Flare and fury

Fright endeavors
To paralyze and conquer
To deplete and drain
The solace I keep

Panic coils
My honest young
The truth-bearing seeds
I’ve thoughtfully sown

Pried with ease
By a trying wisp
A savage marauding
Native only to my flesh


When will I finally write something worthwhile? I’ve tried submitting my poems to major magazines and poetry anthologies and I get knocked back every time. I think I’ll just stop submitting for a while. My head hurts.

Iron-Shroud Skies


The hillsides quake
Beneath the curse
Of iron-shroud skies

The ever-constant beckoning
Hammering on
Through the scorched evergreens

Brush strokes of ember
Color the grizzly day
As valor swarms savagely
Thundering up vicious inclines

Mayhem’s hunger
Lurks tried and true
Mindlessly gorging
Upon waves of the brazen and sure

To quell the hunger
Is but a feeble aim
For the bold never sustain
Its immense, harrowing fury

Steel columns
Roll defiantly through the ages
As a fawned over plague
Instilled in youthful hearts

Fire-bred travels
Plume on and on with vigor
Untouched and forever gorging
Upon a morrow
Yet to be sown