From Untroubled Sleep


Uncorked ballads
Arise in the hold of night
Flooding the skull
With bright sparks of elation

Warmth radiates
From a host of nocturnal thoughts
Set aflame with wonder
With the courage to weave
Unseen majesties

These treasures all wither
As the mind quakes to life
Damned by waking eyes
By the callous turn of man


Skewering the Unknown


I propel my all
Into hollowed beauty
Taking honest form
As young roots
Skewering the unknown

Fertile emptiness
Is my daily refuge
The proud pastures
I comb with great care

To behold their might
As towering seas of envy
Lush and unfazed
By a stern and vigilant wind

They’ll bar my sight
From this heinous world
As my lonesome haven
My strength
My sure demise

The Refuge of Emptiness


I trace the world’s curves
Caressing, shore to shore
Unshackled and whole

Constant roving
Is the only true refuge
Pried from the soils
Where I came to be

True elation
Fastens to the wind
To be seized by the daring
In their vast endeavors

Deprived from land
Is honest bliss
Cradled by the silence
That drives me forth

Dingy rags
Shall become my home
As I jet beyond
The mists of eternity

Beneath Maimed Flesh


I stir beneath haunted skin
Bubbling with fear and angst
Each morn spent prowling
In a feverish pace
With darting eyes and blended thoughts

Daylight crackles
And the waters spew forth
Surging, past the high wall of dark

The mind is pulp
As I stagger aimlessly
Pleading for the calm
Of my deranged
And hammering pulse

I stammer profusely
And my words plummet in disarray
Destined to scatter
To mock my rising distress

I stir beneath haunted skin
Beneath quiet and ghostly ruin
Where I am not to be salvaged
Never parted from my affliction

Labyrinthine Fables


All paths I’ve composed
With this tattered mind
Converge and clash
Then fade with haste

No one knows
Of their loyal migrants
Of the proud silhouettes
That wander their curves

No one cares
For the struggles won
For the triumph and turmoil
I’ve carefully spun

All paths age
Mossed over with time
Pried from my thoughts
From my surging, reckless hopes

Unknown and unheeded
Are the best of my plights
The shallowest of depths
I may cleave without fright

‘Secluded Narratives’ still exists

'Secluded Narratives' still exists

My third collection of poetry can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the book cover. All of the poems in this collection were written by me, and they cover a wide range of topics such as: Romance, mental health, lgbt rights, gender roles, war, history, the human condition, life, and death. I originally put together this anthology to pay homage to my Grandfather: Lorenzo Wright. He was a very kind and passionate man who always wove stories that left people speechless. For the longest time I dreamed about creating stories like he did and this is my way of honoring his memory. Please do not hesitate to give your opinion. If there are any glaring flaws then please let me know.

The Lonely Flicker of Angst


An unyielding fog
Descends for foolish hearts
For the kind warmth
Of a lonely flicker
Marooned by tender years

The haze trails
Through labyrinths of distress
Weighing down young hopes
Beneath a brooding mist of longing

Shadowy figures thrive
Swallowing droves
Of glossy-eyed dreamers

Faithful rovers
Are woven into romance
Doomed to hunger
Time after time

All is deemed lost
Until turmoil shatters
Into strewn, dwindling matter
Waning hopelessly
In the bright, scornful sun

All seems lost
Until proud thought skewers
The high and vast
Canopies of grey

So foolish hearts
May breathe again
To bask freely
In the cold and stirring wisp

Florence Fever Dreams


The Florence midday
Pierces my hide
From the frost-tinted dusk
The cold and jealous
Afflictions of home

A steady bloom
Spans throughout me
From the silent fringes of my bones
Hastily assembled
Into a brash and unified thrust

Daylight’s zenith blares
Blazing through the halls
Of my quaint abode

Among lonely hills
Ever watchful of the civilized
I am loyal to solitude
Safe and secluded
From panic’s maddening reach

The Mind Tremors


All traces of home
Have withered in a lonely gust
A sudden whirl
So harrowing and obscene
Laden with grit
Peril,heartache,and decay

Barbed wire and mangled flesh
Weave madly through desolation
Through this grief I carve
This horror I’ve entrenched
The madness I inhabit

The bells all toll
Their tired verse and refrain
Depleted with time
Ever vigilant of my spiral

All I truly perceive
Are dwindling silhouettes
Lumbering halfheartedly
In the scourge of muck and shadow

Dead weight
Has fastened to my name
To assure my role
In this vast and hopeless cull

Pristine Emotion


To awaken
Untethered, to plights of old
As a new haven glimmers
From a light spawned afar

Upon the meekest soil
I’ve christened as home
Where the trees beckon: fellowship!
And the currents sigh: romance

To obtain
Treasured affection
Unwavering and untroubled

To grieve
With honest sorrow
At the blistering surge of loss

If only
I’d relish
In this steaming illusion
Of pristine emotion
Found only
Entwined by dreams