Where the Spires Can Never Reach


A twinge of impulse
Maims my insides
As I mutter restraint
A feeble and frail resistance

Coasting for desire
Above all firm Goliaths
Beyond the reach of remorse
Clamoring from their lofty spires

My composure is lost
In the broad sea of luxury
As the primal floods
The curves of my psyche
With their shrill gathering
Of stern demand

I topple with haste
To be compromised and clouded
By the surge of my hazy wants




To our own offbeat waltz
We wander bereft
Entranced by our clumsy steps
Preserved in wild swerving

So masterfully disjointed
The out of place
Of bold and brash creation

Lopsided figures
Dash on wildly
Across our hollow canvases
On the path they dare to choose

Brandishing our angst
Our wound up fears
Behind each exotic hue
The seductively flowering textures

Missteps lead on
To a paradise unknown
A long pocketed haven
Where seeds are yet to be sown

Let jagged misfits
Skewer our humble nests
And our docile wants
For the joys of off-color guests

And let the primal have its day
To draw its cold shadow
Upon ages far ago



The echoing toll
Disturbs my stride
In the boundless clatter
Of rigid clockwork

From a cautious pace
I spring with all the rest
For the veiled horizons
They claim to know

From a steady climb
I accelerate
Jetting past the harmonies
The savory blends of color

My desperate flight thieves
It contains and corrupts
Laying siege to the pulse
That fuels my wide-eyed reveries

All for the finish
The sudden and crude decline
The treacherous gulch
That thieves me of all I cherish

We Will Remember


Undone by tribulation
Ties are forever frayed
Strewn about the hollow earth
Drained into the void
Where parting words dissolve

Loving farewells
Bitterly depart
Leaving nerves to quiver
And warm marrow to freeze

We never fully defer
In our upward paths
Far away from the fallen forms
We’ve held dear in their prime

The quiet and unraveled
Time after time

In the pitiless chill of solitude
With the warm affections
We’ve always known



I uproot from the soil
My firm and loyal terrain
For the clusters above
In their timeless refrain

Helpless drifting
Ensnares my sleep
Helpless drifting
Coils the bliss I keep

For uncharted seas
Revered above
To be hopelessly enthralled
And diligently shoved

Mindless soaring
Propels my mind
Mindless soaring
Softens my bind

Unplugged and forgotten
I sail for kind hope
To be coddled by emptiness
Where I wrangle the urge to cope

Tea Kettle Reveries


Embraced by the pines
Tinted with frost
High upon their thrones
Of brisk, mountainous solitude

Into the caverns
From the hellish slopes beneath
I quietly vanish
From the turning cogs of old

My forgotten role
Ages and ails
As food for cobwebs
So rusted and obscure

A long walk
Into the breathless hills
Was where it began
With glittering promise

I’ve woven new horizons
Beyond the mountain’s zenith
Peacefully diverging
For pristine, towering refuge

For the unseen lights
That straddle a foreign shore
Away from what’s certain
To treasure its rolling mist

Room to Grow


Let refuge burn
So I may roam to my content
Far from the solid ground
Where I once diligently emerged

Faux solace be damned
For I crave exhilaration
In the depths of my psyche
Where the reckless earth
Can overtake me

My plight of comfort
My sheltered being
Must be dispatched
First and foremost

Before the age
Of my tarnished prime
The death of reveries
I’ve nurtured in youth

The escape must
And will transpire
The hour of flight
Of undisturbed blossoming

Let my frame be molded
Into useful splendor
Brimmed with the world
And her wondrous trinkets

Free range
Dwells in aspiration
A juvenile seed
Always yearning to sprawl

Dead Weight


Consigned to icy currents
As lifeless chum
Brimmed with angst
And eons of struggle

The surface withers
From my lowly niche
Carved into the depths
With the drive of festering sorrow

The earth sways on
As I sprawl apart
With eyes welded shut

In a slow waltz
With asphyxiation
My soft-spoken friend
The truest I’ll ever know

Blue curtains are drawn
Over the cold, dim wilderness
As weightlessness
Crawls through my nerves

I Inch away
With the few triumphs I know
Smothering them in secrecy
As self-retribution

The surface cares not
And few dare to grieve
For it was all for not
A mere rambling waste

Sinking Roads


Skeletal branches
Skewer the morn
Above the merciless paths
That sway and curve
Through the cursed unknown

A foggy oblivion
Retreats before my stride
While coddling the past
And the teaming structures
I’ve left behind

The further I delve
The more home dissipates
Swallowed by the frenzy
Of grey melancholy

Beneath the starved shrubs
I rest my tired limbs
Coiled only by heartache
And the silent ills I retain

I refuse to unveil them
With every mile I tramp
Shoveling them with the dirt and grime
Of the modern and mundane
The pointless and hollow

Into these hidden pines
I’ll journey for the calm of refuge
Torn from the worries
That have plagued once solid ground

Passing Through Exile


Untamed reveries are on the prowl
As a rolling vapor
That seizes my timid lungs

Filled by their mist
I succumb to exhaustion
To twirl in their madness
Marooned once again

My heinous spiraling
Begins with familiar tribulations
In the tame waters
Of quaint remorse
That spill into the marshes
Of unbearable repentance

Remembrance coils me
In my aimless trafficking
Wander across these misty swamps
To evade the ghosts
Of my conscious deeds

I carry on
Lumbering along
The merciless and rugged hillsides
An uncommon terrain
Brimmed with adversaries

Their monstrous scowls
Ripple through my flesh
A surge of terror
Spawned for my daily haunting

The horror culminates
In a fire-bred undoing
The unraveling of it all
Along with the very fabric of myself

My name tappers off
Aside my dwindling persona
The skin I’ve claimed
And the many souls I’ve held dear

Who am I
And what will I stand for?