Parting the Reeds


The horizon echoes
A proud and bustling song
Bursting into each morn
With an array of complex beauty
Bright and erratic hues
Boastful and brash

My eyes drain away
The towering spectacle
Diminished by each glance
Waning, into a quiet sliver

With each mile slain
I am replenished with wonder
Restocked with intrigue
And overjoyed

The horizon shrinks
Bound to desolation
As the vast reign of shadows
Team with crud and vermin

The living scurry off
And the lifeless stagger on
Into their own array of majesty
In midnight’s hue


Live On


The smoke plumes arch
In my desperate solitude
The air thickens
Yet I refuse to crumble

The defiance swells
Marrow deep
With radiant anarchy
Coursing,limb to limb

I pour my all
Into survival
To remain upon the surface
A while longer

Above the haze
I pry existence
Striving hungrily
Day by day

Some hours I wither
With abundant pity
Wallowing bitter
In my watery niche

But time after time
I cling to wind
And sway from life
In primal desperation

In Hideaway


Fractured chainmail
Was my soft and yearned for demise
By a set of roaming emeralds
That cleave the unknown
Just the same

Our diminished fears
Have taken flight
On an unseen path
Far off into the brush

They are good and lost
For our gracious years
Confined to our refuge
Of tranquil opulence

With more than desired
More than what’s needed
We trudged lonely wastelands
Drawn for the flames beyond

The eternal blaze
That awaits honest travelers
Sure in their romance
Safe in their tender bonds

What is found
Makes no bit of difference
Be it everlasting inferno
Or the angst we’ve long
Left to die

Blurry Notions


A host of minced and mashed words
Crumble, like faltering ice chips
To dissolve unheard
Disbanded by the current
In rolling clatter
Through the scornful height of day

In hiding
They flourish wildly
With grand boastful hues
Some somberly swaying
Others prancing in luxury

Stashed reveries
Spark exuberant lullabies
At a juvenile zenith
Unfazed and unshaken

The fearless roar of affection
Ascends from strewn verses
Hastily scribbled
In determined ecstasy
Soothing the contours
Of lustful and heated thoughts

Yet here and now
The muttering cascades
From anxious lips
Set a quiver through the night

Soft notions fail
Dwindling without effort
Swiftly forgotten
And misplaced among the ages

A Starved Destiny


I’d gut every pointless journey
Far before their tender prime
Skewering every unguided footstep
To hopelessly bleed in obscurity

Fixed upon loyal ground
I expand to fullest clarity
Boxed in
Away from desire
The ceaseless bustle
Devoid of rhyme or resolve

Is all I aspire to attain
As the once open void
Narrows with malice

When I’ve bludgeoned all intrigue
Snuffed out my living hunger
Drained the beating remnants of strive
Into a hollow shell
Depleted and immobile

I will have surpassed
My twisted hopes
My bizarre and obscene desire
For a soft and pitiful
Quiet demise

Guardian of the Ancients


Through the bare branches
I displace
Into the slowly stirring cosmos

Below the breathless pines
I stew and ponder
Brimmed with affection
Infused with restless hope

Ancestral visions
Resurface from the dark
From the quaint corners of the universe
To shower their timeless greetings

They blare the same
Watchful tune
Jutting for the promises
Sprawled afar

They sear on
With tireless passion
Shackled to their prime
Faultless and sure

I peer beyond
The scourge of winter
From the dormant branches
That no longer blush

The cold defers
From the glittering surface
Nestled in eternity
For only the wayward to seek

Lament of the Bottom Dweller


How far have I sunk
In these hours of beautiful listing?
Soaked by the raging tides
That tear hungrily
Into my rusted flesh

Ive plummeted diligently
Inching closer to a heavy demise
A mighty burden
For the lonely depths
Marooned as a relic
Of finer days forgone

To my wonderful faltering
They raise their hollow glasses
Their marrows warmed
By the loving swig
Of a tiresome weight
Sent away with ease

Pitiless waves
Latch on to my worn bones
And i concede peacefully
To the solitude of their restful whim

Obscured in Perfection


I soar in secret
Brimmed with peace and solace
Away from the likes of friend or foe
Where I tranquilly rove
Displaced by passing time

I unlatch the memories
Plunged beneath my hide
Fastened to my being
To delude all I am
All that I hope to claim
In the purest confidence of sleep

Transient horrors
Prevail, but disperse
Rolling on with vigor
And pleasantly sent away

I fall
Beneath the splendor of dark
That binds me to secrecy
From the cursed lash of the world

To excel a mystery
A marvel unseen
Untouched by the crude
The jaded and the stern

Far Off Into the Haze


Will swaying masses
Pour into the open?
When I’m hopelessly sunk
Wrecked by the fury of time

What will be said
Of my thoughtless roaming?
Deterred by nature
And the treachery of its curves

The romance of living
Shall draw me in too far
Where I shall be crushed
By the curse of fog and shadow
Obscured by the depths of eternity

When lucid seduction falls
What will I bear with pride?
With a nurturing sway in my voice
And passion billowing
Cold in my dwindling eyes

The Fall of Better Years


Like idle citrus
I am shackled to slow decline
A lumbering, sluggish fate
Rightfully sown
Fit for a damned fool

Time’s merciless stranglehold
Weakens once soaring aspirations
Deluded by a freedom
Substandard,cold and plastic

Age seeks for me
At each grueling trial by dawn
Totting his gift of bitter mortality
And whistling his timeless,fatal tune

The toll weighs greater
Each hour squandered in silence
Hushed with feigned reverence
Subdued by the world’s
Careless roll