The Romantic Uprising


Romance seizes the unexpected
Drawing silhouettes to its curvy whim
We all concede to its glimmering inferno
In high spirits
Powerless yet certain

We all crumble
In sweet saturation
In blind satisfaction
Devoid of a stern morrow

Take up your brides
Husbands, companions
Obedient submissives
Or still platonic lovers

Savor the contours
That sustain your peace
Undeterred by skeptics
And long spoiled decrees

May the “obscene” collapse
Preserved by their primal triumph
Nestled with the company
Their urges silently crave

The subdued
Now defiantly blare
Brazen and unashamed
In their shrill overture
Of open revolt
Profane and magnificent


A Farewell to the Young Wilderness


Fully submerged
I lend, a kind farewell
Far from the safety
Of my young and careless springs
The rush I’ve cherished
Through and through

It is the fate of anguish
To pool in greater company
Traveling far and wide
Obtaining its bounty of pride and peril

Beneath the vicious churn of trouble
I bow to the whim
Of the almighty current
To suffer, unbound by soil
Quietly roving
Stripped clean of all defiance  

I’ve outgrown the calm
Of piercing blue streams
That color the wild
In their erratic curves and bends

The sea has coveted
My juvenile dismay
Fashioning my skin and  bones
Into aged perfection
Firm, boastful and sure

Whispered Hesitation


Weighed down by obsession
As the maddening gears turn
The hours grind
Urged onward by inner torment
As I foolishly race
Drawn to unmapped shores
Unseen by many and met by far too few

I yammer profusely
Colorless and hungry ravings
My skin frays
And still I scratch
Starving for the scraps
I’ve long implored to obtain

What good am i?
If I cannot emote
If I strive for the treasures
Withheld by distant oblivion

My tiresome flesh
Blares its painful dismay
As love deteriorates
And defiles the seeds I sew

Why carry on?
For the cold treachery of passion
Rearing here and there
Dragging me forth
To my lonesome fate
To my frail and sickly frame

The Bounty of Breathing


Some mornings I carve
Through the timid joy of breathing
A gargantuan mercy
That too often falters unseen

From the woven warmth
I trust through frozen nights
My body journeys
Unscathed by the gilded dawn

In flight from the early dark
The waters burn and singe me to life
From which I emerge reassembled
To jolt through the majesty
My eyes refuse to graze

Some foul mornings
I remain confined to doubt
Ignorant of the rolling exuberance
To offerings sprawled day by day

So I fall
Consumed by transient sulking
As beauty
Carelessly slips from my grasp
As onlookers passionately
Yearn for me to breathe

Passing Rejuvenation


At long last
I am
Restored piece by piece
Towering high above
The squalor from whence I came

If only for a while
May I treasure the fortune of peace
Swept away from peril
The grief I sullenly claim

At long last
I am
Spared from trivial wants
The hunger spans
For distant luxury
Lingering unknown, far, far too long

If only for a while
Builds and builds from soft refrain
Toiled over in somber silence
My proud and beloved song

At long last
I am
Preserved from the likes of terror
To strive no more
For a strand of certainty
Laden with constant fear

If only for a while
Is a burden felt long ago
A forgotten structure
Enamored by moss
Confined to its quiet frontier

At long last!
At long last!
Euphoria clings to me!

Frail and Rusted


Memories thin
As my bones concede to rust
Removed from my own peaceful trove
Confined to obscure in the dust

I fight all I can
Yet the pages crumble and stale
Hollowed out of affections
So my world shall revel in pale

For the white hot inferno
My one and only demise
I’ll drown in failing recollection
As my sorrows rage and rise

Ode to Melodic Romance


I trace the curves of melody
In a fit of hopefulness
Introspection and reverence

Knelt before the promising soar
Of coordinated sound
Confined to highs and lows

Majestic song
Recovers my scattered pondering
So I may muse and weave once again

Beneath the might
The swell of overture
And the deathly collapse
Of epilogue and silence

When unseen glory fades
My uniformed ramblings
Concede to disarray

Recovering Ourselves


Kindness falls ragged
Intertwined with the whirling cold
Sparking reveries
Of their drawn and treasured paths
Grazed the lives of many
To salvage our human resolve

The kind mustn’t displace
The timid mustn’t recede
For the sparse subdued
Crave their loving premonitions

They must hail
Their compassionate refrain
Loyal to a whim
Bound between the meager flesh and bone

A thoughtful stride
Can calm any earthly tide
Firm, joyous and unshaken by grief

The journey remains
Sprawled before the meek
Awaiting for the first
That bears the urge:

Timeless Frolicking


The shadows mirrored our harmless frolic
At the helm of dusk
Spilled over the pride of stoic dunes

The crimson rinsed day
Had crumbled to our young delight
Preserved in the pulse of the lashing sea
In constant, controlled disarray

We journeyed for the orchestra of frothing mayhem
With laughter garnishing each reluctant step
Cleaved through to the depths
Enthralled by our juvenile urges
The slow and delicate embrace
That consumes the fibers
Of our inner distress

A cool brush stroke of night
Coveted all things
In its blind and morbid hue

It was a sudden fortune
We treasured beneath our hides
Bound to secret luxury
Where we tireless raved
Nursed and reconvened

In the timeless scourge of dark
We unveiled the beauty
Of our finer selves

Until we could no longer withstand
The soothing lash of solitude
At moonlight’s silent perishing
Swift and unforeseen

Until we were blissfully taken up
By dawn’s soaring overture
The unsheathing magnificence
Of bright and beaming splendor

Flight of the Encouraged


The meek disband
And the callous prevail
Driven to desolation
Far sooner than most

What sustains the silent
Is deemed a wasteful lot
Their weightless prancing
Tranquil and undisturbed

The dull ache of living
Fulfills the stream of cautious men
But starved droves
Wade on with valor
In flight of despair
In search of revelation

All for the tidy sum of ease
A plunder so few
Can hope to proclaim