Among the Cavalier Giants


Knee deep
In vice and tribulation
I tread foolishly
And desperately undeterred

To the isle of crooners
Daydreamers and ponderers
Daylight wanderers
And precious time squanderers

I’ll croon with the giants
In high and mighty splendor
Adrift from the norm
And its hollow dormancy

Aligned we’ll flood nights
In declaration and song
To remedy the twinge of every past wrong
But we’ll stew in opulence, for not too long


Salted Winds


Salted winds
Wander into young affairs
As a whirling constant
In company of falling sunlight

Vibrant souls turn
Swoon and cradle one another
With roving hands combing
And eager lips forever enthralled

Set sail anew
For the oceans seclusion
Tender solitude
Where faithful hearts
Tower and bloom

Where nerves bustle
Beneath the skin
Troubled by romance
And lingering affections

Where scores of the passionate
Conjure in dreams
Longing to remain
Imprisoned by the workings
Of immortal devotion

A Stream of Farewells


Strangers weave
In and out of my company
Some dodging my favor
Others boldly enduring

How can they withstand
The scorn I emit
At every rugged turn
At every treacherous bend and curve

How can they brave
The dicey roads I lay
Imprisoned, by the toxic wilderness
I reluctantly, hail as my own

Friends dissolve
And flood the gutters of my mind
Harshly rebuked
In heinous word or deed
Ages wither and more stream away
For a slow exodus was the only resolve

I’ll stagger
Drained and contorted
Having frittered all of my company
As punishment for my silent crimes

Who cares for the silent?!
The dormant tongues
That dare not lark humor or insight
Stranded minds cannot prevail
At the helm of oceans
That bustle with trivial verse

Beautifully Defiant


Brandish solely yourself
Whole within the graces of truth
Seek not one fabric or strand
To mask the virtue
Clutched by your faultless being

Stand true
Wonderfully lonesome
Deferring cold
And taken in warm

Voyage within
And tame all simmering doubts
Brazen and unfazed
Beautifully reckless
Ever stoic, in tides of fear and disdain

Who are you?
Lofty and unafraid
Garbed in yourself
Set above cowering masses

Who we are
Wobbles before your treads
Our past weighed thoughtfully
And folded into the future’s flair

Gone are the hours of mystery and despair
With stranded luxuries that teamed on high
Farewell to days of coldly barred wonder
Where roving eyes were cruelly sent adrift

Here’s to all
Loving fabrics
No matter stemmed afar or closely knit
The indwelling niche that burns within
The ceaseless yearning, that shall swell and ascend

Embrace the contours
Your own mind lovingly bestows

A Swill of Daybreak


The roving foghorns of distant ports
Cast a daily sobering blare
Dispatched by dawn’s golden halo
And drawn in beneath,the high waning crescent

I savor each note
That mournfully christens my days
Charmed by a baritone awaking
As I climb and ease my way

Pressed onto dew clad blades of green
I immerse myself into daybreak’s mystery
The high and mighty greetings of fowls
Emboldened my meek resolve to remain

Quaint surroundings
Elixirs simmer, bubble and brew
Tossing its seductive and soothing plume
Where I meet them anxiously
Depleted and worn

Scalding sips
Trouble once docile pondering
Weaving the inner workings of my time
Where to be
In what way will it sear me the least?
How, can i stomach to maintain?

The High Robust Glimmer


To nest among the titans
Highbrow and unaffected
Sleek garbed and cool
Unfazed by the dealings of rugged fools

I seek
The highest of ground
Paramount metropolis!
Is where I long to be!
Reveling among the smoky misfits
Sloshed and stirred within the finest Ritz

Hunger resurrects
Its primal ills
Rank evils garbed in murderous cloth
A stern squeeze, for the opulent loft

Still I pry for what I must
To scale lofty remedies
That quell the beasts of inner wariness
All for the empty scene, to which we all stride
The high robust glimmer we’re fated to abide



O’ beloved sheltered worlds
These hours shall be your doom
Mist shroud and ever mournful
Brushed aside by rolling gloom

Ceilings drone on
In blissful grey
With strokes of quiet disarray

Morose ballades burn on with vigor
Garnished with voices
That groan and quiver

O’ beloved sheltered lives
These moments shall be your tomb
Given to rest far too soon
From the love of a gracious womb

Brass-Tongued Lullabies


The flair of jazz halls
That rock me
Through and through in sleep

I cherish each sonnet
Spilled from saxophone and trumpet
In the company of keys
Unified in their quest to convey

I cannot fail
In their vast reach
Tenderly conjuring
Each swell of harmony and emotion

The spirits of struggles
Long ago
Are bound only
To their ceaseless mourning

Loyally, I’ll journey for the midnight glare
Where history rejoins us
Where passion blooms, booms, and blares

Reach and Reconvene


Emotions flare red
In the cauldron of devotion
As the life within, bucks and troubles

Tempers spiral
In orchestral culmination
Every notch of betrayal luminous
Every instant of carelessness
Risen with scalding vengeance

Hearts blister
As words arch and condemn
With arms passionately flailing
Conveying and explaining with desperation

They unknowingly reach
Striving for the martyred past
Their glimmering era of true devotion
Generous and unaware

Let hatred subside
As it always should
Coiled in the ways
Of stirring desire

Mend the fabrics
In a lovers toil
With wandering palms
Lips and curves

Unfazed and greatly restored
With voices heaved high
Sparing purest jubilation

And care not
For what was
Or what for
Here and now
Yields so much to adore

What Can Never Be


Where I happily reside
Is none of their concern
How I carry the burden of consciousness
Is neither here, nor there

Who are they
To dwell upon my garb
Rife with illness
At my calm and careless display

The ideals of forefathers
Are not my own
With cracking foundation
The more they lean, through the piling years

My conduct
Is none of their concern
Let the profane fly!
And my passions dwell on in bliss!

Live and let!
As I slather the canvas of my choosing
Peacefully crafting and madly churning
Conquering heights anew
Above the chatter
Of past brooding caverns

Live and let!
I speak to you freely!
Fluid in my own form
With rogue thoughts bubbling inside

Look into me
And perceive everything
Defer from the exterior
And plunge, driven by luminous insight

My humble abode
Is none of their concern
Neither here nor there
Are the sounds that spill for my delight

The contours of my frame
The skin I proudly claim
The love I proclaim
Are my own fiber to critique