Motionless Tranquility (Recited by a beloved amirer of my work)

Read along if you wish.

Time is to be savored
Accented, with sparse pinches of joy
And served,
Upon the gilded platter of your choosing

I became, a stranger among the elements
Serenaded by a host of wailing goslings
With rosebud fragrances, wafting around and above

How I crave to remain motionless
As a prisoner, exiled to natural comforts
To be held, by the ruggedness we have long forgotten
Far gone and taken by the pillars of our time

Every mile I journey lives!
Every cherished inch,
Beats with the same longing to remain

Through the trails I carve
That aimlessly wander and stray
I crumble, assured
Unshackled for the moment
I let this age slip away

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March of the Ocean


The infinite tussle
Gushed, with a nightmarish glare
Swelling, into the towering Goliath
That lay siege to every quiet shore

Before, this terrible stirring
All tranquility within me shattered
Fear accelerated!
I sputtered, and slowed
As an offering before the raging ocean
Exhumed from dormancy

The Terrible rising
Leaned forth with vengeance
Darting for the amassed shock and horror
The unified gasps
And following shrieks
Now permeate through every slumber
Every quivering rest,belonging to them

Those hearts prevailed beyond the coast
And alone I hastily perished
Eagerly consumed, by the frigid unforeseen

Solitude has crushed me once again
Swept aside once more
And cruelly forgotten


This poem is based on a nightmare i had two nights ago. In the nightmare i was on a beach and i was approaching the sand with a picnic basket, when suddenly this massive wave rose out of the ocean! It was about the size of skyscraper and was flinging boats left and right. People around me started screaming and running in the opposite direction, but when i tried to run it felt like i had bricks tied to my feet. I was moving at a snail’s pace. So i was consumed by giant wave and swept out into the pacific. At this point in the dream i woke up shaking and drenched in sweat. This likely stems from an experience i had as child. My family and i went on vacation to Hawaii in 1999 and one experience there pretty much scarred me for life. I was building a sand castle on the beach in Honolulu when a wave crashed on the shore and dragged me out into the ocean.. Lucky for me my father served in the navy and knew how to swim. He saved my life. So that is the source of some of my nightmares and my phobia, nearly drowning at 8 years old.

From the Idle Mind


Today was the day
I did not bother
Estranged from the verses
I did not father

I am all wound
By a spool of thought
I am not bound
By a hollow effort

Tonight is the night
I lie obscure
Far from revelation
Cold and unsure

I am the grave concern
Stripped of all use
I cannot earn
And so, mischief flowers

The Immortal Turn


There were windmills
Preserved in turning grace
Enthralled by steady unison
Ages upon ages

Upon the hillsides
They were stacked
Leagues, beneath the burden of time
Where they whirled ceaselessly
Slow and diligent

Death descended
In canopies of white
Coveting the harvest
Before the dusts strayed in panic
In sheets of chaos madly stirred

They are entombed in long ago
Where the artisans pondered
Weaving their aspiration
Taken, beneath the comfort
Of a stern and sluggish whirl

Not a soul dares recall
Not a soul can be bothered to reflect

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To Far-Fetched Horizons

I give my all
To gilded horizons
For the great and far-fetched
That boldly shimmer beyond

An impassioned stride
Is christened, desperation
The pariah of aspirations
Lofty and dubbed obscene

I urge the rest
Carve a way
Through misty hillsides
And scalding plains

I urge the rest
Carve their way
Paint the wilderness
With roads curved anew

All rogue directions
No matter swift or drawn out
Are paved in the same
Callous treachery

Deceit is hidden
All ills fall silent
As lurking pessimists
Unsheathe and slaughter

Carve away
Until cynics unravel
Yielding the way, to your risen opulence
Their vanishing spawns a scenic vision
Gilded destiny
Brighter, than ever foreseen


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Brief Humanity


Docile plains
Are preserved through trying winds
Ever defiant of the ambient failings of man

A thundering distance
Flairs through night and day  
Billowing with light
At the endless stride of ordinance

Young men
Are doomed to ponder
The lives lead before
And the many squandered

On docile plains
Are patient laborers
Quiet riflemen
Devoid of toil

Scores are taken up
Called upon by valor
As trembling offerings,for colossal glory

A legion of four
Is swiftly assembled
Striding for the inferno
For the menacing edge of their being

What is found
Is their hated other
Of the awaiting savagery that lurks

Quiet sons
On plains much like before
Docile in nature
With winds just the same

They await
Through the ambient mad, far and wide
Rifles slung across their backs
Calm and unaware

Desperate foxholes spring to life
Graced by a familiar and comforting brew
Coffee permeates
Cards are shuffled
Stogies burn
And laughter rings
Peppered with profane and brotherly banter

Among their own
They hardly shudder
At bliss within their mother tongue
They long
They curse
They pray and reminisce
Adrift in their personal and awaiting reveries

Among their own
A brief calm subsides
As the watchful four
Bestow a sudden and vicious
Good morrow

From plains beyond
Death screeches its devilish tune
Pummeling the brevity of quaint humanity

The shards of home
Dash about and mangle
Scathing quiet sons
As they scramble for vengeance
Too few, rebuttal with a rifle’s bark
Destined to laceration
And smoldering gash

The treacherous four
Scurry back for their smoking salvos
Where all heads raise high in belief
“You gave them hell”
“A job well done”

Of Tragedy and Jubilation


We reap
The tidy sum of consciousness
Drinking in, the low hum of its softened morn

A freshly brewed misty haze
Swallows, the whole of our feeble existence
Beaming, until silently conjured
By the somber quicksand of an eager nightfall

The knowing few
Sprawl open with trembling vigor
Proud harlots feasting, upon the scraps of fleeting wonder

The knowing few writhe
In sensory splendor
Relishing in each stream and bead of their toil
They are clasped within each torrent of ecstasy
Wildly lashing, behind each drunken quiver

We are
Enslaved by a tyrant of bliss
A chief of treachery
And cunning torment

And still
We must take up these broken tributes
Favoring them sinfully
Forever lost
Within the heart, of tragedy and jubilation

A Quarrel in the Dark

Whom do I praise
For the swirls of black and blue
That permeate through reveries
And dissipate upon falling light

They are an endless quarrel
Behind shut eyes
Madly whirling, inside the womb of my psyche
Sprawling through the darkness
To flaunt its chaotic majesty

Colorful disarray
Births its many allies
Conjuring, legions of rouge and magenta
To fold within the grander mayhem

Scores of violet
Mothered my elation
Wrangling my frontal lobe
And drowning out the screams of my conscience

“Not here”
“Not tonight”
“Quiet yourself”

Yet it all crumbles
As planned from the start
So sudden in my eyes
So cold and instant
Washed over in grey
And boxed in by billowing shadow

And so the loving frenzy quiets
As I flock for the calm
And away from motherly wanderlust
Far from the winding curves of treacherous fantasy


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