The Final Unsheathing


In rest
I conjure the execution
Far from the grimy reaches of truth
The weight of reality
That binds my aspirations
Sends me to waft
Strung up and expelled from the earth

How I ponder the demise
Of a rolling Goliath
High and mighty, its glimmering glory
To slay the eternal light
And burden them all
With the twists and curves my daily sorrow

Through squalor these plots fester
A cancer, sprawling through the mind
It soon prevails over my meek flesh
Rotting the lonely remnants of my stranded virtue

Through this splintered wilderness
Home of the frayed
Callous and ill
I call upon, the mighty reach of vengeance
To be swift and ruthless
Devoid of mercy and distinction

The foul words
Burn incessantly
Preaching its deafening ridicule
Meanwhile, I dangle waning
Force- fed the final glints of consciousness

In rest
I am propelled to solitude
Catapulted from the earth
To commune with weightlessness
Adrift in bliss, I voyage home
Cradled within myself
Hungering for just a little more

Atop sheets of stone
I skip their hasty plummet
Grazing each volley for the reach of glowing vengeance

With death unsheathe
I lunge for burning glory
Digging and dragging
A drawn trail and mortal wound

And so he plummets
Overseer of all things
The shimmering health of all man
Two halves, faltering into the black abyss
And home freezes
Frosted over with all kin, acquaintance and foe

Wrangles my exhausted frame
Wringing out each sorrowful drop of grief
For my deed is done
For all deeds, are done




Hands wander aimless
Exploring their perfectly flawed terrain

They dig
Driven mad with exhilaration
Unsheathing their daggers
As broad foundation quakes

Spawn a quivering release
Stalled upon the pulsating surface
As urged
They constrict
To the bold wilderness of a rustic savior

Pondered Disarray


Until every word is spent
Madly delivered, in manic disarray
They yield to no form
No couth, no glamor!
Plummeting, in sheets of erratic beauty

Pubs lift their mugs
To this maestro of stanza
For liberation births
By the words of a mystic son

Pubs thrash and rave
Careless with cheery purpose
Hoisting, their cherished and priceless issues

They remain
Set adrift in their peaceful and rosy delusions

“HE must!”
Gorge upon life’s greater taboos
Masculine and heartfelt
Honorable, stoic and brave

“HE is!”
The iron blade at the helm of each garrison
Armor clad
And thirsting for malice

Rumors spawn at the slightest wisp
Savagely etched into fertile minds
They ascend and blossom
Ravaged by color
Perfumed and sweetened
Safe, for weaker girth

Truth is
SHE must!
Gorge upon life’s greater taboos
Feminine and heartfelt
Honorable, stoic and brave

SHE is
The sharpshooter, cradled in ruin
Clad in her own stealth
Awaiting, with deathly precision

Courage, dwells within her stride
Called upon, by a cautious and strategic whim
With all care
Mapped, and diligently pondered

The Ambiance of War


Beneath the calm of rolling silver
We swell at the might of soaring deliverance
As they pummel eastward
Maiming the roads
Carving, its fiery and murderous path

Hail to salvos
That pummel the wicked
Its footprints marring the hellish front
Through grizzly craters we skewer their sons
As asked  before
And the many weeks past

We greet the falling whistle of malice
The scourge of our hasty and quivering rest
How it breeds the stench of brotherly demise
Urging the mad
To dash for eternity

They are
Torn by panic,
And riddled by scalding, vagrant shrapnel

The fever of hatred spills
Whirling within the cold and lonely wisp
It is garnished only, with the ambiance of our toil
Hatefully, glinting, well into our silent fall

Among the Ruins


And I am displaced
Tossed about
Communing with the rouge
Fragments and splinters

Jumbled among the shards
Are my immediate concerns
Meshed with tomorrow
And mangled by yesterday

The calm finally rests
As my tired limbs pace the labyrinth
The hallow ruin I cherish
That juts sharply into the vacant nightfall

Through the hours they smooth
With each verse Ive slathered
Blobs atop the pale
The shrill scream between the lines
The elixir of stanza
I could no longer bear to contain

Plight of the Juvenile


We once delve into the river of headlights
And bereft of all fear

We cared not for the tolerant morrow
For today, tonight
They thrive as our pride and joy

We believed
In the tender promise of light
Resilient and always certain!

Yet callous fate
Has pried us from safety
Hurled upon the squawking and beaming pavement

And still we peer,
Into the nightly river of headlights
Unmoved by our footsteps
Unfazed by our tribulations

This morning i was listening to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata while i had my television on mute. The movie on the screen was Margaret (2011) and i just happened to turn my head at the right moment to see a shot of New York City traffic at night. The music playing seemed to fit this spectacle. To me this shot appeared like a river of headlights streaming through the concrete wilderness. I then imagined all of the young couples carelessly dashing through the traffic to get to the nearest nightclub or bar. They aren’t thinking about the distant future, they aren’t even thinking about tomorrow. Whats important to them is what is occurring in the present. That was the overall inspiration behind this poem.

A Ripple in Spring


Walls of alabaster did not remain
As I slipped through their hold
Dashing, brazen and bold

Finger picked lullabies
Fluttered through the breeze
With wholeness renewed, and blanketed with ease

Canopies of blue squander my time
As my eyes widen, dart and roam
Drawn by muses of far gone poems

Feather light days became my dismay
When a burden of chaos came to stay
And some did relent, some ducked and frayed
When ashes were thrown, the sky’s murky and greyed

To fade from the present
Would be our delight
But nature demands, that we stand and fight

Sew the Gash


In time
We’ll mend the ravines
Sew our gash by any means!
Here’s to the multitude, unfazed by tone
The wiser many, with greatness to hone

For the other is our own
Their likeness not shown
Its dwells at the edge of each deathly groan
It arises and blooms with each loving moan
And blossoms the same sorrow, with each broken bone

To the slew of all types
Unmoved by the banners of any stripe
They instead ponder the wilderness around and above
Flooded by promise, and the notion of love

For the other is our own
Their likeness not shown
Its dwells at the edge of each deathly groan
It arises and blooms with each loving moan
And blossoms the same sorrow, with each broken bone

Oh the blood, that mangles life
Torn from anguish and searing strife
Quietly we despair, behind its looming toll
Yet many disavow, our common roll

For the other is our own
Their likeness not shown
Its dwells at the edge of each deathly groan
It arises and blooms with each loving moan
And blossoms the same sorrow, with each broken bone



A lowly fate
Descends upon my entirety
Constricting my arms and legs
And ushering a waltz
To its gradual, and melancholic tune

The life around me sputters
Each day more deafening than the last
I unknowingly rush for the final gasp
And collide with a harsh reality
Bold, honest and new

It was a fate longed for in secret
Perceived in each mist-shroud dawn
Evaded through the rolling mane of day
And a burden upon my spine at rest

I unravel through fate’s hellish rearing
Silently yearning for more
Each rancid weight cast off
As food for my new shimmering day

This luminous spectacle I have earned
Brightens the lairs of my monstrous deceit
The night is unmasked
Peering into the morn
Its lacerations healed
Its skin flooding with color

I did something very stupid and now my parents have to clean up the mess.. They have decided to cut me off financially, but fortunately they aren’t going to kick me out. I got into a long discussion with my father and i told him everything i have been holding back over the years. I told him about my suicidal thoughts, my depression, and my anxiety, i even broke down and cried in front of him. I told him that i didn’t want to continue school and that i wished to seek employment instead.. This might not be permanent. I may decide to go back to college someday, but at this time i’m not too sure of anything! My future is very uncertain. I just don’t know what the fuck i am going to do. I’m in a lot of trouble here.