You may not hear from me for a while.

Things are falling apart over here, and i may not be online for an extended period of time. I’m not sure how long, but it could be quite a while.. I appreciate and love you all and i hope this situation somehow blows over. I cant really say what it is, but i really don’t think it will resolve itself..Thank you all for your ongoing support and compliments.


In One Breath


The incendiaries of mundane living
All burst into life maniacally!
Cackling as I trudge slow,
Their incessant droning, stalking my every move

I weld my eyes shut
Clinging to composure for dear life
Afloat for the while
My hunger expands and contracts
Shackled to maddening fluctuation
Causing my  skin to throb, riddled with anticipation

The long drop “home”
I plummet scathing my paper flesh
Torn and marred
Filthy and mangy
I crumble ruined yet alive i remain

How can I relish existence?
Confined to this lowly abode
This haven I have bound to secrecy
With every trinket of my deceit

How, how do I attain my better half?
Unmoved by panic
Unfazed by anguish

Where can I flee from the mass inferno?
Steamrolling forward
And bent on my suffering

When the Rivers Run Dry


When the rivers run dry
Dreary and silent
The horror prevails
Far and wide!

The nights begin to stale
Crawling and ailing
Sluggishly creeping
Toward sinful daybreak

When words are bone dry
Brittle and failing
And with footsteps aligned
With providence on high
Steel yourselves,
For your troubles are now clear!
Steel yourselves,
Your troubles are here!

So Gratefully Confined


Acoustic savior
Won’t you carry me for a while?
Through the dwindling lights
That yield the sky to harrowing frights

Strum away
As I wither for slumber
In service of bliss, opulence and plunder

Salvage this mind
In this moment, so gratefully confined

Shattered Peace


Father, I must speak
As the peace I’ve held, has reached its peak
The boy I was, is thought to have strayed
But in your blood he has always stayed

I cannot hold
For this heart of mine, grows certain and bold
Shackled to manhood I must confess
The façade I’ve grown, was far from a success

I am
The youth you’ve battered with heavy disdain
The life I was, told to fear and abstain
But fate was dealt so long ago
When the faith we held made it so

I am
Young prosperity, empowered and free
Towering in confidence so all may see
But humbled by sacrifice, and hosts who may disagree

Father, do not turn away
These words I spill are here to stay
Shed your resentment as I’ve always dreamed
And restore the calm, as its always seemed

Am i?
Still the seed you’ve showcased with vigor
Amidst these chasms, that sprawl even bigger

Am i?
Still the child, you shielded from anguish
Christened a soldier, taught which enemies to vanquish

Father, you shall not despair
For this heart of mine, does not need any repair

Fleeting Glances


What I would spare
For those scarce and sporadic smiles
Our sparse and fleeting glances
Our few visions into the unknown

I crave our sluggish efforts
The notion to look away
When wonder is sought
Back and forth, as we turn and grin

How the angst in me strives
For those squandered days
When the heart of me wrenched
And savored its suffrage
When I stewed in my agony
Hopeful and waiting

The anguish of mystery, is what i long to claim
If only once more, I may taste its bitter decadence

(The truth is i’m still this bashful around most girls. Don’t judge me!)

Crooked Masterminds


Precision and focus
She slaves atop her kit
Rattling under the haze of the saxophone’s fit
It wafts with ease
Through the crowd to appease
Crawling into the alley so everyone may see

Births her erratic percussion
Forever locked, within a bassists baritone discussion
His eyes long fallen shut
All so the wild dresses may dip and strut

This quest of youthful and fiery elation
Gains moment with blues ridden infatuation
They proclaim arrival
Exceed beyond survival
Sliding into this excursion
Battling his now fading rivals

None shall speak!
Unless it is exile you seek
As this disheveled madman, tears into the groove
Shedding no scrap of mercy!
Now no one dares to move!

His fingers slide, wailing into a gradual simmer
Then coddled by gratitude
The glitz, the glow and the glimmer
Kneel before this fleeting ace!
For his distant kin, now quickens the pace

Bygone spirits
Arise and consume
Cackling with malice
As their stogies drag and plume
An old mastermind, rocks and shifts
His notes scaling the walls, lusting for a rift
He grins ear to ear, as his subjects buckle and kneel
Gliding majestically to the piano’s loving squeal
This eve, the true mastermind makes his steal
Gifted in darkness, and told only to feel

A Glad Farewell


Dwindling dim eves
I covet the shadow of faltering leaves
Accustomed to the chill of blistering fall
And the ghostly memories, I somberly recall
Sullen grey skies embark and resist
Spawning the great fog, the dark and the mist

The unraveling prose of spring
Spills as the summers sway and sing
Their exodus is one of pain and turmoil
Seen among the orchids as they softly spoil

Hail to this Autumn King!
And the reign of golden embers, that he shall bring

Hollow Stanzas III


I strain to appear alive
To appease my closest kin
I move what is left within my control
My exuberance fleeting and all too soon spent

Straining to look vibrant!
Yet I tilt at the whim of death
Shifting, as the earth pulls away
Tearing aimlessly into a newborn day

Straining to hold…
As acceptance casually descends
Faltering slow, as winter commands

“You’ve squandered your time”
The tide coldly beckons
Swallowing, the wasted remnants of what was

“There is no longer a need to stir my child
For this heroic calm is here to stay”

Hollow Stanzas II


I’d rather pace around
Reeling in agony
Dragging down the torn and frayed
The remnants of my better half, I’ve badly scathed

I relinquish my posture
Hunched over and heaving
Harshly bruised at the temple
By my spent words, so weightless and simple

Marred by daylight
Cruel Judgment holds supreme
As I chase my thoughts in a panicked rushed
The fault being my own, with every pint I’ve gushed

Forgive the pace of my hurried panic
For The heart of me, beats lonely and frantic