2012 in Review


2012 has been one hell of a year full of craziness and a lot of i don’t know what lol. But, it has been a year of great triumph! I was published four different times this year, one of them being a book i published on my own available here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/william-l-wright-jr/guardian-of-the-inkwell-a-collection-of-ramblings-of-the-poetic-persuasion/ebook/product-20548322.html and here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/guardian-of-the-inkwell/id584542847?mt=11 .  Once again I owe a huge thank you to Brian Wrixon for making a lot of this happen.  He has featured my work in three of his anthologies; The Survivor’s Guide to Bedlam (pages 396-397): http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/3258738 , On the Words of Love (pages 300 -303): http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/3531371 and  In Praise – In Memory – In Ink (pages 319 -322): http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/3822960 . I went to  Vegas with both of my lovely sisters and my brother in law and i had an incredible time (from what i can still remember). I can only hope for great things in 2013. So, far this has been a decade of reinventing myself and innovation. Let us see what happens next. Happy New Year everyone!




No one saw her go
Wailing a somber goodnight
Capsized,to the ocean’s will

She did not flail
Not a shred of panic in her voice
As she inched to the depths
Clothed, only in acceptance

But i bore witness
As a nobody,
Helpless and weak
Offering my pristine words
Much to no avail

The murky waters gushed
Burrowing into her wounds
Claiming every inch of her worth
Until,she is kept and never again released



Let us take our time
And dip our toes,
In the decadent rush of desire

Let us hurry to ease
From the rude bustle of life
Hideaway in our steamy wants
And coil within one another

Let us savor the nights
And frittered the days
Shunning the weeks
Our ignorance of the piling months

Let us shut in
And revel among ourselves
Catering only, to ourselves alone

We have no room,
For toxic inquiry
The greater question, must die unanswered
We’ll harbor our own
Till were fraying and breathless
Unkempt in appearance
Full from the plunder, of our sinful wanderlust

I was laying in bed fiddling with a safety pen for some odd reason, listening to Mellowdrone’s album “Box” and this is what i texted on my phone. I honestly do not know why i wrote it, but here it is now it exists! See, my “texting powers” can be used for good!

Like i always say; if you enjoyed my work here then please check out my book: “Guardian of the Inkwell: A Collection of Ramblings of the Poetic Persuasion” It is available for free on itunes or lulu.com

itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/guardian-of-the-inkwell/id584542847?mt=11

lulu: http://www.lulu.com/shop/william-l-wright-jr/guardian-of-the-inkwell-a-collection-of-ramblings-of-the-poetic-persuasion/ebook/product-20548322.html 



I just cant seem to gather the words, or the strength to write a new poem today. I’m just so tired, and i dont really mean physically i mean more so emotionally. I am in a really bad mood  right now, i’ll come back when i have the right words.. In the mean time you can read some of my older works in my first anthology.

Lulu: http://www.lulu.com/shop/william-l-wright-jr/guardian-of-the-inkwell-a-collection-of-ramblings-of-the-poetic-persuasion/ebook/product-20548322.html

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/guardian-of-the-inkwell/id584542847?mt=11

Don’t worry its free.


We’ll Be Fine


In the morning
You will draw in sweet forgiveness
Ascend to the world
With a heart weighted by solace
Pulsating with the words
Of a lover’s whispered oath
And called upon, to rise
In the sureness of their touch

Give way to the tranquil noon
Painted in bliss
Teaming with peppered silence
Here and there,
Among the singing and fluttering fowls
To visit at their will
Resting with, and codling your tiresome frame

Twist and adhere
To the lonely and empty nights
Warm within your solitude
The embers, flickering docile and contained
Levitating, directionless
To commune with the hallow darkness
And peacefully dissipate, long before you rise

But there are no more words
Only room for visions of what solace was
And pristine visions, of what solace is destined to be

One Fine Day


One fine day, i’ll hold my own
I will shine the clearer
High noon or low evening
The world will share everlasting peace
Forever cleansed of worry and strife

Until that day
I will not tremble nor waver
But stand firm, for the many I hold dear
Through battered limbs
Bloodletting and bruising
My pulsating cause shall beckon eternity

Until that day
I will struggle for miles
Flock to the needy for them to follow
Follow to lead
Their legion of kin
The multitudes of greatness
True builders of eternity

We are
your living, breathing destiny



Where will i rest
When my worldly thirsts consume me
When i’m clad in green
Both envious and wealthy
Catered to every whim, but my own

When we will the words,
Finally fall from my finger tips
Draped in relevance
Honesty, impeccable and pure

How to rest
When the fear lingers within you
Is far beyond,what i earnestly wish to perceive
How to weep
When the answers seem fleeting
Eaten alive, from a caldron of cynicism
Hold firm to the soil you’ve designed
Unfazed by erosion, faithful and sure

Just thought id also let you know, that my book “Guardian of the Inkwell: A Collection of Ramblings of the Poetic Persuasion” is now available on itunes for free. https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/guardian-of-the-inkwell/id584542847?mt=11

A Matriarch’s Greif


Far too soon
Their worlds fray and split
Their firm soil, given way to the mighty deep
As the bitterness of greif creeps within them
Nestled inside every nerve
Pulsating luminous, as the cruel remnants of sorrow

Far too soon
Their eyes fall crimson
Soaked in anguish, shuttering and cringing
Breathless and frozen
Their heartache suspends them
As they turn away, binding themselves
In exile from sufferage, and the surge of utter loss

Far too soon
Sons wither and falter
Their sisters consumed, with a volley of hellfire
Within a mother’s chambers, their faces cry vendetta
Yet her intuitions cry forgiveness
To mend the ever-growing chasm of despair

But far too soon
Our memories dissipate
Stolen by the trivial
Squandered on the greedy
And their mal intent

I wrote this back in July after the shooting at the movie theater in Colorado. I decided to post it in light of recent events.

I hope everyone is doing well this evening, and if you should decide to go out tonight, then please stay safe.

Fruitful Endurance

It is fruitful endurance
Speeding for its wrath and comfort
Stripping us bare
Down to our inner workings

It coddles us with contempt
Caressing our skin
Then turns to nip at our throats
In lustful spite

It is too simplistic,
Falling into her radiant grace
So simple,
To falter beneath his might
There are no lines
No straight and narrow paths
For it curves and sways
Genuflecting before no alter

What we all crave
Is to tread this wilderness whole
Bound in unison
Done away with earthly fortunes

What we all crave
Is the rising sea of anguish!
Terror of the quiet earth
Beloved, relic of man

Treasure this warmth
Well into its misty suffrage
When torment comes to pass
And cradles you to a lonely fate


This poem is featured in my first collection of poetry. I self published the book in late October, and earlier this month i revised it and made it available in a epub format. You can get the Anthology for free, just follow the link here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/william-l-wright-jr/guardian-of-the-inkwell-a-collection-of-ramblings-of-the-poetic-persuasion/ebook/product-20548322.html  If you should decide to download the book and you enjoy it, then please leave a like on facebook, and be sure to tell all the people you know who also enjoy reading poetry.

Favorite lyrics of the day: Purexed – P.O.S.

“Im trying not to slip/ been trying not to lose footing/
Loose land keeps the pressure on my kicks/
and when I fall I tend to land like a ton of bricks/
stand like a man made of concrete and sediment like/ f
uck your skin nobody needs it theres/ Bones and muscles and blood/
Whats realer than fat and tendons?/
Its raw no soft tissue to draw your eyes to it so far flesh aint the truest at all lets rip into it/
Were all sick of them missed shots/
passed over like the last man picked no team so pissed off/
and/ thats not honesty/
thats just soft curves got your world flipped/
got you makin mixtapes for girls/
and thats the skin again/
lets blame the skin again/ stretching itself so fluidly over these awkward/ ligaments/
and I didnt shave today/
I prolly wont tomorrow and its safe to say Im never gonna shed this extra (yeah)/

So fuck it back to the wall/
crush it/ laugh at em all/
hush/ let em try to find the beauty in your face/
something more than a song/
they hatin? Aw come on/
dust/ let em try to find the beauty in the bassline/
aw but then them words dont change/
we wont sing with what will fade away/
yeah we do our own damn thing/
we dont blink at what tomorrow might bring (at all)/

Aw but then them words they dont change/
we wont sing with what will fade away/
yeah we do our own damn thing/
we dont blink at what tomorrow might bring (at all)/

Verse 2
Of how tomorrow might sting/ at all/
in us we trust/ no rush for bucks/
no sweat just enough/ them words from love/ no hits/
I let the track stand/ like how it was written is how it hit me/
or road cycle kids with the grip to skid a fixies/
a rouge wild kid with a stroll that let it roll/ like whatever/
they kick that gingivitis/ them rappers got the itis/
catch me bumpin Isis in a crisis/
instead of watchin yall count and lead sheep at the same time/
whats the science of that?/
I know the ( ) is sweet/ but where the movement at?
We in that coma capital/ spotless home team/
with hands steadily purelled/ germ-exed/
but never quite clean/ bloody as hell rarely will I ever care (for that)/

Chorus x2
So fuck it back to the wall/
crush it/ laugh at em all/
hush/ let em try to find the beauty in your face/
something more than a song/
they hatin? Aw come on/
dust/ let em try to find the beauty in the bassline/
aw but then them words they dont change/
we wont sing with what will fade away/
yeah we do our own damn thing/
we dont blink at what tomorrow might bring (at all)/” – Lyrics written by P.O.S.

Listen for yourselves friends: http://youtu.be/U9x031QAtDI