A Bizarre and Vivid Dream

Last night i had this very peculiar dream. In it i was driving my father’s 2001 Ford Mustang, both tires on the right side were completely flat, and for some reason i was smoking a cigarette and driving as if nothing was wrong. Out of nowhere i pulled out a tape recorder and started speaking into it in German as a nuclear explosion went off a few miles behind me. Oh and did i mention that the entire thing was in black and white? If you are able to interpret dreams please let me know what you think this meant.




Where did i spend my exuberance?
Hunched over, in my quiet sliver of panic?
Or frittered away,
on the black top i’ve christened captivity?

When i did i give?
Buckle and recede into madness
Paint my skin an unsightly tone
And strand myself, in the searing boil of hatred

Was it arrogance,
That drew my gaze inward?
Fixated, on the soul beneath my hide
The lone crier, of his mournful  visions
Where the ghoulish past dwells
On  a perpetual loop
Forever mocking and festering inside of me

It remains until all sound distorts
Fades off into the distance
Scowering the earth, to happen again
In search of those, unfortunate  few
Caught in their hazy labyrinths
Unfazed by the wilderness outside


It really didnt help that as i was reading this to myself out loud my sister was in the other room, laughing at something completely unrelated. In my mind it felt like she was laughing at my pathetic attempt at poetry. I have self esteem issues if you couldn’t tell already.

Lover’s Confession

The cool breeze departs from her ivory dress
My glances, consumed by luxury
Her longing winter embrace, transitions to summer comfort
Coddling my heart, with colors crying out in ecstasy
I watched them swirl maddened, ravaging beams of light
Their mixtures exploding
Raining down stars of searing hot awakening
Time lays dormant, lost without jurisdiction
A powerless mortal, shrouded with rigor mortis
Leaving us, to ponder out most picturesque affair

The sun has fallen, forbearing earth quivers
Awaiting the masculine thrust of Apollo
Love, adoration, whispered in secrecy
Shameful and grotesque
Locked away in her deepest desires

The eternal night bears flawless beauty
Ascending so rapid, into our heightened euphoria
Climax erupts, swift and brutal
Our bodies, fallen into the harsh grasps of logic

Savage guilt, tears through our chest cavities
Much to their dismay, mere flesh and bone
Stripped clean of our discretion
Boundaries swallowed whole by seas of silk
Rising and falling with each and every gasp
Stirring violently are my troubled thoughts
Forever robbing my slumbers, of their blessed tranquility


This is based on a dream i had about a friend of mine. When i woke up from it, i felt very guilty because she is married and loves her husband very much.


From our murderous daybreak
The armadas crept devious
Doused the savages in fiery lead
And forced the pagans to a merciful guillotine!

Our pristine saviors
Wield an eastern sky’s creed
Fables of purity and redemption
Binding foul beasts to a bountiful glory
And so came forth their empire of dreams
With eyes of damnation
And a lustful spirit of greed

Our father’s wept endless
In the burning of tyrants
Their tears instilled with joy
All boundaries in flight of victory

Justice for all that fall in line
All without blemish
And for true Men of stature
Their eyes turned a devilish green
In their visions of legions
Beckoned to them in hardship!
Drowned them in ignorance
The primates to dwell in shackles
Unknowing of their own unrest
Unwilling to depart the grace of master


Accursed Reluctance

She holds back with splendid reluctance
Ever so slightly, spending her glances upon me
I too, remained kept in silence
Warding off my most primal urges
Favoring this newfound infatuation

A stunning spectacle
Swayed with perfect execution
Her glances, chiming for my company
Chaperoned by a sensual, captivating grin

And far too soon
Energized by my foolish reluctance
My prized visual has fled from sight
Taken up by the winding concrete
Full on its own contempt
All carefully accented, with a sarcastic monotone

After her I tumbled with vigor
Driven to a new hope
Heaven bound and drunk on forgiveness
To heal once again, in the presence of adoration
Yet scathed I relent
Held off by a mounting and tiresome distance

Her flawless persona
Meshes and interweaves with the bland and blank
Squandered upon the other side
All for the liking, of a spiteful wretch
All for her status quo, embellished by luxury


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Out of Reach

It is the quiet loft,
At the edge of the hall
Stocked with discoveries
Of my vast and distant travels

It is the verses of passion
That dwell on the cusp of my tongue
Permitting my heavenly serenade
For the living gem,at foot my of my bed

It is the vessel ive crafted
To conquer these illusions
Relinquish my soul,
and feed her, my transient mortality

Take me
To this well of reveries
Take me
And restore my exuberance
The child within,trusts in you


This is just something i wrote, it isn’t much at all. Not nearly enough to “Conquer these illusions”. If you liked this poem, then check out my first book. Its available for free here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/william-l-wright-jr/guardian-of-the-inkwell-a-collection-of-ramblings-of-the-poetic-persuasion/ebook/product-20476671.html


And below
Sunrise to sinking dusk
My seasons change
From the chilled solstice
Deep into the heart of spring

And below
My interweaving thoughts
Shifting on a tilt
The black dawn,
Transitions to the sparkling night
A glorious spectacle
Tall and joyous

And below
Swallowed to my neck
Within the vicious current
Swept away, I shut my eyes
Calm as one

And below
I wake to find
Im right where I started
Empty  and starved
Wandering the broken roads
Homeward bound

And below


Sergeant Madison

Andrew P. McClain
Port Clyde, Maine
June 27th, 1917

For Joshua  E. Madison

The foghorn’s mournful note
Spares us not a second hope
Carted off the vast legions of romance
And buried them in a creed of hellfire

The black waters have sprung open
Unleashed a hellish vendetta
Locked away these sly affairs
Highly revered in our fondest memories

Still we had our pristine April
Clung tight to its gracious bloom
Fell backwards in its vast array
And reveled in each other’s luminous comfort

The heart of me
Burns madly for your rustic frame
My spirits flock to our day of acquaintance
Withheld by cruelty, in the shadows of night

Hold to life
As you speed for your glory
Your bayonet bathed in sunlight
Slaughtered adversaries, strewn all around

Hold to life
In the deafening crackle of machines
The thunderous slam of hailing death
And ranks of grey, plotting your cold demise

Return unto me
Whole and draped in heroism
With an aura of pride
Shamelessly flocking to the warmth of my embrace

But rage shall not permit us
With torches and pitchforks heaven bound
Fate presses you upon another
My fair sibling, light of my father’s eye

After falsehood settles
And lunar phase, lays her to rest
Find me
Crafting these heartfelt psalms
Lingering for the edge of seeming eternity


I have a very peculiar obsession with this time period.. (Note: this poem is about a closeted gay couple if you didn’t figure that out already)

My album of the day XI

Bon Iver, Bon Iver by Bon Iver. This was hands down my absolute favorite of album of last year! If you don’t have it now, what the hell?! Go get it! The album, is phenomenal! A true masterpiece! Here are some links to my top 5 favorite tracks from this record (That’s right, half of the damn album!)

I. Perth: http://youtu.be/bo6lKQYVUBU

2. Minnesota, WI: http://youtu.be/HNQNctp-Hg8

3. Towers: http://youtu.be/uNDZGTbPJkU

4. Michicant:  http://youtu.be/mEBq5cfH_cc

5. Wash: http://youtu.be/lIZdKQZV_iU