My album of the day

Tramp by Sharon Van Etten. This is one of my favorites of this year. If you enjoy female singer- songwriters that can actually hold their own playing an instrument, then this is the album for you! I highly recommend it! Link for preview:


Shades of Sound

He lives!
Loyal to every twisted perception
Sliding and swaying
Through the confines of earlobes
Morphed to his comfort, with a lone shed of melody
He is the heartbeat beneath each stanza
Breathing sweet rhythm into every verse
The glistening fiber of poetry
Harbored, in the blessing of tone and pitch

She Consumes
The reverent prayers of day lit wanderers
Chided, by the chilled wind of skeptics
Told to hold back, in the warmth of rearing promise
Mistress of life, death, hatred, and affection
The fabrics of our design
Taken in by her girth
Only to be scattered in a cosmic array
Our ills now shrouded in beauty
Gracefully, cascading into our minds
And every so slightly, down every tender cheek

He scoffs
At meek hearts of gluttony
The exploiting, of his most cherish offspring
Wrapped in an instant, manufactured norm
All for the starved masses
Waning in their once cast-iron belief

Once her tempo surges
And the tide of romance, conquers the speakers
Know, it is the collective of battered minds
Fueled in their desperate reach for the unknown

Stay mindful, that he clings to no doctrine
No single man made truth
No creed forged by hand
And no race forged in thought
For it is the human condition
Born in us all, at the dawn of ages Image

Words Of Encouragement

“Illegitimi non carborundum” (Don’t let the bastards grind you down)

To my battered love
And him alone
Only you, truly know your strife

I will not spew falsehood
Nor will I reminisce
On nights set aflame
Vendetta for Our fallen King

I shall not reminisce
On the stench of prejudice
That burned away at the skin of my fathers

Only you, truly know
What it means to chastised
Shunned away and despised
I only shed, the purest of empathy
To the best of my craft
As swift as I pen

I’ll sing your praises
When all war is won
My allegiance to you
My weapon to your whim

To my battered love
And her alone
Fallen at the hands
Of our honored hatred

Your blood will stream
Your blood will pool
Drained beside me
My lacerations as deep

Will cart us off the same
Bound in cause
For the better of our followers
But may the onlookers
Learn of you most
For only you
Truly know the psalm of toil