The Rambler’s Harmonious Return

Reborn in a steep crest of sound
He tumbles ashore
With his cranium afire

Reluctant to breathe
All the melodies he’s earned
From that rolling black sea,
He drags them inland

He yearns for more time,
For his gathered mass of kin,
To dwindle and disperse
And return another day
When the silence weighs heavy


Unspoken Hunger

I’ll deny the hunger to the end,
Every jolt of remorse
That crawls in my skin,
The sharp pains of revolt

As my pipe-dreams clash
And grow into beasts,
Setting free ancient pangs,
Sowing mayhem in my skull

I will lead them to the tower
Where they’ll raise a white banner
Once my voice falls apart
Into a blanket of shards

Lightning Reveries

Let the anthem rush forth
From your quiet, conspiring hands
Be courted along
By lightning reveries

Falling oceans away
From the sanity of home

Fall into the hush
Of your ink-pocked realm,
And escape the war-cries
Of frontiers ago

Escape Under the Cover of Darkness

Nightfall buries
The smoldering bones of the day
As a burned out legion
Limps homeward-bound

The shadows are kind,
Smothering their sins
All the deeds they carry
From the blood sunrise

Still the black skies sing
The days blazing refrains
In intervals of thunder
And bursts of light

Vows of a Sinking Vessel

I’ve plunged
Overcome, by the still grey waters
Spun out in bright flames
To the end

The plumes of black smoke
Have loosened their grasp
Now a new villain snarls
From the nightmarish depths

“I’ll claim the night sky
Reconvene with the breeze”

“I’ll cleave the night sky
In a burning red arc,
Through each cold-dead morn”


The words of the gods on high
Were like pollen today,
Scattering and sprouting
Into fields of mosaics

Their harmonies took flight
And they doused the whole world
Like embers in the night
Sowing fires for tomorrow

Drawing droves from their roles
With their heaven-bound songs,
With fragrances of home
Amid the cyclones of fall

A Letter to the Aimless

If I could
I too would roll away
Into the riotous surf
To be swept eastern bound

To a sun-ravaged isle
Where I’d crumble to sand,
Rise whole and renewed
To the melodies of kings

I too must fall
And climb to myself
Into the quietless stranger
I should have become

A Distorted Memory

He used to charge for the rolling hills
When his dreams boiled over
And the sunlight poured and poured
In abundance

He would pedal
He would slide,
Screech the whole way down,
He would scream with delight
All those Saturdays ago

Always scraping and tumbling
To the red flare of dusk
With his tired eyes aimed
At a generous tomorrow

The Encroaching Heat

The sky’s become a red-hot omen
Branding my skull
With its fevered dreams
Of infernal seas

Too soon we’ll all dance
Entirely consumed
By the embers we fought
The ones thought forever lost

Too soon we’ll all thrash
And blister the same
Then burst at the seams
With its seething white light

Waiting for Impact

Some night we will collide
As a hail of glass
As a collage
Of precious metals

Some day we will collide
When anarchy brews
In our raging blood
And burns out our whits

We must collide
Into our long lost selves
Into the eras before,
We knew sunlight