Author Lyne Beringer: The Battles of Men

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The Battles of Men

The master calls his army

To a battle on the field

Marching beasts of burden

No living man can make them yield

They can hear the distant thunder

As silent prayers float toward the clouds

The men who hold the front line

Fall but they never cry out loud

The heavy rain is a welcome friend

Caressing every muddy face

For some it will be the very thing

That floods their resting place

For those that live to tell the tale

Their scars worn with weary pride

Will talk of a battle’s glory

How they gave death a hellacious ride

And for every fallen brother

They ask forgiveness for their sins

Speak each man’s name in reverence

Who gave their lives so they might live

They’ll hold high their swords in unison

A battle braved for all the lost

Knowing hell will be…

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A Ship Beyond the Horizon


I’ve been around this isle of misfortunes
While horizons fade softly
Devoid, of a rescuer’s sail

I am the lost wreck of old
Torn away from my whits
By the riotous lap, of the maddening waves

My days are all wound together
Into a long and miserable hush
In these turbulent years

As the flame dies down
In its last flare of hope
Swept along by a devious wind

The Quietest Burden


The pages deteriorate
Long after myself
Every slaved over world of the past

Perhaps, on a bed of flames
Or beautifully with age
But it is, no concern of mine anymore

I’ve lingered too long and I’ve lost
The night grows heavy
As it swallows all the people and places
I’ve loved

Until, I am nothing more
Than a hollow expression
That lends a passive farewell
From the arms of an earthly prison

An Undisclosed Room in the Past


A room in the past swirls around
Full of bright beaming faces
Their expressions, so foreign from my own

Some scheme for the weariest of frames
Barely clung to their brides
Their souls, overrun with self-doubt

There are ghouls
Who shadow my ailing slow dance
With a beauty I have desperately swept
Into my envious, imprisoning arms

The night is but a cruel death spiral
From partner to partner
How they scowl the whole way
To the lows of their shame

The night hammers at my resolve
Until I crack and cascade
Into bright worthless shards of glass

And the beauty who I hardly knew
Slips away, from my crumbling embrace
Sailing off, in the endless rotation
The spiraling death dance of our age



There is empathy
Kindled somewhere
On this planet of horrors
That wildly spins, in the heat of its rage

Surely, there’s compassion
Tucked in the shadows
For the minds, swallowed up
By the cull of hysteria

Afloat somehow in the madness
Is the most brazen glow
Of kindred and heartfelt sorrow

For every lost soul,
That wavers in the deep

There, is hope
So fervently aflame

Into Evils Unborn


Left astir in paradise lost
The past is exhumed,
Each mile of my conscience
That I witlessly roam

Through the marshes of a life unlived
I stray
Undone, by the tiresome wade

For all that I’ve left unconquered
For the strangers I’ll now, never know
I have earned, this long and weathering path
Into evils unborn

Book-Bound Reveries


Overrun, with book-bound reveries
Paris, is constantly aglow in my eyes

Romance is embattled and emblazed
With its hardships, bred by the heavens,
Plotting endlessly above

How they fight on, to drive out the screams
Of my rogue and feral sweet dreams

I must learn,
How to topple these trials, someday
Before the opportune is lost

At an hour when the lights afar
Make their heroic dash
Through this enclosing nightfall
Of grief

Then I’ll take to the paths they blaze
With the vigor of escape
Stirring vengefully inside