Around the Curve at Dusk

Seeking the ravine


Lending itself south,

Around the curve at dusk

Time wheels in reverse


Each night

Each trek

I draw near its brave ramble,

Soon to tumble in its rapids

With few regrets


I seek the rush, the denial

The dull gleam of years lost

Where the swift ravine stalls

In the old wilderness

Where the Nightmare Has Passed




In the jet-black tide

He’s alone in rapture

Below a fire-tinged sky


Now the thunder resides

In her cadence forever

Long after the blast

The death groan of her ship


They all fill the darkness

With the slurred oaths of friends,

To draw them home

Back to land

Where the nightmare has passed

The Weight of Half-Truths

A far away and fragile place
Is overrun in the night,
Engulfed by the noise
Of unsettled scores

The cruel face of love lost
Fades slowly,
Blurred and smudged
By each pained verse scrawled

The long bursts of laughter
Ring dismal and distorted
Drained by the years
By a swarm of white lies


The Humbling Stampede

He’s certain to cave in
When all the doors shoot open at once,
When the walled- away ravings of the world

When a patchwork of long-lost rhythms
Fill the lifeless streets,
Will he be cast to the ground in the rush?

Once again in shards
Beneath the pulse of their joy
When they’ve stormed into life,
Who will sweep away the dust?


Craters and Splintered Trees

They ignite
Cast out in all directions
Soaring untethered
On a sulfury wind

Fear the whistling overture,
The freight trains screaming
Across the scarred mind
In the torched heart of bedlam

Crash back into the earth
Discarded and emptied
When the skies fill with iron
And a sure path erupts


From the Window on the Second Floor

Peering out into the veins of a city,
There are no vital signs,
All the highways ramble
And quake out of reach

Now the world rolls back
Into shades of green
Entangled, in a lucid dream

Watching life unfold
From the riptides of envy,
The mind fights for words
Finding feral screams


North Star in the Wild (The Strays)

They’ve split from the pack,
Stranded, in the noise of their regrets
As the shadows of wild
Draw the ire of the stars

In the shade
Some live free and roam as giants
Sending royalty falling
Through the faults in the earth

The strays scream to life
In the gathering hush
Where they feed the young terrors
Who will wade for tomorrow


A Vessel Dashed Upon the Ground

Flying off in the cover of night,
A parting cloud of buzzards
Calls out enraged
At my screaming ascent

Time stalls and sputters
To the cold dead ground
Banished from who I am
With who I’ve striven to be

They fall, stunned and ashen
Wrecked and snarled
To the ruins of a home
Left soldering and jagged


Thrilled to See

Waking up
Thrilled to see
The whole world unmasked
Stripped bare to its roots
To its seething core

Finally free from the nightmare
Each shade and sound
Like a new-found chorus

Waking up
Thrilled to march
For the very first time,
On the other side of fear
Into the large hearts of kin