The Steep Fall of the Willing


Over the rails
Into the black
So go
All the dreams deferred

Over the rails
Into a fortune of silence
The earth drags the willing
With the deadliest of might

Null and void
Is the war cry of the damned
Who wheel into chaos
With a sickening drive

Null and void
Is the empty state
That obliterates the world
In a rush of desire

The Glow of Heavenly Delights


An ashen and bitter voice
Crawls out of my mind
Despite the clear panes
Where a full life transpires

I am free to complain
To moan in distress
From the rolling silk seas
Where I bury my bones
Each night

I am free
To hew the old roads
Through skirmishes lost
Where valor resists
Against the currents of time

I am free
To be thankless and morose
Amid the brilliant glow
Of all heavenly delights

I am free
To be criminally young
The near-sighted son
Who implodes in his dreams

The Pursued Mirage


To be a high-class rover
Always blissfully at home
In the safety of their skin
Unaffected, uninvolved
And chilled to the bone

To be the coveted wisp
Across, the vast scorched lands
Where the parched minds gather
To bear, satisfaction at last

To live
As a man-made God
Is a treacherous aim
How quickly it degrades
When approached

A Ghostly Fellowship


An old friend
Lingers, at the edge of each road
Enveloping all passersby

The old friend pursues
The most reckless of  travelers
Who weave through the trees
Without worry or grief

The old friend lives
Between, each stream of breath
Awaiting the fall
The eventual silence



I mustered something of a voice
Some fashion of strength
In each steamrolling tremor

Up and over
The immortal words hailed
In a shrill morning shower
Of ember and steel

It quaked from afar
Then among us all
In its murdering abundance
Skewering and howling
To a crimson haze

Until mercy had fallen
Atop battered remains
For the half-hearted and maimed
Who strayed and decayed

Mourning Sky


I dreamt of blackened skies
Aflutter with ravens
Of an autumn gloom and mist

The death
Of all manner of men
In their rolling flash
The infernal waves
They’ve made

The hastened
Decline of awareness
A millennia displaced
By a terrible wind

I forged it all
In a fevered storm
As the nightfall remained
In it’s a shroud of bliss

Draw the Curtain


The curtain falls all around
To snuff out the rays
And I’m deprived of whit
Without reason, without verse

The accursed shade
It deafens and it blinds
Till I’m swallowed whole
By a raft of demons

As life rolls past
I bear all of its chatter
From below
Into the pit of my stomach

The curtain envelops
My unsightly bones
Sparing, the young
Of the morrow’s
Most ravenous of tides


A Season of Sorrows


Carefully ushered
Into a silent and bitter embrace
Obscured and enveloped
By a season of sorrows

Unfazed on the surface
In a war-like grin
As the world unfolds from within

Death rattles
All throughout my words
The frail narratives I spin
From the pits of despair

So desperately
At a mad man’s hands
At disarray’s whim
Unrepentant, undisclosed