Thrive Among the Snares

I’ve fallen
Into a tangled mess of verse and rhyme
No longer separate
From the fables I have borne

The more I kick and the more I tussle
The tighter they constrict
Until rivers of ink
Are purged, from my empty sockets

I’ve fallen for the coils of this craft
Exiled from the sun
As I toss and turn
In the clutches of this dream

Murderous Headlines

Headlines terrorize
With creeping barrages
And ideals swarm, consume and deceive

They spear into the heart of our placid hours
Forging the waves
Of a slow unraveling

Conscripting, our precious thoughts
They will turn them loose on the guns
So entrenched in their hate

The Rush of Sympathy

From the crimson glare of their taillights
Shuttering, at each oncoming flash
That evades my trail

Marooned, to the deepest shadows of a forest
Friends sympathize
Then swerve out of sight

The chorus of the road
Is a lifeline for the mind
That is gradually sunken
Into nightfall and chaos

Soon few lights will carve into these woods
To dig me out of this rut
Of endlessly pleading

Spare Me of the Wait

Eager for the crash
I ache for the rush of peril
For the embers of a truth revealed

Spare me of the wait
For the honest uproar of flames
Spare me, of the long silent hours of worry

Let these moments quake
With the evils I await
I have had my fill
Of writhing in suspense

Fair Warning

As friends had forewarned
I swelled with unearned delight
Boasting from the stars
As their heaven-sent judge

Shame rules over the wreckage
A twisted pyre of victories
Left to blaze unknown

I locked eyes with a dream
Earning nightmarish scowls
Dashed upon the truth
As friends had forewarned

Prayers of the Marionette

Cut away the strings
That have wound me in service
Forging, the gorges and peaks of tomorrow

Free these trained arms and legs
So I’ll sink into the fog
On the awaited crusade to myself

Level these judging walls
So my voice may soar into daylight
Gathering the ballads of the lost

Sever the wires
That sustain me on sweet delusions
Let their sparks fizzle out in the past

CTU Press Release: Contributors Announcement – I Have a Name 2017 Anthology

Creative Talents Unleashed

Congratulations to the following contributors whom have been chosen for the literary publication of I Have a Name.

I Have a Name Contributors:

Jackie Chou – The Park of Life

Mahinour Tawfik – Psycho

C.J. Clark – A Thwarted Undoing, Pretend, North of Reality

Amanda J. Evans – Destination Hope, Madness

A.M. Torres – It Takes Over Me, Convey

Maggie Mae – Mistress

Markus Fleischmann – Two Poles, Hopeless, Mind’s Prey

Ken Allan Dronsfield – Athenaeum of the Forsaken, Blissfully Waiting for Lithium’s Last Kiss, Lunatic Shuffle    

Shelly Buttenhoff Miller – Back Against the Wall, Half Full Glass, Job of Living

Steve Lay – Black Dog, The Fog

Cory Costantino – Strip Me of Ambition, Stretching Back

Dawn Van Leeuwen – Darkness, It’s Real, I Have a Name (slipping away)

Don Beukes – Depression Confession, Undiagnosed Disorder, ADHD

Leigha Beltrame Markon – The Misfits Understand

Justin R. Hart – Crumpled…

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Saturday Night Rush

Saturday evenings leap
Into cool formal shades
Stomping out the flames of the week

There’s a rush of fine-tailored royals
Stuffing every block
Like the Great Barrier Reef
At its prime

Until downtown is a pulsating creature
Swallowing full nights
And retching up worms
For Sunday to judge