Clarity in the Dark

Scrambling the week’s affairs
Beneath quivering skies
Ablaze and frantic

Sprawled out, dumbstruck
In a haze of cheap emotions
The spawn of a torrential swig

All the moments take hold
Of the nightly currents
To meet the broad shores
Of a placid new dawn

And all the cruel moments
Are hammered away
Into the crisp ivory plains
To revisit
And revile by day

View of Venice, Fog Pierre Renior

Futile Daybreak

Through an early spell of fog
Daylight spills
Yielding, its affection
For the cold drab ground

For all
But the faintest of travelers
Disheveled, indisposed and far

Through and through
In spite of the failing shadows
He remains the free-falling wreck

A slow-crumbling shard
From the binds
Of his former skin

He lives on
Left bowered and muttering
Beyond the reach
Of a warm wind’s swell


A Moment’s Beauty


The lights of my eyes
And thrive among strangers

Among the boastful many
Who coast in freeform
Beyond, the corners of my sight

Briefly beloved
To the pavement’s end

I’m the passing bloom
That wavers
In the maw of each dusk


Circling Torment

Lingers in each season of horror
Through each terrorizing
Taunting and teasing cycle


The gears maniacally roll
Conjuring the trails
That will never rove again

Bitterness festers
In each newborn scar
Disembarking its hatred
With a sickly smile

And irritation
Soon lives
In all people and places