Death Cry of the Machine

Stunned by the endless noise

In a grey state of mind

The hours only expand

Taking more precious ground


There’s a rift in the earth

Lacerating us from the inside

Through the steady bleak nights

As castles burn bright red


There’s only wilderness ahead

Littered with the charred scraps of metal

From our fallen machine colossus

The Quiet Crime

Has he lifted the curse

The peril that lived in his stomach

Through many rising storms?


There is no urgency in him

As panic encircles the seething earth

Filling strangers with venom


He is stalled on a cliff

Too stunned by the embers

Too far in exhaustion to speak

To fall apart

To heed the call to arms

The Fall of Our Evil Colossus

Summer’s wounds are splayed out in red

As the lost ones murmur

Of their lives extinguished

By the rising tide


For their sin

Of breathing in this murderous era

Among tearful siblings

Stuck, in awe of the storm


Autumn is a predator,

A cruel and watchful beast

Filled with piercing wails

And sweet visions of years past

Before the Deafening Blast

Waiting for the fatal spark

A sudden charge of pain

In the cold dead night


Fearful of the burning spark

Questions plague me through the day

Who will live?

Who fall away in a gale of dust?


Cleaved apart by worry

The pulse chases me

Swearing to breathe fire

And ash into my world

Remedies in the Desert

Monsters crawl beneath his skin,

Controlling the tides in his mind

Through the empty sprawl of this age


They turn to dust

When the youth lunges forward

For sure remedies

In the deserts of tomorrow


They return to him

Each Sunday morning

Carrying the evils

Of the night before

The Burning Bridge

Across a burning bridge

To the heart of agony

The war cries of kin

Grow and grow as I roam


There is no way back

The past claims my steps

As the black river swells

And rages with hunger


Across a burning bridge

Where a homeland awaits,

To a sullen swathe of ruin,

Full of villains and vipers

Strange Melodies After Dark

All nights belong to her

The ethereal fires

She ignites in the sky

Sends time in a tailspin



Becomes a fading illusion,

Torn ripe from my flesh,

I detach

From the quake of humankind


All nights belong to her

I surrender unafraid


Bleeding venomous songs

Of years lost  

The Watchful Guards

Unspoken agony weighs him down

Still he trudges along

Their son,

Seldom stalling

In their arms for warmth


A slight passing glare

Sets their minds afire

As a day’s madness settles

In their boiling stomachs


“Have patience, dear son

We’ll be with you all the way  

Beyond tomorrow’s cruel bends

Where old world’s fall silent”

Delirium’s Hands

My eyes burn bright

At the promise of a swift exodus,

The steep dive through the shadows

To the cove and the sea


I’ll slip from the binds

Of solitude and safety,

I’d rather go mad

Than chatter and pretend


Dive and dive each night

Stagger through nothingness

Fall apart by noon

And swim away at dusk


I will live again

In delirium’s hands

Uprooted from shame,

From this pasture grey

Driftwood and Flecks of Gold

A house is teetering on a cliff

Filled up to the attic

With the silvery idols

Of a cursed epoch


They are destined to go

To fall splintering apart

Down through the white clouds

At the slightest breeze


To sink tussling and shouting

As nightfall rises

Scattering their years

Onto shores unknown