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Heaven-Bound Resolve

I am wrung useless
In the brute sun’s rays
Devilish and fallen
As the plunderer of dreams

Is heaven- bound
Plucked clean in haste
From this tiresome
And hollow skull

Docile I collapse
In vengeful streams
Conjured, with tottering ease

Few are spared
And spoon
With their sweltering dismay
Withering in sync
With time’s
Most hateful decline


The Storm-Bearing Shroud

Strayed beyond
Ancestral roads
I thrived
Uprooted and sure

Beyond the slurs
In hollow distress
Wavered, in the restless
Curves of time

Staggering deep
In uncertainty folds
All conflict is lost
In a storm –bearing shroud

Yet I have strayed
Beyond my means
The ancestral roads
Were kind
And paved
And sure


A Charitable Distance

Cradles our forms
Delaying the day
Our shadows collide

We breathe with ease
And lend
Our gilded refrains
In the shield
Of our spacious divide

The miles are kind
To the bounty
We’ve stored in haste
In a maddened
Emotional gust

For what they withhold
Is agony unsheathed
Primed for blood
And the flesh
Of our hurried affection



So closely knit
Is the brave new world
The daily crossfire
We foolishly brave

Bound and bowered
We strive for war
For the quarrels
That flood
The purest of hearts

All that remains
Are the wavering scores
Who writhe in peril
At the lash
Of troubling verse

So closely knit, we stir
To our quiet demise
Yet swollen with words


Force-Fed Exhilaration

Carted off to joy
By a steamrolling mass
Mad, with youthful desire

Their worlds
All blur
And blare the same

Mindlessly, quaking
With the spoils
I dream to reap

In the heart
Of restless droves
I wearily trudge
In torturous silence

Barren and limp
Their passions wheel
With young-hearted flair


All Through the Hateful Night

I’ll-fitting garbs
Bring a vengeful draft
In mothering night

The laughter sprawls
The hull of my mind
Where I cherish
The spoils of day

All through the dark
They reign
In lustful cries
And plagued by thirst

In want
For the morsels I keep
The sway of dreams
I hold
In spite of dismay