A Short Fall Into Remorse

I fear
Its all-encompassing trance
Being dragged
Through its callous lows

Sailing on high
To be dashed upon earth
For the lingering coils
Of certain remorse

I fear the wrath
Of affectionate others
To be given their worlds
And their every peak and flaw

By night I bear
The maddening dreams
Of the mindless sinking
Into warm and cavalier folds

As the ever-sustained
And heedless boy
Bursting at the seams
With fury and song


Inspire the Climb

With taut skin
In fiery bleach
Scores forge new heights
For the blonde
And statuesque

True beauty
The impossible leap
Where the world must fawn
Or be cast in the muck

Where there is no blemish
No plague of scars
To inspire the climb
Of downtrodden eyes

Taut skin and bone
Must take to the helm
Unburdened and full
In each trivial glance

The droves all claw
For a passing glimpse
To graze their sorrows
For but a moment’s relief


Springtime Affection

An affectionate spring
Is in our midst
Whirling brief
As the taunting scourge
Our relief

For the moment
We are cradled in warmth
In her passionate rays
And ever-green plunder

Her joy is our own
Toiling and raging about
Beneath swaths
Of transient blue

Yet it is but a glimpse
A morsel of days to come
A call
To resurrection’s brink


An Eye for an Eye

“Good morning”
Tumbled away
In the shards and mortar
Of our finer days

And on we say:
“To hell with those passive years”
For we are lost to wrath
In our murdering stride

Our revulsion
Softly drains
With slow saddening ease
And to kill is a must
To breathe free


A Raving Echo Through the Mind

Clutched to the spires of Rome
The old shores thrive
As a raving echo
Through his mind

To be lovingly cradled
To a satisfied rest
To his unburned prime

By day he pines
Of his wartime fury
Of the towering
Plume and flame

Far from his pride
From Venetian roads
Left simmering in the heart
Of his formerly raging years


The Beloved and Abhorred

To lily-white
As the voiceless shell
And diminished

Both hastily claimed
And abhorred
In a veil of strange faith
With a former world
Tattered and blamed

Forevermore a shadow
Caged and bare

Where the few roads
Fray, fail and fade
Into hate