An Indisposed Mind


Perspiring in buckets
I choke on my raging pulse
To ridicule’s grueling
Untiring refrain

For my every bruise
My faulty, disfigured bends
I pay in streams
Shed, to each swift lash of words

Tongue-tied and indisposed
The anthem climbs
Like a wafting
Imperial rag

But it is not cowardice
Which spawns
The tremors I keep

It is the mind’s
Timeless and vicious coup
When all order is lost
Dislodged, from its gilded throne

Eyes Raised in Defiance

friedrich074 (1)

Among this tattered lot
I find solace
Bold and stern

As a rag
Peacefully discarded
Left to reap
Every morsel of vile

With eyes upward bound
I overrun
With undue pride

Thoughtlessly strewn
Atop skewering
Mountains of  rust

My home
Rests far from grief
For the mind trudges
Through the joyful springs of old

For the Good of Distant Kin


I’ve plunged
To new and sinister depths
Into the arms of a refuge
I’ve never truly known

Was but a trivial blur
As I sank with fervor
Speeding, for the certainty of dark

I’ve propelled myself
Far too young
Filled, with juvenile haste

For the care of onlookers
Helplessly enthralled
By their cruel and transient world

“Hurry  yourself ”
Was their murderous creed
From which I fearfully sank

Overdrawn and meek
A tale of caution
For the good of distant kin

In League with Hysteria


I heard them dancing
Crazed and overflowing
With savage jubilation

My thoughts were carnivorous
A ceaseless thundering
The scourge
Of my fraying skull

I stirred faithful
Drawn to their reckless tune
With limbs, compromised
And true to their beck and call

Ear-splitting mayhem
Had filled my every nerve
Thieving my urge to sleep

Hoisting high
My cause to fear
To tremble
In league with hysteria

The Deepest Grey


We braced for the coming rain
Firmly rooted
In a childish dream

Beneath the sprawl
Of the deepest grey
Swallowed whole
In perpetual sorrow

Our blood coursed warm
Our aspirations were sure
And we fell, hapless
Into our sultry decay

Our words rang true
Born in the fervor
Of our green affections

Our hopes were in bloom
Defiant to the whim
In each gust of peril

Selective Slaughter


We could not stray
From our final paths
To convene
With our tearful mothers

Once bedlam paled
Along trenches of old
And carnage thrived
In each still-beating heart

We were true
To our silent misfortune
Full and smoldering
With infernal valor

Our ghoulish deeds
Were the bane of living chiefs
Who stirred
With ravenous guilt

For their thoughtless crime
The heinous cull
Of their curious
And wide-eyed young

The Hapless Fawn


Will someone pierce through
These menacing walls
That triumph proudly
Over ruin?

For I’ve grown too thin
In forging their strengths
In a juvenile fit of rage

They’ve climbed beyond
My pitiful reach
And loom with the angst
I’ve thoughtlessly spawned

I’ve hurled myself
Into a mire of weakness
Reborn, a hapless fawn
With frail knees
And a haunted, unwavering stare