The Weight of Past Oaths


Smoke-laden memories
Constrict each passing morn
With tender fragrances
Coasting, through plumes of white

Blossoming endeavors
That fume of fervent romance
Cast-iron hopes
That propel misty-eyed scores

The haze embraces
Through our slow earthly turn
Fastened, day to day
Our first yearnings
The scourge of former years

The weight of past oaths
Anchor our daily thoughts
A burden of elation
Our passionate, searing, travels

My Refuge of Nothingness


I withdraw from grief
And defer within
Content not knowing
In this careless refrain

Fully immersed
In the flawless spiral
With eyelids firm
At exile’s clasp

I peacefully drown
In this silent coil
Capsized and hollow

I’m inclined to fall
Upon plains of sullen grey
With resolve diminished
And tribulations crumbled

My cause to defer
Has wrangled me once more
Gradual in release
Yet swift to draw me in

All Retreating Paths


With limbs butchered
By endless fleeing
At the cruel lash of panic
The shadow of my desires

All retreating paths
Must fray, unfulfilled
Before desolation
The great chasm of silence

Where the toll of courage
Is but a falling whimper
To be lost in the frenzy
Of boundless tribulation

The life of me drains
Down each rugged precipice
With no dream to cross
With no urge to turn away

The Ashes of Sunlight


A slow burn
Sets time adrift
In a free falling wither
To ashes that stain the earth

I stir at the peak
At the cruel height of inferno
Upon the ailing matchstick
I’ve christened daylight

The haunting refrain
Of high shrieking notions
Boils my mind
In this slow, unsparing erosion

Until the final flare
Consigns my bones
To the embers of rest

Heedless Decay


A miserable ringing
Pierces savagely
An awful throbbing
That catapults the sullen frame

A child of excess
Begrudgingly ascends
With mangy locks
And eyes fastened shut

Agony proclaims
Echoing, through Sunday’s embrace
Where the morning sun pries
Peering at heedless decay

The slurring wreckage
Unnerved by the swerve of day
The ocean of turmoil
We brave through and through

Faithfully numb
He coasts these daily waves
Not knowing he tussles
That he flounders
With desperate vigor

He hopelessly strives
To carefully evade
The menacing bloom
Of his bitter and lucid thoughts

The Grey of Former Years


Brisk cold ballads
Emerge from the tranquil dark
From the mourning silhouette
That’s stirs and toils in silence

Melodies resurface
And tenderly reflect
Upon the vast and sullen shade
The grey of former years

Bitterly and brash
They pierce the veil of skin
Past labyrinthine flesh
To streams of boiling anguish

Behind solace
The eerie curtain of night
To solely reminisce
Is his lonely
Worthwhile cause

She Thoughtfully Evades


More than I’ll ever need
Far more than I can sustain
She’s evaded the iron clasp of my youth
The trove of sweet-nothings
I’ve toiled over in secret

Each moment I delve
That trails on endlessly
Far out of reach
In an ominous refrain
Of how, where and when

I empty the troves
Hastily, bereft of thought
As romance clouds
My mind in its frenzy of promise

The soothing sweetness
Of a caring and generous morrow
Magnified solace
Even dreams cannot retain

More than I’ll ever need
Much more I’ll never know
She spares me
For the refuge of another time
An opportune haven
When growth
Has paved my jagged state of mind

With all I can
With every patient fiber within
I strain and strive
In mending the chasm of time