Before the Day’s Growing Fury


I resurface unhinged
From the frigid binds of regret
The surreal twirl of remorse
That plagues every moment of rest

Well before
The day’s primal glimmer
Where the headlights flare
Upon the frost-tinted windows

I’ve arrived
With nerves set a quiver
Awakened by the scourge
Of pitiless dark
As the flash and flare
Carefully graze my being

The drone of vigor
Of dedicated toil
Restores my mind
To its stagnant present

As the earth races on
Through the growing fury of day
I remain sullen and still
In fearful anticipation



How far must I journey
Through the careless spiral of years
Until I bear, but skin and bone?
Until a stern chill
Conquers my powdery remnants?

When nothing more is uttered
In the flawless sheen of eternity
Defer, full and content
Unscathed, untroubled
By a clean and painless escape

The offerings I reap
Are but barren strands of earth
Tarnished havens
Where I raise my one-track concerns

Upon the coarsest soil
I have crafted my all
A half-hearted summary
A flimsy and worthless display

All I have given
Is all for not
A withering vessel
A feast for the icy currents

Yet despair eludes me
In this slow and sure descent
My return to blissful silence
The revered and always looming shadows

Celestial Heirlooms


Celestial heirlooms
Are a faithful glimmer
Far from the havoc
Of our careless reach

The nightly ghouls
Fixed in time
Peer stoically
From the cold refuge of dark

I fawn hopelessly
Driven mad with hunger
For the extent of their majesty
To cleave a romance
Known by too few

Soaring without effort
Untouched and drained of worry
To Inch close
Toward these faultless gems
That steadily retreat
For the misty layers of eternity

A Mural of Havoc


The scowl of nightmares
Paint a mural of havoc
Across desolate ceilings
That mirror inner panic

They expand from above
Scaling down in streams of black
Growing in fortitude
As they drown
The flicker of windowpanes

From running streaks
They conspire to coil
To ensnare my rest
To strangle my passionate resolve

The pulse of reveries
Are drained of heartfelt vigor
Once undeterred and vibrant
Now sullen, pitiful, and silent

It’s Been a While


Destined to evade
Each troubling glance
I’ll weave through this earth
Unhinged for all time

I’ll plot every word
Each wavering step i take
As the cries of fellowship
Smother me with remorse

They call out sternly
To a silent unknown
Where I tussle with fear
Overrun by searing regret

For the misty struggle
They faithfully bellow
To pry out my form
My minced and butchered conscience

Tried and true friends
Dare to heave
Implore and reach
My frail and faulty mind

Yet a wall of treachery
Of frightened deceit
Hastily ascends
To bar my impassioned escape

The Life and Times of Clouded Minds


Life and times
Of the starved and striving
Earnest fools
Who deplore the art of thriving

They care not
For the honest fields
The finely tuned pastures
And the promise they yield

From upturned squalor
They stalk the opportune
Propelled by high hopes
And a proud, joyous tune

Life and times
Of the boastful and brash
Mad with desire
As they carelessly dash