In Full Retreat


Wading chest deep
The wind
Is pressed from my lungs

In the vise 
Of daily squalor 
My ceaseless 
Masculine war

“Take the reins”
Is the mindless refrain
Instilled in all sons
In the blossoming hearts of kings

”Seize the helm”
Falls away from my ears
As a quiet reverie 
Cold and long forsaken 

Still I wade
Chest deep 
Armed with feign composure

Having mended
My train of thought
Striding from the blaze 
To the jeers of watchful kin

The Billowing Steam of Havoc


There were railroads
Etched deep
Across the span
Of her porcelain flesh

Each mile
Was a shrill cry
Released from the caverns
Buried within

She hung close
Like a high noon shadow
Clutched to any form
With a harrowing thirst

Still her words burn
With urgency
As a roving echoe
At the close 
Of each passing day

To have been 
Fully conscious
At her prime

To have seen
The billowing
Steam of havoc

What might have been
Is my sure
And slow demise

The Quietest Corner of Home


The high noon crumbled
To a peaceful 
Droning simmer

Where I faltered 
Into the fury
Of teenage angst

Where I backstroked 
Through the humid haze
Of the quietest 
Corner of home 

When the school day 
Had fully dissolved
And hunger
Had slithered deep within 

Misery far ago
Was the passing
Fog of dawn

How I yearn to graze
That fleeting grief 
From midnight’s
Sorrowful grasp

To a Fading Whimper


My engine sputters
Through the thick sludge
Of tireless voices

I sink to my knees
Weary and overcome
Fully immersed
In the fog of daily labor

Onward I cry
As I wade
And inch toward silence

Yet dying screams
Are all I can conjure
As food for the muck
The foe of my eager treads

High noon
Pries away
My rusted and mangled form

Hoisting me high
Away from the clutches
Of havoc and pillaging disarray

The spawn
Of lumbering voices
Who yearn
To render me hollow

Blissfully Slipping Away


A melody steamrolls
Across a mind
Marred by ruin

It’s infectious
It floods
From grey matter
To the depths of marrow

Misery is dissolved
With ease
Like capsizing in a swell
Of harmonic majesty

Piercing deep
I thrive fulfilled
Far from the sands
And their cruel
Scalding torment

Beyond silence I’d linger
In this boundless refrain
The eternal cry
That dwells
In the hulls of roving thoughts

Upon the Surging Winds of Mayhem


The slums of my psyche
I drift
Upon the surging
Winds of mayhem 

Coasting away
Fully clothed in sorrow

How I yearn to retreat
To claim my escape
Yet chaos 
Hails supreme

To the torment
Of labyrinthine nights

Where I scour unkempt
Through the blossoming
Of cradled grief

I dive
Into the endless squalor
As clarity dissolves
And escape
Is a dream, long lost