Unmended Chasms


Pedaling in reverse
I speed through former years
Full with dismay
And the careless droning present

Across battered roads
The great chasms
I’ve left unmended 

Where rivers gush
With the turmoil of old
With the vigor I’ve lost

I backtrack
With the greatest haste
Through the sprawl of evergreens
The teaming refuge of youth 

How I once loved
And thrived heartily
Untethered, lost and hopeful

But I must defer
From the gathering fog
And trail on, brazen
For the tragedy nested afar

My Smoke-Filled Demise


I am
The powerless fawn
Wallowing in the tatters
Of his own bloodied flesh

I am damned
A withering shell
The fading shadow
Of a stouthearted buck

My smoke-filled demise
Was an unseen horror
For the reaper’s  beckon
Once lingered, far from here

My last stream of wind
Is a fable of caution
Risen, from the death rattles
As a gift
For all careless passersby

In Full Retreat


Wading chest deep
The wind
Is pressed from my lungs

In the vise 
Of daily squalor 
My ceaseless 
Masculine war

“Take the reins”
Is the mindless refrain
Instilled in all sons
In the blossoming hearts of kings

”Seize the helm”
Falls away from my ears
As a quiet reverie 
Cold and long forsaken 

Still I wade
Chest deep 
Armed with feign composure

Having mended
My train of thought
Striding from the blaze 
To the jeers of watchful kin

The Billowing Steam of Havoc


There were railroads
Etched deep
Across the span
Of her porcelain flesh

Each mile
Was a shrill cry
Released from the caverns
Buried within

She hung close
Like a high noon shadow
Clutched to any form
With a harrowing thirst

Still her words burn
With urgency
As a roving echoe
At the close 
Of each passing day

To have been 
Fully conscious
At her prime

To have seen
The billowing
Steam of havoc

What might have been
Is my sure
And slow demise