Hopeless and Heedless Aims


Fight or flight
Whirls viciously
Inside my hazy skull

At the edge of my tongue
Rest sly, deceitful words
The few
I’ll never breathe
I’ll never dream into being

Behind dulled panes
I drift and implore
Clamoring for the words
To dislodge frozen thoughts

Fight or flight
My nerves hammer away
And depart fearfully
With stampeding
Raging notions

When all is quiet
I’ll thrive in misdeeds
Recalling the adrift
All hopeless and heedless aims

Engulfed by Thought

Tunnel Painting

These tunnels
Never yield elation
The spark that proclaims release

There is no escape
Only shadow
And the burden of silence

I’ll surely sink
With limbs bound
And drained of all defiance

I’ll scour my cavernous form
Through the mounds
Of softly withering hopes

Bruised and Battered Joy


Battered joy is salvaged
Cradled lovingly
In these cold awaiting arms

It sustains me
On these winding roads
Lit, by its faint and fading glow

I trail unassuming
As a silent ghoul
Below downcast and scouring eyes

I sing of triumph
In short bursts
With each shallow breath I clasp

Too soon
My content
Is plucked away from my sleeping form

All too soon
Depravity arcs
Hailing down in shards
To breed
Its murderous refrain

The Spawn of Havoc-Shroud Dreams


My mind is rendered
A bundle of frayed wires
A series of dead ends
Ensnared, turbulent and useless

The blood rages
Propelled, by havoc-shroud dreams
As my pulse strays aimlessly
Hammering my timid resolve

I’ve become disorder
To retain consciousness

I’ve slowed
To an agonizing limp
Bracing for the loom
Of my certain, paralyzed dawn



Headfirst into silence
Into a spacious drone
A hazy train of thought

Down I went
Drowsing away once more
Meeting tranquility
Leagues below
Miles beyond

Emerge wavered
Never daring to cross my lips
And time so gradually inched away
Delicately, the further I swam

The Cost of Slurred Words


We’ll never reclaim them
Those shrill words
So casually set adrift

Shattered panes
Shall remain undone
As a cruel reminder
Of what lurks deep within

Quarreling thoughts shall breed
A refrain of uproar
To spiral forevermore

We cannot mend
What was skewered in haste
The deed must thrive
In the slums beneath
Our prosperous thoughts