Adolescent Nerves


Shallow breaths
Were all I could muster
In the hour she arose
Pristine, valient, and sure

Was a thick humid day
The lingering scourge
Of red Georgia roads 

My insides quaked
In the shock of first glance
Blending my thoughts
To a useless, oozing pulp

Within adolescence
I could not speak
As chance drew near
Stout with certainty and promise

By innocence
Fervent desire 
Could not, urge me forth

The Lost and Long Forgotten


Wading through sunlight
The dejected sway
As agony fillets them

Inside iron shackles
The tired prevail
With a single-file tune
Unheeded and solemn

The wretches all dwindle
At the cruel lash of day
Drawing, rivers of sweat 
From their maimed and tattered flesh

Sunlight recedes
And darkness transpires
Birthing, the shrill cries
Of the lost and long forgotten

If Only I Knew How to Breathe


If only I knew
How to truly draw breath
To drink in the world
Unbound, by the curse of fear

While passersby
Glide on, masterfully
I simmer through the nights
Growing, full with despair

Some gorge passionately
On the fibers of living
While the full, totter miserably
Looping, forever more

If only I knew
The true agony of hunger
I’d savor the world 
And it’s every 
Precious morsel

Leather-Bound Romance


Become dancing sparks
Starved for the contours
Of a drifting mind

I allow the moments
Spent far ago
To cradle the present
I am doomed to cleave

Leather – bound romance
Grows to a menacing fog
Echoing, the sweet nothings
That plagued my former self

I no longer reel
For fondness reigns supreme
Coddling, my present angst
With the coils
Of newfound tenderness

I shall never lament
Only bask in love restored
Forgetful of the agony
That once scorched me so

Daybreak Remains in Tatters


I’ve no shame, left to offer
Only bones
Plucked clean
Stripped, of all former dignity

I scavenge the days
The prized merit of strangers

Swallowing whole 
Honest tribulations
As I wither
By self-neglect

I’ve no regrets
Not a scrap of remorse to spare

For daybreak remains in tatters
I haven’t the urge 
To rise again

Languishing Roots


The unseen caverns
Rave with my voice
Brimmed with the smoke
Of harbored, life-long regrets

Solitude bays
The agony I keep

Cries and beckons
With the same dismay
Awaiting, clarity’s loom

I sprawl no longer
In this phony refuge
The placid comfort
That yields no more

Perpetual night
Thieves me of balance
And I shall not ascend
From these brooding caverns
Ive carved, thoughtlessly