Weightless Thoughts


All I uncover
Is the nagging present
As it fastens to my garments
In sheer desperation

For now
All passing thoughts
Are but hollow clouds
Content with being

Time soars on
As my footsteps meander
In search of fertile ground
And the promise it harbors

As I scour for the words
That chime honestly
The world grows dim
And I must defer away

Unable to spare
A scrap of bounty
Or a single strand of truth

Evading Delirium


The noxious fumes
Waft about me
Each hour I stray and wander

A companion
I desperately strive to evade
With all of my harbored might

Yet delirium hangs close
To compromise my sight
And render my limbs
Feeble, drained and helpless

The dust storm revels
Having swallowed up
My writhing frame

Like live bait
Swaying in the current
Awaiting the full weight
Of total, unwavering dark

They’ve Always Known


They all knew
Engulfed by their silence
As gossip wheeled on
Inside the folds of their thoughts

All that I’ve done
Sprawls out in open display
To be nudged and prodded
By the searing eyes
Of fellowship

They’ve always known
Anchored firmly to peace
So kind to never speak
So kind to seethe in secret

Yet soon
I am to bid farewell
To the soothing sway of discretion
For the kind and caring
Are destined to foam

They must boil over
At each heinous crime
Fastened firmly
To my harrowing name

Tried and True Currents


Folks carry on
Like passing vessels
Loyal to their breeze
Their tried and true currents

A scene
I retain from afar
As I flood with reluctance
In the flourish of mundane melodies

Each sorrowful endeavor
I recede fearfully

Before the silent
Inevitable sinking
I retreat
With the greatest haste

Letting horizons fade
And their joyless songs
Capsize forever more

Departing from Memory


Finding refuge
In a haze of forgetfulness
When the mind is charitable
To spare me of the callous present

All glaring faults
Wither and wane in silence
As I revel freely
In this lapse of memory
Unshackled from the curse of daily grief

This fleeting solace
Is an isle amidst tribulation
Where I sprawl my tired roots
And swallow momentary bliss

But clarity looms
And yearns to cleave
My cherished, fog-laden thoughts

My Cherished Labor


Into the folds
Of my daily gracious labor
I fall gleefully
Cleansed of discontent

Marooned to my affairs
Amidst surging tides of black
The earth softly withers
So thoughts may stream unbound

Yet everything
Falls to shambles
With the greatest ease

As waning slabs
Swallowed whole
By the rude bustling
Of consciousness

To these brittle reveries
May your transient wonders
Meet me once again

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