Beneath My Feral Hide

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The windowpanes caught fire
And scorched slow
As I labored awake

I strained and heaved
To be clear and conscious
To coast through the morn
Unburdened, by days long lost

I labored onward
In nightmarish agony

I remained watchful
With prowling eyes
True to their search
For the cause
Of each mindless
Daily breath

The hunger
Never fully fades
For it remains within
Beneath my feral hide

From Bloodshot Eyes


Like the passionate stream
Of walled in anguish
Through the fractures
Of bloodshot eyes

My words fall cold
Upon deathly pavement
Callous, dreary, and mute

These endless roads
Of solemn grey
Shall court my soul to ruin

To be swallowed whole
By a storm drain’s thirst
And leveled
Beneath the might of seclusion

The grief I hold
Falls unworthy
Of the hopeful eyes
They yearn for

The Treachery of Half-Sleep


My eyes
Remained razor sharp
Despite the fog
The treachery of half-sleep

Among roaming shadows
I scoured with vigilance
Aware, of the restless world
My limbs fully, prepared for flight

My pulse climbed
At predawn’s haunting loom
Stout with memory
Swarmed by forgotten ghosts

They yearn
To dwell
In the arms of my present

Yet these eyes shall not dull
They cannot waver
Nor recede
Into a nightmare’s
Sweltering furnace

War Raged in Short Bursts



I plunged
Into a murderous sleep
With concrete limbs
Obeying, the quicksand’s pull

Among the tombstones
Proud, grey and stern
They scaled higher and higher
In the gradual wane of the surface

Thunder and rain
Were a natural send off
Like mournful, pattering snares
With Mauser’s raised
For their unified salute

Once tame reveries
Lunged forth
With a primal hunger
As the world softly droned
In comfortable monotone

War raged inside
In short harrowing bursts
Unraveling my fabric
In every mile conquered

I recovered with haste
Through white, luminous halls
My nerves
Stewing in agony
Fearful, of the nights to come

A Traitor’s Thoughts



I bear traitorous thoughts
In the sneering eyes
Of swift passersby

One glance
One quick swill
Is all
That is truly required

To retain the entire narrative
Of a turncoat’s cowardice
Yearning, to revise skin

I hold traitorous thoughts
Earlobes that quake
To mankind’s
Every tune

My words blossom
True to their own flair
Instilled, with their own customs
That singe away, at timid hearts

I hold treacherous thoughts
That lead frail minds
Through a maze
Of unending distress

Truth-Bearing Romance



They embarked gleefully
For the hopeless void
Yearning to elope
To be free of scalding glances

Beyond all voices
The shrill cries of guardians
A truth-bearing romance
Was swallowed whole
By a charitable
Merciful distance

Hidden away
Their affections flourished
As they traveled carelessly
Along the curves and contours
They conjured as one

Carnivorous huntsmen
Remained in savage want
For young romance
To be undone
Torn asunder by strife

Yet defiance bound
The eternal pair
As they voyaged onward
True to themselves alone