Reconvene With Madness


Day one:
To my foremost steps

Day two:
At the curse of tripwire

Day three:
Was continuous falling
Through the floorboards
And down
To unknown lows

Day four:
The curse was truly me
So I chastised my own flesh
Damning, my urge to draw breath

Day five:
I spiraled with rage
Through each foundation
I met beneath the last

Day six:
I awakened
To regain balance
And tripped once more
Into uncovered depths

Day seven:
I recovered
To reconvene with madness
Over and over again

To Fervently Dream


He elopes with reveries
Firmly clasped
In his iron vise

Taking off
For uncharted skies
As his inner demons
Prowl, and draw near

Into vapor
Is the fate
Of his long harbored regrets

In the exhausts
That propel him higher
To yearn
To fervently dream

They are left
Beyond all recognition

In the deafening triumph
In the swift climb
To majesty



A tremendous fluttering
My rib cage

An offbeat rattling
An erratic thundering
Sends static coursing
Through each of my writhing limbs

How I contort
By anticipation

The heavy burden of tomorrow
That lingers, far too long
Atop my weary form

Do I remain
In the dreadful folds
Of waiting?

Or do I evade
The morning’s
Scalding embrace?

Forever In Doubt


What can I do?
Is a burden
I’ll never truly shake

It thrives
Beneath my skin
It pursues my roving thoughts

Like a shadow
Tailored, in the fabric
Of misdeeds, long ago

How my mind
Loves to dwell
In the squalor of ages lost

How it yearns
To drive the sleeping
Into the arms of consciousness

To pry out the flawed roots
And forever inquire
What can I do?

Into the Open Arms of Torment


She rings in my ears
As the conqueror
Of each shadow-laden day

The piercing cry
From the pit of my conscience
That skewers
All in her path

She buries herself
Within the grey matter
Twirling, dancing
As done in days prior

To slip away
Her fingertips burrowed
Inside my quivering psyche

I refuse
To allow her passing
And savor each hour
I plunge into memory

Each moment
I dare to dive
For the open arms of torment

The Sprawling Urge to Fly


I dwell in shackles
Among the throes
Of her deafening anguish

Her fog of dismay
I coil with fear
In the ordinance of her treads

She emerges disheveled
Entombed in agony
Overcome by her thoughts
And the restless sway of emotion

To which
I take root
In the mire of devotion

In defiance
Of the sprawling
Urge to fly

I bear
My rail-thin
And fearful form

Her mighty onslaught
Of primal disarray